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      If only I thought about that before I voted! A South Carolina lawmaker on Tuesday had to fight back tears as he explained that an anti-abortion law he’d voted for led to a young woman nearly losing her uterus, and even put her life at risk. Republican State Rep. Neal Collins told the state’s House … Continue reading You mean this hurts real people?
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Ok, Time to Stop Walking on Egg Shells

old-lady_drivingFor some incomprehensible reason, there is a left blogosphere that thinks that Hillary is going to blow this election. In fact, here is a Vox post on the subject by Alex Pareen called “Don’t Blow This”. It’s a mansplainy post in the style of “Ok, I’ll let you drive the car but I know how careless you are so don’t screw up”.

Alex, do you have any idea what an arrogant, stupid dick you sound like?

Dear Lefty Blogosphere who can’t get over Clinton Derangement Syndrome,

Did you forget that Hillary Clinton won two senate races by wide margins?

Do the 18,000,000 people who voted for Hillary in 2008 mean nothing to you? I realize this is a rhetorical question because you seem to think that all you need to do is insist dramatically and throw personal insults at her and her voters will once again step aside for you like indulgent grannies.

Seriously, just how old and stupid do you think we are?

You are getting all emo about the superdelegates who stubbornly refuse to flip to your candidate even though he might not have the pledged delegates he needs before the end of the primaries as if you are The Only Ones Who Matter. Did it ever occur to you that we might be extremely upset with such a scenario?

We must pay attention to you, you, you. And you don’t even have a reason to be angry with the primaries at this point. No one is halving your earned delegates in Colorado or Indiana. There aren’t a bunch of wild and aggressive Clintonistas shutting you down at the caucuses, locking you out of the venues or grabbing the sign in sheets. The party isn’t actively undermining every victory you have. It’s all been on the level.

But what the hell, guys? Seriously. If you don’t have a legitimate reason to protest the way the party has conducted the primaries this year, what makes you think we are just going to say, “Gosh, they are really insistent. Well, I guess my vote for Hillary is meaningless. Let’s let Bernie have all the superdelegates.”

Is that why we’re getting this crap from Alex Pareen? We’re unreasonably holding on to the idea that our candidate is probably going to win so you guys who got your way last time have to be all begrudging about it.

I don’t think we should be so deferential to you guys anymore. Go ahead and vote for whoever you like but it’s probably time we stopped giving you WATB so much attention.

We LIKE our candidate. We’re not ashamed of her. She’s as squeaky clean and honest as you’re going to get in a candidate. Your brain knows this. She doesn’t run bad campaigns or so many millions and millions (and millions) more people wouldn’t persist in voting for her. If you find her inability to transcend being human as cringeworthy, that’s YOUR problem. We are not going to apologize for the fact that you find women your mom’s age occasionally embarrassing.

You need to get over it.

Bernie’s a good guy and I really like him. But if he loses the primaries, Hillary Clinton is going to have to fight Trump, the media and you. She’s probably going to win. Don’t make it closer than it has to be by getting all “WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!!” every time she does something that isn’t perfect.



As for the rest of us, party on, people! It’s time we celebrated our candidate and tell the world how excited we are for the election to come. Not just the election but giving Hillary the reins and seeing what she does with them. That, my friends, will be real change.

Cocktail Party Here Every Friday Until The Election.

Anyone interested? Should we google hangout it? Podcast it? Raise some money?

I’m open to suggestions.

Let’s get the party started!


49 Responses

  1. I’m in!

  2. I’m with her!

  3. A return of the cocktail party would be awesome.

    It seems the bros have taken their frustration to the streets and are hurling insults at Hillary supporters waiting to get into see her. IMO in 2008 they got the false impression that they are more important than they are.

  4. You are great lady. Thanks for saying the right things almost always

  5. But everyone knows Hillary is incompetent at politics and disliked by everyone. That’s why she has the most votes of any candidate in either party.


    Something not quite right there…

  6. Jeez, they really are the most insufferable toads. And when did Millenials become the only people who matter???
    We ALL matter.

  7. Millennials are a huge marketing demographic. 18-34 has mostly always been a go-to demographic for young men – you know, before they get married.

    Did Rico show up last night? Sorry I missed it!

    • He took the night off. I’m thinking we need a cocktail hour podcast but I’m not hosting it myself and Katiebird is on hiatus until her innate morality kicks in a rejects Bernie bros making little kids at a Clinton event cry.
      I’m looking for cohorts to shoot the breeze with over cocktails. No video, just audio. Issues oriented. Positive on D’s winning this November. Honest critiques of Trump and Republicans (which will probably negative because the truth has a well known liberal bias).
      My original blogtalkradio channel would need to be brushed off. I used to call it Conflucians Say but I’m thinking of switching it to Fully Raw Cannibals, as in, fully raw cannibals will get constitutional equality before women do.
      Of course, men for Hillary are already in this club by default.

  8. I might add – nobody is saying it outright, but team Sanders was gaming the WA caucuses. I have come to the conclusion that the gaming is a feature but I think the delegates are inflated by that behavior. Sanders might still win WA but not by the margins generated by the caucus.

    • Maybe in WA, you would know better than I would. Katiebird sent me pics and video from her caucus in Kansas where she stood in line for Bernie. It didn’t look like there was any funny business there.
      But we are getting to the end of the primary season and the fever didn’t catch like they expected. So maybe they are starting to brush off their 2008 tactics.

    • I’m also in Washington. My mom and my son were never going to be caucus participants. Both voted for Hillary in the primary. They ALREADY have filled out their ballots.

      The margins are not going to be 70/30. They might be 55/45. But even that high a Bernie victory in the (meaningless) primary would surprise me.

      • Yeah, that’s what I would expect too for margins. It is just a beauty contest, sadly. The caucus is a tough venue for supporters of the non-winning candidate. My precinct was close but still had an uncomfortably high emotional feel.

      • Can anyone explain this to me (from NBC news): “In Washington state, Sanders handily won the caucus on March 26, when the Vermont senator won 25 of the 34 delegates awarded that day. An additional 67 district-level delegates could not be divided up until the state party released vote data broken down by congressional district. District-level data provided Saturday to The Associated Press show that Sanders will pick up 49 of those delegates, while Clinton will receive 18.”

  9. http://www.mediaite.com/tv/maddow-to-sanders-do-you-want-your-supporters-protesting-outside-hillary-clinton-events/ Oh, wow. Sanders said yesterday he doesn’t like people “disrupting speeches.” He is apparently a-okay with people protesting outside her events with “liar, liar,” and “Hillary for prison, 2016” signs.

    Come on, enough is enough.

    All in for Fridays!

  10. I feel sort of sorry for Sanders. In 2008 some far less competent guy gets carried over the finish line because, obviously, “the bitch can’t win.” And then, when it’s his turn, dammit, they change the rules on him!

    It’s the only explanation for his bizarre behavior that makes any sense. Nothing about the current situation is like 2008, she has the popular vote by millions and the pledged and super delegates. The similarity is that the race is again between History’s Greatest Monster™ and a guy, and they should just be giving him her delegates, same as last time. So confusing that they aren’t.


    • It’s just so unfair. And she’s farther ahead than in 2008 when the party had to hold back her delegate count and carefully reapportion uncommitted delegates. All the party has to do is go tweak the pledged delegates and it will be so much easier to get the superdelegates to flip.
      Those stupid Hillary supporters will learn to adjust.

      Btw, did you perceive ANY attempt on obama’s part to court us and make promises about things that were important to us? Or indeed any attempt to treat us with respect or tenderness like we are supposed to reach out to Sanders people?
      I mean, I think Hillary will actually take their concerns seriously. But from what o can remember of the precedent the Obama campaign and DNC made in 2008, there’s no obligation to do anything except trounce repeatedly on the necks of your vanquished foe and tell them what ignorant, uneducated post menopausal racists they are.
      Or did I just imagine that?

      • No, you didn’t imagine it and the whole she’s got to reach out to Bernie’s supporters is beyond annoying to me considering many of them are the same people who never reached out to Hillary’s supporters back in 2008.

        I’m glad the end isn’t not like 2008 but i have to say unfortunately too much of it has been like 2008. Soon after Bernie announced the paid trolls started showing up on blogs and repeating the same memes from 2008. I guess when you hire Obama’s messaging people and it worked for them before hey, do it again. Only this time it’s not working, nobody wants to hear that nonsense and they are beyond tired of it. So now they are going so far as to show up at rallies and make children cry and tear up the signs children made for Hillary.

      • Bitter knitters indeed!

      • riverdaughter said:

        “Btw, did you perceive ANY attempt on obama’s part to court us and make promises about things that were important to us?”

        The answer is an empathic NO. I mentioned this elsewhere and was immediately lectured. History is always rewritten by the victors.

        That being said, the St Bernard crew have become insufferable with their complaints and threats and non-stop Hillary bashing. And there’s more than a little deja vu in the continuous howl.

        The ironic thing? The St Bernard Brigade has complained miserably about the system but now wants super delegates to switch to the losing team. So . . . super delegates are undemocratic, vile and rig the system unless they’re in Bernie’s pocket.

        I’m clean out of patience with the whole harangue. Hillary Clinton won this thing, damn it! Time to focus attention on the true enemy: The Donald and his team of vile, ignorant usurpers.

  11. The CDS Noyze Boyz have taken over Ian Welsh’s site, and I fear that Ian himself is succumbing to the groupthink. I respectfully suggest that RD may want to reconsider his place of honor in the left column of The Confluence. 😦

    • Nah, I like Ian. I can excuse his temporary insanity. As long as Ian isn’t sending obnoxious droogs this way, I don’t have a problem with him.

      • I hope you’re right about Ian’s insanity being temporary, but lately I’m noticing something which seems odd to me–right-wingers seem more likely than pwogwessives to recover from CDS. Kissinger, one of the Kagans, and a Koch brother have indicated they’d prefer Prez Hill to Prez Tribble Hair, while a majority of Ian’s regulars think she’s Madame Beelzebub.

    • I don’t recall him ever being even remotely enamored of HRC before. HRC is enough like BHO that I’d be surprised if he were to ever be so in the future.

      Why would you attribute his opposition to a bout of “CDS” when he’s consistently railed against the sort of politics she represents for nigh on ten years?

      • Because the CDS is strong in anyone who is willing to accept President Tribble Hair as a lesser evil. I’m not sure if Welsh himself is there yet, but many of his regulars are.

  12. Obama’s grad speech at Howard Univ. I don’t know if others heard it the way I did but I heard the second half as a primer on how not to get carried away with quick fixes and passion and work for the long term. He told how long Thurgood Marshall worked to end legal segregation. Message: you have to listen to and work with those you disagree with and compromise to accomplish real change. It sounded to me like the subtext was “don’t follow the pied piper, Bernie, but follow Hillary who will do it right, even if not immediately.” The best person I ever knew told me it is like a spiral, each iteration getting bigger/better.

  13. I loved the cocktail parties in 2007…and just text comments is fine with me.
    BTW, I saw Hillary in San Francisco Friday (two days) ago. Incredible crowd, electric energy, she is so beloved. Working on a fine comedy routine, but dead serious, too. Fifth time I’ve seen her, and this was my favorite. She was thoroughly enjoying herself and has reached a higher level of craft or art of political communication. The second time I saw her I called “Goodbye, Madam President” after her and she turned around, took a few steps towards me, and gave me a thumb up. I’ve been two feet from her and was able to tell her that politics was my mother’s avocation– and that she is “our favorite candidate ever” as she was signing a portrait of herself for my mother.

    When Hillary ended her talk on Friday, she crisscrossed the stage to tumultuous cheers. When she exited, I had the thought that she now walks into history.

    But today I heard from someone who knows a 23-year-old who claims that everyone in San Diego is voting for BS. (I pointed out that the Dems = Repubs there so probably not everyone.) Those free ponies are a big vote seller.) She hasn’t nailed this nomination. She made a plea for us to help her win significantly in California. Those in New Jersey need to make contact with local phone bankers as well.

    • I am a lurker here, but just had to jump in, to say that I was also there on Friday night to see Hillary. It was my first time and I thoroughly enthralled. She was wonderful! I felt so engerized by the entire experience! She is my hero. I especially liked it when she said, she was looking forward to debating Trump, and she broke into the biggest smile. It was so great .

      It was so worth it. The protesters irritated me, but I said to the woman standing next to me, “They will really be angry when she wins the presidency.”

      • I missed the protestors. Saw two men with expansive guts sheathed in t-shirts holding hand-written signs whom police diverted. Maybe there was a gathering on the Grace Cathedral lawn? Seemed so much friendly police protection, and the street on the Grace Cathedral side was blocked off. I was behind a cute gay guy who was wearing a Bill Clinton for First Wife t-shirt as I walked to the end of the long line.

        I’m listening to the audible version of “Hard Choices” and learning even more about Hillary. Today I was been thinking how the platform might be given over to BS (who has never attended a convention)
        with adult supervision (it’s not such a big deal really, is it? Kind of like a laundry list at a State of the Union), but then I remembered that Hillary would be there, dotting the “i’s” and crossing the “t’s.” She would take it seriously. As Diane Feinstein said on Friday, she’d seen a lot of Senators come through–and new ones were either show horses or work horses, and we all knew what kind Hillary had been.

        And, heard this on NPR while driving home. Bernie’s single payer plan would bust the U.S. government’s bank. It’s not remotely a free lunch.


        I went to hear Chelsea at a small gathering about a month ago in Palo Alto. She mentioned how the president doesn’t have jurisdiction over public universities. States do. There are currently 31 Republican governors who would need to be mightily convinced. Jerry Brown is a progressive Democratic governor. He hasn’t proposed doing this (Brown knows his budget backwards and forwards).

        Candidates for the office of President need to be tested on their knowledge of the Constitution as it relates to the job they week. Also,
        candidates, especially those who are adding a new D or R after their name need to be vetted by their new party. Was no one aware that Sanders has no respect for the Democratic Party? It hardly meets his purity test, although he and Jane do go to Dem fundraisers in Martha’s Vineyard and Palm
        Beach to fundraise (for himself –he doesn’t contribute down ticket).


  14. And now for something completely off topic:


  15. Who cares Joe you tried, you didn’t make it, Hillary has twice it no about you.

    Biden …This is an awful thing to say: I think I would have been the best president,” Biden told Robin Roberts in an interview with ABC…

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/05/joe-biden-president-223046#ixzz48LlvQ9r3

    Yes Joe it is, please read Wikipedia NPD description when you have a moment…People with the disorder often come across as arrogant, callous, and envious, tend to be exploitative in their interpersonal relationships, and can be excessively preoccupied with personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity… Sound familiar.

    • Yes, there will always be a better-qualified man.

      Meanwhile, this election cycle’s better-qualified man soldiers on against all odds, distracting Clinton from the main threat and eating into her war chest. Cui bono?

      • Sanders‘ campaign just said the Democratic Party would be courting “disaster” if it nominates Hillary Clinton as its presidential nominee.

        • The We’ll Put Out Your Burn Poster is the perfect response to “courting disaster.” Scroll down this web page to see it. I don’t want to think about what a Bernie/Trump matchup would be. A reprise of Bambi v. Godzilla.


        • I won’t insult anyone’s intelligence by linking to H. A. Goodman, but Lord Haw-Haw Goodman is still hoping that the FBI will come to Sanders’s rescue. I wonder if Lord Haw-Haw would like some Spurious Special Sauce with his Big Fat Nothingburger. 😆

  16. Time for Bernie and his bro’s to go..now they are just turning into the John Edwards of 2016 race.

    Per Msnbc on the WVA primary…
    ..In fact, 39 percent of Sanders voters said they would vote for Trump over Sanders in the fall. For Clinton, nine percent of her voters say they plan to come out for Trump in the general election.

    West Virginia has an open primary, meaning independents can vote in the Democratic contest. With the GOP nomination wrapped up, it’s possible mischievous Trump supporters sought to damage Clinton, the likely Democratic nominee, by voting for Sanders…

    But we knew this was happening already they just asked the question this time.

  17. Politico.com reported earlier, but it is hidden on the pages now, that his Calif. director, Michael Ceraso, has quit and been replaced by the one from Iowa. Seems there is conflict on whether to do TV ads or not. Not so many “$27” contributions any more? I hope that is good news for Hillary.

    • Gee, I wonder if the Republicans are no longer donating? The FEC saw a red flag when the number of $27 donations from D.C. a few months ago were more than the entire population of the district.

      • Wow, CB, I googled BS name + FEC and found an article on DailyKos called “FEC releases damning 639 pages of violations by Bernie Sanders campaign.” In it, the author said that neither the Hillary or Trump campaign had those type violations. I can’t vouch for accuracy but hope that the Dailykos checked it.

  18. Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you! It’s so good to laugh out loud first thing in the morning.

    “She’s as squeaky clean and honest as you’re going to get in a candidate.”

    If you think the Clintons got to be worth more than $50 million by being squeaky clean and honest, then I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to show you.

    Oh my, oh my, oh my . . . .

    • http://moneynation.com/how-much-does-hillary-clinton-make-in-a-year/

      Government salaries + book advances + royalties while in government office. Speaking fees when not in office. (A member of Congress can’t take speaking fees.) Someone does have to have some accomplishments to get higher paid speaking fees. I paid to hear Hillary. I wouldn’t pay to hear anyone else in the current Congress speak when they exit. The Clintons donate most of their time. She’s still getting her lower woman’s share of what men who contribute less to society can command.

      Barbara Streisand viral tweet: “What’s the issue about Secretary @HillaryClinton getting $225k a speech when Pres Bush 41/43 got $1m/Trump $1.25m. OK for men but not women?”

      If I had devoted my life to public service, was one of the world’s most admired women every year I wasn’t running for office, wrote
      multiple best-selling books, and went on a speaking tour to ensure that I could devote the rest of my life to women and children through my foundation,
      or left open the option of running for president, I wouldn’t need to buy your bridge in Brooklyn. I would have earned it.

      How did you earn enough
      money to buy a public bridge? If it is not yours, why are you selling it?

      • Plus speaking fees for Bill from corporations and countries who had business with the U.S. government while Hillary was SOS. Plus lots of contributions to their foundation from corporations and countries who have business with the U.S. government.

        It’s very telling that your main complaint is the men get more corporatist influence money than the women. So unfair! There is an underlying assumption that everybody does it, that it’s just BAU. You can’t see the corruption staring you in the face because you don’t want to see it.

        One of the most clueless questions this political season was when an interviewer asked Bernie to name a specific vote of Hillary’s that was corrupt. That’s a clueless question because that’s not the way the system works. It’s not about quid pro quo but about access and influence.

        The courts have narrowed the definition of corruption in a way that would have astounded the Founders, who had a much broader view of corruption. (Read Zephyr Teachout’s ‘Corruption in America’ for the history; these sorts of plutocratic payments would have once been considered obviously improper as the use of public office for private gain.)

        I’m not a Bernie-Bro, but his campaign has done something very useful. It’s demonstrated that it is indeed possible to fund a modern campaign with only small donations from we the people and not be dependent on plutocratic largesse.

        Do you really think that Hillary made a ten thousand percent return on her investment in the commodities futures market because she was lucky or earned it? Or was it just plain influence buying?

        • Bernie has done nothing but damage the whole small donor mindset with his massive mismanagement of money. All he has been able to prove is that apparently there are a good many people out there who will allow themselves to get conned. Bernie has produced a massive infusion of corporate welfare with his campaign cash. He’s done an awesome job of taking from the have nots and giving it to the haves like huge news corporations, expensive consultants and even enriched his own family with campaign cash and took them on an all expense paid trip to the Vatican gratis of those have nots.

          • Wow, talk about a non sequitur, but I’ll bite. Here’s a bit from CBS News last fall (http://www.cbsnews.com/news/how-bernie-sanders-and-hillary-clinton-differ-in-campaign-spending/):

            Sanders’ no-frills approach to the race showed up in his spending report. His campaign paid for about $4,000 in room reservations through Airbnb, an Internet sharing service that’s often cheaper than hotel stays, and he uniformly traveled on commercial airlines.

            Clinton spent $560,000 on chartered planes and $10,000 at Four Seasons hotels, her campaign documents show.

            Are you slinging mud on your own time or part of the million dollar troll army?

          • That article is 7 months old. Everything I’m talking has happened since the primaries began. He spent 2 million dollars alone on advertising in Indiana giving it to “big media”. Look at his FEC statement. It’s all in there where he spent it except you’re not going to get the most recent one because he asked for a 45 day extension because he doesn’t want YOU to see where he’s been spending the money after everybody saw what a mess he was making with the previous one. He spent 60K alone on renting one venue for his rally. Rallies are very, very expensive to do.

        • This line of argument (which I am getting so tired of reading–same words, same lines, again and again) depends upon one glaring assumption: that when someone accepts a donation or a payment from someone else, they are automatically corrupt. Is that true of you? Do you fail to use critical thinking about what your own employer or clients ask you to do? Do you talk up your employer or clients when you know they are corrupt?

          It is a shame our governmental system requires candidates to campaign for ages before elections, and in order to do so, to spend massive amounts of cash, and that the Republicans have so much more money than the Dems because their corporate donations are massively larger, leaving the Dems to have to fundraise wildly throughout their campaigns. Sure, Bernie got donations from lots of people. So has Clinton; she’s not as great a marketer as he is, however, and she doesn’t have moveon.org behind her, who provide lotsa’ cash via lists of supporters who contribute to far-left candidates. If someone is extremely competent and experienced, but isn’t a rock star, should we simply ignore their candidacy? Give the Presidency to the person who can score the largest, extraverted crowds?

          They both have huge expenses. Sanders has outspent Clinton (and thus contributed to media organizations who just love all this) consistently in every state, and despite that, has lost more states. Jeb Bush spent and spent, and lost the nomination. So, obviously, getting elected is not all about the money. Where did all that influence go? It sure didn’t work out for the Repubs…

          Of course, Sanders has also spoken at Democratic fundraisers on Martha’s Vineyard to … yes! Goldman Sachs! …see “A lavish Martha’s Vineyard Democratic fundraiser that Bernie Sanders attended in 2007 featured lobbyists for many of the industries he now rails against on the presidential campaign trail, according to a guest list obtained by MSNBC,” “Bernie Sanders is a regular at high-dollar fundraising retreats.” He’s also accepted money from the Democratic party, who have received large donations from…. yes! Wall Street … So, by this logic, Bernie is just as “corrupt” as Hillary.

          Avoiding corruption is a battle within the self. It’s got nothing to do with donations or contributions, and avoiding them doesn’t create integrity.

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