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I voted!

i got to my polling place at about 4:45pm, before the after work crowds. So, no line.

I think the neighborhood doesn’t have many Republicans because when the poll worker, who looked like a bouncer, asked me “you are a Democrat?”, I wasn’t sure it was actually a question.

(Would my machine have worked less well if I’d answered no?)

Anyway, I did the thing for Hillary. And all nine (!) of her delegates. Then I did a little victory jump and shouted, “It’s going to be soooo GOOD!!”

This year, my vote will count. Tom Wolf is not a former Goldman-Sachs guy who’s going to give it away before the end of a legitimate first ballot floor vote.

I will count for voting for the first woman nominee for president of the United States of America.

Its going to be soooo GOOD!

Update: Woot! We won Pennsylvania!

Guess all that hill and stair climbing paid off.

17 Responses

  1. ~:D I’m happy for you! And for all of us, really.

  2. Tell me your primary voting story, no matter who you voted for.

  3. I am in NC and I voted early, got off work early and was second in line to vote. When I finished and went outside the line was out the building and another dozen waiting with the cars pulling into the parking lot. I voted for the most qualified candidate imho, Hillary . I live in a very red district and town. Trump and Cruz signs everywhere, even on the cars/trucks at churches. Irony or stupidity. The only Bernie signs were at the voting place. No Hillary signs in the neighborhood or at the voting place but she won the district on the Democrat side. I am afraid to put my signs out or my bumper stickers on. I will wear my Hillary hat some but as a gay man in this area I have enough targets on me. Why does Maude hate NC?

  4. “No Hillary signs in the neighborhood or at the voting place but she won the district on the Democrat side. I am afraid to put my signs out or my bumper stickers on.” I can totally relate. The dem primary doesn’t come to us until the end. I fear vandalism and won’t put out signs, bumper stickers until everyone accepts she’s the nominee.

    • I got one of the nice Hillary yard signs and am the envy of the neighborhood.

  5. I have the same situation as big ol puma. I live in one of those 70/30 GOP ghettos where the tea partiers are all over the place though oddly enough there are very few bumper stickers and the few I do see are for either Cruz or Trump. I work from home so I generally wait to go to the polls around 10:00 a.m. There seemed to be a steady flow of retired people when I was there. I wanted to dance after I pushed Hillary’s name on the screen. Hillary won my precinct on the Dem side though I wonder how many people crossed over and voted in the GOP primary.

  6. Thanks PA, and RD. Nice job!!

    • I can train for the October-November canvassing. Can’t wait! So exciting.

  7. Holding nose and listening to Trump’s victory speech. On Sanders: “he said she was unqualified, and she is! He has said some horrible horrible things about her, there’s a lot of hatred there; and he’s telling the truth! …He should run as an independent.”

  8. Trump just now said: if Clinton was a man she would not have gotten more than 5% of the vote.

    wow, what misogynist sob he is!

    Clinton wins CT!


  10. Thanks and congratulations for your efforts in canvassing! And to all the Hillary voters in the five states tonight, who helped give us such a great result. It is a very good feeling, though of course we take nothing for granted.

    A big sigh of relief after this grueling primary campaign, and we will get ready to gear up for perhaps the most important presidential election in history.

  11. Good job, RD!
    Thank you for your service.

  12. Is anyone else cautiously, very cautiously, beginning to release a long-held breath?

    • Yes! Last night was historic. I can’t wait for the nomination winner to sink in so I can come out of the closet to more as a Hillary supporter.

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