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The Candidate Index

I’m sure they will feign innocence but how much time and space are our media sources devoting to all of the candidates running for president of the United States.

To refresh your memory, there are currently 3 major candidates still remaining. We aren’t counting Martin O’Malley.

The *three* major candidates are (in alphabetical order):

Hillary Clinton (D)

Bernie Sanders (D)

Donald Trump (R)

Sanders and Clinton? Who are they, you might ask? Indeed. What have they been doing in the last week? Judging by our nation’s sources of truth, we would have no idea. We wouldn’t know if they have any policy ideas, or struggles with campaign financing (seems inevitable with so much attention focused on the other guy), or anything really.

So, how are we going to show how much free publicity has been gifted to each candidate? I’m thinking I need a table of three rows for the candidates and multiple columns for media outlets’ front pages. Media outlets would be: NY Times, WaPo, CNN, MSNBC and Fox. I’ll count the number of times the candidate’s name shows up in a headline on the front page at 6am. Wait, does anyone have any insight on morning deadlines?

Also, what kind of metric should we be going for here?

Gotta go to work but I’ll be back later so if you have any ideas, put them in the comments.

For today, so far I see 3 headlines featuring Trump’s name, 0 featuring Clinton’s name, 0 featuring Sanders. 2 op/ed featuring Trump’s name (Krugman), 1 op/ed featuring Clinton’s name. Elsewhere on the front page of the NY Times, Trump’s name appears 6 times, Clinton’s appears 0, Sanders appears 0.

I can’t wait for Ezra Klein to tell me how surprised he was by this.


13 Responses

  1. I was wondering as I brushed my teeth this a.m., “are they just going to bury Bernie (maybe #dontburybernie would be a place to blow back on this). Also, it this the end of the television machine. I don’t even want to turn it on in fear of orange. They are eating their own seed.

  2. Strange that the primary is over for republicans but there is nothing about the democrats while that is still in play, somewhat.

    • Oh, who cares about them.
      Let’s watch the scary orange asteroid heading our way.

      • You are right, of course! What was I thinking.

        Any time I watch TV news, the talking heads look like they are having (what should be) a private moment with the reactions to all things Trump. So strange how excited they are – nearly drooling over what happens next.

  3. There was a study a couple of months back showing Trump w/most coverage by far, followed by Sanders and Clinton–it focused on positive vs. negative coverage. With Hillary getting the most negative, of course. Its link is in the comments here, somewhere.

    I just googled Hillary Clinton; titles of all the articles written about her recently come up. There are 2 slightly positive, the rest (dozens) are very negative, except for the one that says the FBI has found no wrongdoing regarding her emails. 🙂

    And this: Why the media will lift Trump up and pull HC down: http://www.vox.com/2016/5/5/11589262/2016-general-election-is-going-to-suck

  4. Trump gets by far the most coverage. Hillary gets far more negative coverage than any other candidate. It’s a combination of the media mostly hating Hillary, and of them thinking that Trump is their money-maker who brings in the most viewers. I’m sure that some of the media want Trump to win, because he would bring in higher daily ratings, which is their only real concern. The media is itself a candidate in this race, and perhaps the most insidious one.

    It’s so bad, that if I am foolish enough to turn on CNN, I am almost hoping that it is all about Trump, because I know that if there is a Hillary story, it is going to be upsetting to me. Has anyone seen one piece or story on Hillary on CNN or MSNBC which was wholly favorable?

    And in relation to Lady V’s post above, I actually think that the internet search engines are fixed to call up negative Hillary stories, even by clearly partisan writers or sites. Every time I look up something about Hillary or her campaign, the first ten or so links are always virulent anti-Hillary headlines. I don’t know who sets up these algorithms, or whatever they are, but it is palpable.

  5. LOL @ “I can’t wait for Ezra Klein to tell me how surprised he was by this.” Ah the root of the problems in Left Blogistan, the blind talking to the deaf.

  6. Same for me but I was searching for a radio station this morning while driving to the airport, and unfortunately I momentarily passed cnn. Also unfortunately, I’m a visual thinker and they have a BOS mantra on about crooked Hillary, goofy Elizabeth Warren and click in my mind I’m seeing this guy gleefully yanking his Member every time he calls a women a oooooo so nasty name. I truly could not stop laughing tears even. Fat pig- squirt, dog -squirt, slob -squirt seriously jeeeeze, sorry if I offend. This constant media voyeurism in giving this creep a continuous public forum for his perverted verbal assault on women is nauseating. And I’m not even listening, don’t read any articles, no news, about the BOS but wow I am interested in real news so media my advice put up a content warning so I can be prepared to disconnect.

  7. I have finally found a reporter @ MSNBC who’s at least willing to be fair toward Hillary. Joy Reid. Today Joy flat out said( no disclaimer) that Hillary would win the Dem Primary. She also had the gall to bring up the media’s role and responsibility for Trump being the Rep candidate.

    That was refreshingly different from the other folk. I guess Joy just got a promotion and is in charge of some weekend programming on MSNBC. So maybe we have to wait until the weekend for some positive Hillary reportage but,hey,better than Trump 24/7.

    Thanks so much for your post RD. I’m damned if I’ll let the Bernie Bros stop me from celebrating the first female President. Most of us who celebrate Hillary are too busy working or taking care of everyone else to be able to follow her around the country and we would consider it very bad form to try and shout down Bernie..even though he does that finger in your face mansplaining.

    • I’m glad you feel some kind of relief but it will probably be short lived.
      The media wants a horse race and they want to see Hillary suffer all the way to the end. Gird your loins. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.
      Also, I don’t watch cable tv news if I can help it. I find the combination of video with Audi content to be a very powerful tool in the hands of the unscrupulous and the media has repeatedly shown it has no scruples.

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