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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Tiramisu for Breakfast
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Tiramisu for Breakfast
    riverdaughter on Tiramisu for Breakfast
    Sweet Sue on Tiramisu for Breakfast
    Sweet Sue on Tiramisu for Breakfast
    pm317 on Tiramisu for Breakfast
    Sweet Sue on Tiramisu for Breakfast
    Sweet Sue on Tiramisu for Breakfast
    pm317 on Tiramisu for Breakfast
    pm317 on Tiramisu for Breakfast
    Sweet Sue on Tiramisu for Breakfast
    Sweet Sue on Tiramisu for Breakfast
    Sweet Sue on Tiramisu for Breakfast
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      After a terse interview with Graham-Cassidy sponsor Sen. Bill Cassidy, CNN’s Alisyn Camerota asked Sen. Angus King to give his own perspective on the ACA repeal bill. “We have two problems here,” King said. “I think the bill itself is a bad bill, but the process is just atrocious. It came out of nowhere. It […]
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All Apologies

I meant to have the first of the Friday Night Cocktail parties last night but I got a last minute dinner invitation from my two aunts. Very sorry, but I couldn’t pass up the perfectly cooked salmon and fresh asparagus, followed by strawberry shortcake. It was delicious. And the company was outstanding!

So, I’m moving the cocktail party to next Friday.  Join me here at 7pm. Rico will be serving, I’ll introduce the band and we can chat over horse doovers while Ivory Bill Woodpecker wears the lampshade.

Let’s try to make something happen. I’m getting really excited about November. It’s time to turn up the volume, feel the energy, share the positivity, plan to canvass together, talk about real issues and turn this ship around. #IMWITHHER!!!!


Candidate Index: How many times has a candidate’s name been mentioned on the front page of the following media outlets as of 9am on 5/14/16.

Candidate Name NY Times WaPo CNN Fox MSNBC
Hillary Clinton 1 3 0 8* 3
Bernie Sanders 0 0 0 1 1
Donald Trump 14 15 9 8 11

*Lest we be mislead by the number of Clinton mentions on Fox’s frontpage, the reader is cautioned to look at the titles of those posts, such as “What has Clinton done for women? Hillary supporters stumped”. This post demonstrates the practice of going after a candidate’s strengths, also known as “Swiftboating”.


12 Responses

  1. Make mine a fucking double of whatever.

  2. I hate to drink alone, but it the alternative is to not drink at all-oh well.

  3. I’m snatching Ivory Bill’s lampshade off his head and doing unspeakable things with it.

  4. Back in 2008, if you remember that year, you mentioned that Hillary’s birth time was 2:18 am, where did you get that information? Most people reading Hillary’s chart use 8:02 am. I want confirmation of the 2:18 am because it seems right.

    • What?? *I* mentioned that?? Why would I mention such a thing? It sounds like something an astrologer would want to know and I don’t believe in that s#%*. Sorry, I have no idea where you got that info. It’s definitely not my kind of thing.

      • Then it might have been someone who made the comment in the response section at TC, not you. Thanks.

  5. Of course I’m joking when I say: if you remember.
    I will never forget that year.

  6. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/02/14/opinion/sunday/when-hillary-clinton-killed-feminism.html

    Hillzilla may stomp her way across the country to the presidency, but it doesn’t mean that she will be a good president, a REAL democrat or that she is even a good person (she IS NOT). And we do not like this craven, prevaricating, spineless female version of Mitt Romney

    • Like I give a fuck about what you and your dehumanizing bunch of cultists think about Hillary.
      Thanks for stopping by, Comcast customer routing through Stone Mountain, GA, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

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