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    • Refreshing Honesty About Bank Loans
      I actually appreciate this, from the HSBC AM Global Head of Responsible Investing, Stuart Kirk: “At a big bank like ours, what do people think the average loan length is?” he asked. “It is six years. What happens to the planet in year seven is actually irrelevant to our loan book. For coal, what happens in year seven is actually irrelevant.” That’s honesty. […]
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Hillary Clinton: Cersei Lannister or Sansa Stark?

I’m going with Sansa. Hillary seems to me like an initially idealistic person who has been beaten up repeatedly and who has been learning to play The Game of Thrones the hard way. She’s finally figuring out who to trust and understanding her own strength.

Unsurprisingly, this professor guy thinks she’s like Cersei Lannister, that scheming, entitled, political bull in a China shop. He thinks Hillary has a lot in common with Cersei because she’s constantly overlooked by her family because she’s female. But the trauma inflicted on Sansa for being female is no less significant.

Except that Sansa appears to be learning from her mistakes and Cersei doesn’t seem to think she has to learn anything.

There are some GoT fanatics who think Sansa will end up ruling everything.

Time will tell.

Funny that the writer of that article would choose to compare Hillary to one of the least likeable, deceitful, incestuous, and politically inept characters in the series.

Funny, but not surprising. Lefty academic guys are so predictable. And beginning to bore me.

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  1. Arya

    • That would be scarier than Donald Trump. Did you see what Arya did to that guy in the brothel?? {{shudder}}

  2. Beginning to bore you, RD?
    You suffer fools gladly, my friend:)

    • Yep, pretty much. But as long as they insist on picking characters, let’s pick the right ones

  3. OK, NOW I remember what I wanted to post.

    It’s an article in The Atlantic by Neal Gabler, author and film critic, talking about something right up RD’s alley–how seemingly successful people can end up living paycheck to paycheck, with no cushion.


    • Multiply his story, and RD’s story, and millions of other stories across the USA like theirs, and you understand how Trump and Sanders got off the ground. In the USA I grew up in, both men (Cruz as well) would have quickly been marginalized had they tried to run for Prez.

    • Yep, I can relate. The difference between me and gabler is I did sell my house in NJ, downsized with a house paid in full in Pittsburgh and I have very little debt. Like, a smidge. I could see the writing on the wall and thought I could ride it out with the rest of the money from the sale of my house.
      What I didn’t expect was my daughter’s year long illness when I was going off cobra would suck up every other penny I had.
      And then I couldn’t get hired. By anyone. Well, not on a full time basis. For almost 4 years. Then when I did get a ft job, it was as a contractor with zero benefits, not even Labor Day off.
      Now, I have a ft job making half of what I made in 2011. Still no debt so I can save some money every month. But that prospect of being unemployed again means I never spend money on anything if I can help it. Occasionally I go to the movies and I’m a sucker for online books and tv. But clothes? It makes me physically ill to go clothes shopping. So I don’t. Which is a real problem since I have to dress business casual at work. To cut back on having to replenish my wardrobe, I work from home two days a week. Most of my meetings are online anyway. I also save $40/month on bus fare and gas to drive to the bus station.
      Everything I buy must be offset by something I can save.
      And it is not getting better. I thought it would when I got my job. But this economy just wears you down. And no one cares if you’ve just lived thru a series of unfortunate events. You’re just supposed to keep going like the energizer bunny and keep paying for every new fee, or something you previously didn’t think was important but takes on a life of its own or the gutters that the township is bugging you about or just regular caloric intake.
      I wasn’t born rich. I was the first in my family on either side to graduate from college. I had a successful career in a STEM profession and have papers to prove it. I’m not an alcoholic, don’t do drugs, not a psychopath at work or anywhere actually.
      I didn’t live above my means. I was careful, frugal and my savings lasted much longer than the studies gabler cites. It just wasn’t long enough.
      The crazy thing is there is a horde of cash that companies are sitting on and not investing. We are starving for the decent paying jobs because there be dragons.
      I think this is why Hillary’s campaign hasn’t caught fire. I think her advisors are not paying attention to stories like gabler’s and mine. We are legion and the masters of great wealth have made us feel superfluous for no good reason and no one, least of all Obama, has paid any damn attention.

      • As for me, I have part-time work, which is only enough because I live with Mom. I’m the world’s oldest boomerang kid. :mrgreen:

        Fortunately, my mother and my late father lived in that brief period of U. S. history in which large numbers of people could rise through the ranks of the economy. I was their only child, and they lived within their means and invested prudently, and we’ve been relatively lucky.

        • Oh, I forgot. I held a full-time job for about 20 years, until outsourcing got it after a change in management. I managed to save thousands of dollars over my job span, but I turned up with Crohn’s disease, which teamed up with my lost job (so I started having to buy my own insurance–well, Mom pays for it now) to wipe out those savings. Thanks a fornicating heap, CRAPitalism. 👿

          I’m p!$$ed enough at Crapitalism that I might have listened more to Sanders–maybe even supported him–if he hadn’t begun imitating his more obnoxious supporters. However, he did, so “I’m With Her”.

          • Ah, we lucky few, we band of siblings.
            That’s mixing Henry v with the people’s front of Judea.
            Sorry to hear about your Crohn’s disease. I hear that it’s miserable.
            But King Alfred supposedly had it so we expect great things from you.

          • Actually, Madoka be praised, the Crohn’s doesn’t give me many problems. I had an operation about 25 months ago to remove about 18 inches of diseased small intestine, which stopped the bleeding, which stopped the anemia. I take two prescriptions for the Crohn’s (mercaptopurine and Pentasa), and see my gastroenterologist every six months (it was every three months, but I’m doing well enough he decided once every six months was enough, unless I relapse). :mrgreen:

  4. Clinton task force to fight back against online harassment (and thank the super delegates who are being besieged):


    Also, from Daily News Bin web site:

    David Plouffe was the campaign manager for Barack Obama in 2008, and was instrumental in helping him to defeat Hillary Clinton in the primary race and to ultimately get elected President. So he’s no stranger to bitterly contested primaries. But while the 2008 race saw Obama and Clinton locked in a consistently close race with each having a viable path to the nomination all the way to the end of state voting, Plouffe sees 2016 differently. Very differently.

    Bernie Sanders is now behind by millions of votes and hundreds of delegates, meaning that the superdelegates he keeps complaining about aren’t even a factor. This race is a blowout, and he would need to win seventy to eighty percent of the vote in every remaining state in order to climb back into contention, which is demographically impossible. Plouffe congratulated Sanders on the “stunningly strong campaign” that he’s run, but went on to state that “raising $$ stating you have path to nomination is fraud.” There is no way that Plouffe, who sits on the board of the Obama Foundation, would say these words without President Obama’s implicit approval.

    • Excellent.

      • Yeah, but while plouffe is partially right (he should not pressure Bernie to drop out, just encourage him strongly to work for down ticket dens while he finishes out primary season) David Axelrod represents the slimy underside of the Obama operation that I saw and couldn’t unsee and I really wish someone would tell him to STFU. His mansplaining lectures to Clinton are getting on my last nerve.
        Srsly, someone needs to threaten to take his consulting fees away. He’s a fucking rat.

  5. Oh, bloody heck… Now there’s an article actually entitled, “Hillary Clinton’s N.Y. victory exposes her weakness as nominee in November.” HA! Wow. And this Huffpo article http://www.huffingtonpost.com/seth-abramson/5-pieces-of-advice-for-sanders-from-clinton-circa-2008_b_9760152.html Made me blow a gasket of incredulity, and I’m not even a machine…

    • So if she had lost New York, it would indicate her strength as a candidate?

      Is this the author?

    • The NY Times had a short article inquiring as when a woman might be elected president that appeared after Hillary was out. All Hillary’s fault–she set the bar too high for any other woman to reach; therefore, probably no women in that role for a long, long time. I was reminded of the relationship between Poland and its Jewish elite, invited to live in Poland and serve at the court because of their talents. During WWII, Polish Jews were sent to concentration camps and few returned. After the war, the poor economic situation of Poland was blamed on the Jews because they weren’t in Poland.

    • I find such things infuriating as well. But I tell myself to try to remember that there is all this internet space, and all these sites vying for someone’s clicks, so they have to keep churning out these vapid pieces. And of course they are always titled in the declarative mood, “This is how it is, and here is why.” And they are always written by people with an agenda, who are not deducing from facts to reach a conclusion, but start from the agenda, and then try to search for facts which they think support it. Sometimes I regret that I did not become a journalist, and maybe ultimately a political pundit, so that I could write about how “journalism” is now pretty much just rationalizing one’s preconceived opinions, and then writing pieces which lack insight, logic, or any historical context, but which are geared to provoke reaction.

  6. Meanwhile, over at the other major party:

    How did the GOP go From Ike To Ick?

  7. Off topic:

    How many quantum physicists does it take to change a light bulb?

    They can’t; when they get the socket to hold still, they can’t find it. :mrgreen:

    • Lololol!! Love it.

      • I also posted it on the anime forum which I frequent. I expect one guy to get it; I’m curious to see if anyone else does.

        There’s a whole page of light bulb jokes.

        How many Jehovah’s Witnesses does it take to change a light bulb?

        Three. One to screw in the bulb, and two to knock on your door and ask you if you’ve seen the light.

    • Q. How many Sanders supporters does it take to change a light bulb? A. Potentially infinite. Fifty of them came in to try; Thirty of those were ineligible. Fifteen of the remaining twenty were too busy arguing that Hillary was responsible for the absence of a light bulb. The four who kept trying to turn the bulb to the right were banished as traitors to the cause. The last one decided to pocket the bulb as a campaign fee.

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