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It’s not us, it’s you

Yesterday, Twitter was all aflutter when someone who purports to be a Bernie supporter put out a #DropOutHillary hashtag up and it started trending. Then people started to take offense and  Melissa McKewn started a #KeepWinningHillary hashtag up and it started trending.

It sounds very silly and juvenile and “I know you are but what am I?” but it’s really not funny.

For one thing, we don’t know who started it. Or what their motivation was. But back in 2008, it was very common for Hillary to kill Obama in a primary in say, Pennsylvania, and the next day, there would be headlines in some major paper quoting some Obama campaign flunky telling her to drop out because she couldn’t win (subtext, she couldn’t win without FL and MI which were being negotiated away by Obama and his backers with the DNC).

Some current Bernie supporters know this.

I also went to one of my first Hillary campaign meetings in Pittsburgh and there were some negative things said about Bernie people. But there were also many of us who publicly said we were not going to indulge in that because we have friends and family members who were decent people who didn’t want free stuff and were more issues oriented and it was wrong to paint all these people with the same brush.

Butcha know, Bernie people are starting to get a reputation for being messianic zealots. Samantha Bee did a segment on them recently and one of my favorite podcasters, Seth Andrews from The Thinking Atheist (who seems like the “I’m not taking sides sort”), came down equally hard on Bernie’s people as Trump’s.

I think Clinton people just want to get on with it. If they seem grouchy, maybe it’s because as jjintacoma said last night, Trump is negative towards her, the media is negative towards her and the Bernie people are against her. It gets old after awhile.

I’m not saying that she’s a “poor little me” type, quite the opposite. Because, you know, she keeps winning in spite of it all. So, clearly, there are many millions of people who see through all of the endless investigations that find nothing, and the accusations of dishonesty that are unfounded, and the crazy notion that she has ever traded her vote for contributions (ATT retroactive immunity bill? Hello!). There’s no conspiracy going on here to deprive anyone of votes.

She runs a clean campaign. If she didn’t, you can bet there would be yet another investigation about it.

She is possibly the cleanest candidate we have ever had run for office.

You may not like everything she says and I would agree that she took way too long this time to wake up to what’s really going on because it is really difficult to block out the constant cheering for Obama’s every thought, word and deed. But she is clean.

And some Bernie people should know it.

Chill out, people. This is a normal, no funny business primary season. There will be one winner and one person who will not win.

It’s not over yet. Not by a long shot. A lot could happen. Even the person who loses could make a huge difference. Let everyone vote and watch what happens. There’s no need for a protest vote yet.

Finally, if there are people who are sowing dissension between the two parts of the Democratic party, we need to consider who they are and who they are working for. Because they might be outsiders.


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  1. Well, I’m pretty sure at least some of the Bernie supporters are actually Republicans hoping to influence the primaries.

    • She was in East Los Angeles today. Sanders’ protesters interrupted her speech multiple times. There were vocal picketers outside (e.g., a sign said, “My name is Dolores, I’m not Huerta and I don’t support Killary,” surrounded by Sanders signs). [Isn’t the “Killary” thing a right-wing thing from ’08?]

      And this: “Members of Union del Barrio, MEXA of East Los Angeles College, LA Brown Berets and several other student and community-based organizations marched from Belvedere Park to East Los Angeles College in Monterey Park to protest what organizers call Clinton’s attacks on working-class communities of color and her 2002 vote as a senator in favor of the resolution authorizing military action against Iraq.” –ABC News

      Here we go. She’s headed to Oakland tomorrow. I believe that is likely to be much worse. I hope I’m wrong.

      • Those idiots don’t do anything but run voters off. And then they are so unreliable when it comes to voting. Just like those idiots helped Trump.

      • And remember how well Bernie’s little stunt went over with voters in NY? He got a big slap from your every day voter.

  2. what do you all think about Elizabeth Warren’s recent comments about Trump? and where she may come out in the end? Why has she not endorsed someone already? What about Hillary’s comments about Elizabeth? saying she was a very smart person… I wonder if there is anything about Hillary choosing Elizabeth as vp? Who do you think could be Hillary’s vp?

    • As long as warren keeps her focus on Trump, I don’t have a problem.
      And why should she endorse anyone yet? She’s got reasons to like both of them. Let her try to direct discussion to things that are important to her.
      If she’s a VP pick, I’m onboard with that. If she stays in the senate (more likely given possible appointment problems) I’m ok with that too.
      It’s hard to get upset with warren. She’s one of the few people who really understands the data.

  3. Speaking of Twitter, etc This piece is def. worth reading.
    What I like about Hillary is she doesn’t fit the below described. She has always had great empathy for everyone.


    • Thanks for posting this. I read the whole thing in about 15 minutes. Had to keep pausing to self-reflect. Great piece for explicating the shadow of the liberal left. Makes one question oneself, and the culture, in a good way. (I agree–Hillary is not described there.)

  4. I think both should stay in the race and count all the votes too. I got to have my vote counted and I want every democrat to have that chance. I find the open primaries irritating because I don’t think they reflect the average “independent” voter’s choice. The independents are at kid’s soccer games or working or going to a movie. They will vote at the big elections but probably not mid-terms and certainly not at primary elections. Only true believers are showing up right now even for open primaries.

    Sanders needs to stay on top of his message and make sure anyone speaking for the campaign stays on HIS message and not their own. Going off script just starts crap flinging and doesn’t help anyone. Either one is better than Trump but at this point, I’d have to hold my nose to vote for Bernie and that has everything to do with his lack of message control. He needs to do better.

    • It looks like Bernie is stopping his attacks on Hillary so I think him staying in will keep his supporters involved so that will only help in November.

      • I take that back. On NPR today when pressed he would not say a democratic presidency is more. Important than a Sanders presidency.

        • Jane Sanders again called on Hillary to release her talk transcripts before they will release their pre-2014 tax returns.

          • They are hiding something in those taxes and they are going to have to release them because if they don’t Trump can hide behind Bernie and say you didn’t make Bernie release his taxes so I don’t have to release mine.

          • Releasing Tax returns is the standard. Speech transcripts are not. I don’t know why the press lets her get away with that response.
            That’s a good point Ga6thDem about Trump using Bernie as an excuse. The Sanders have come up w/ a million excuses. I am really curious about what they’re hiding.

          • I don’t think the press cares about Bernie’s tax returns. They want the transcripts in case there is a tasty bit that can be twisted into a “See?!!” moment.

  5. Doncha just love how some people want not to “allow” Clinton supporters to celebrate and be happy about the possibility of the first woman nominated presidential candidate? It sucks, but it’s so typical of what the world demands of women. It’s important, gorram it, that Clinton may become the first woman U.S. president. We should be permitted to enjoy the significance of that.

    • Ditto. But not yet.

    • Totally agree! I am really starting to get excited. I realized I was tempering my excitement so as to fend off disappointment if it was pulled out from under her again. After New York, however,I began to believe this can really happen!!! I believe a lot of women are starting to believe now and we will start to see them come out as evidenced in all the first time up supporters who went on her website to get their woman cards…
      Rise Hillary Rise!

    • I am so excited about Hillary’s candidacy I actually persuaded my 21 year old apolitical son and my mom who won’t go caucus to both cast primary ballot votes for Hillary.

      I’m truly hoping that the WA State primary results show the more like 55/45 splits that happen in most primaries. Of course, this is Washington so the 55 would still be Bernie, but it wouldn’t be 70%!

  6. Maybe the Saunders people don’t want their supporters to know that Jane’s been getting $80,000.00 a month for consulting w/ the Saunders campaign. That wouldn’t keep those $27 contributions coming in. Hope I’m not spreading a rumor here,but I have some trust for the source.

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