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Notes from a Primary Night

Was that fun or what? I was phone banking last night at Hillary HQ in Pittsburgh. There was pot luck. Someone brought Greek pastries. I might have had more than my share. Some highlights:

1.) Tom Vilsack, former Governor of Iowa showed up around 7pm and gave a pretty decent pep talk. Took questions. I could swear Hillary addressed at least one of them in her victory speech last night. It sounded very specific. Note to phone bankers- take a look at your candidate’s web site on issues to make sure you can address questions from the people you contact.

2.) My phone bank contacts were very positive for Hillary. There were only a few defectors to Bernie. Really looking forward to the primary next Tuesday. I hope she comes to Pittsburgh for her victory speech.

3.) I still love Bernie and have figured out that he attracts two groups of people. The first group is passionate about universal health care, the end to wars in the middle east, economic stability and income inequality. Katiebird is one of these people and I know that she is a very issues motivated person. The second group is passionate about themselves. They don’t see Hillary as a legitimate candidate and her voters are disposable. Many of these people are the same ones who voted for Obama back in 2008 and were not paying attention. Samantha Bee has a conversation with them on this week’s Full Frontal:


Ah, yes, we’re just feeble old geezers who can barely get the energy up to shake our Geritol bottles during Hillary’s speech. If only we had enthusiasm, pep and vigor.

{{rolling eyes}}

Look, I really like Bernie. But as Peter Daou pointed out last night on Twitter, his campaign has evolved from being about something to being about someone. And the idea that the pledged delegate count can be subverted by buying the superdelegates is not only undemoctatic, it’s just so 2008. I even heard CNN commentators admit last night that it’s essentially what Obama did back in 2008.Maybe we’re finally seeing the impermeable shell of media protection around Obama start to crack. Maybe pigs will fly out of my ass. Who knows.

Anyway, this is all to say that it’s beneath you, Bernie. The primary is tougher with you in it and Hillary runs better when she’s challenged. But this primary is clean, unlike 8 years ago. Let’s keep it that way and respect the will of the voters AND the candidates who earned those delegates. Introducing animosity at this stage when there’s no reason to feels like something a Republican would want us to do.

And who’s to say they’re not secretly goading us on.

4.) Speaking of Republicans, congrats to Donald Trump. This fall is going to be tremendous. YUGE!


17 Responses

  1. I love the Naderites among the Bernie folk whining about how ‘ignorant’ black NYS voters are. Well, they know their state’s voter rules better than you did!

  2. I thought I liked Bernie, but in the past two months, he and his campaign jumped- at least- one shiver of Great Whites.
    Now, I just want him to go awaaaaay.

  3. I agree there are two types of Bernie supporters. The unfortunate thing is the majority of us who blog generally only meet type two. I have met some out here in the real world who are nothing like the blogging Bernie Bros.

  4. I like Bernie, but I don’t like the campaign he has been running since MI went to his head. And I’m not at all certain he won’t try to take Hillary down even after the convention, as lately he seems to dislike the Democrats at least as much as the GOP. I hope I’m wrong about that-we’ll see.

  5. A long (looong) piece by Robin Alperstein is a really good and rational summary of what’s been coming to light about Sanders. The short summary would be that she’s someone who very much supports his ideals. Looking at what he’s actually done and how he’s acted during the campaign says he’s not who he seems to be.

    It’s very very worth reading for real Sanders supporters. (Not the Bros. Total waste of time for them since it’s not propaganda.) One might still want to cast one’s vote for his ideals, but it’s kind of important to do that with your eyes open as to who the person is you’re voting for.

    • Sadly, the country had to rely on a N.Y. tabloid to vet the Dem nominees. The “debates” allow a minute in response to a news reader’s question, and other bloviators hope for got-ya moments to spin off a few news faux “shocks” to hold viewers’ eyes for the ads. I was emailed Robin Alperstein’s vetting recently. Should be required reading for an informed electorate. We need the League of Women Voters even more today in a country in which bottom line has replaced investigative journalism with a culture of “celebrity.”

      • I have said the same thing. It took the NYDN to actually ask Bernie specific questions about his plans. I have to say though either the voters in Vermont never cared or the press there is just as derelict as the press in most other places.

  6. Last night, I read and watched everything I could find. I loved Hillary’s victory speech, and was entertained watching the young people standing behind her. Apparently, Sanders’ campaign folk have several different ideas about what is coming next for him. One said they are going to the convention, and are going to ramp up their effort “pick off” super delegates between now and then, DESPITE being reminded by the interviewer that Hillary has and will have won the vast majority of delegates and voters. This very clearly didn’t matter.

    Another said they were going to “reassess” the state of their campaign after the 29th and “see where we are,” which sounded realistic/resigned to me.

    Sanders himself said in an interview in VT just after he’d landed there that he is going to the convention, that there is a path forward, that he will win CA and believes he will win this coming Tuesday. (He did congratulate Hillary for NY, which he hasn’t done recently.) He looked very, very tired and pale.

    I don’t like that he is pressing the DNC about the funds raised by Clooney, etc., and implying they are going into her own bank account. I don’t like that he is implying the “disenfranchised voters” of NYC would all have voted for him (even though those areas went for her). I don’t like the tone coming from his campaign now at all. It’s ugly.

    I also didn’t like how, last night, after her victory speech, CNN were talking about her campaign saying Sanders’ campaign statements were being “destructive” to the Democratic party. They really went off on her, Axelrod in particular: “Why is she doing this now?” as if she were a stupid child. Really annoyed me.

    • Hey, they have to fill time by spewing something–it’s cable TV–an endless void between commercials. It’s more filler and posturing than actual reporting of anything significant. Waiting for Godot. Think of all the money that is wasted putting this on, and time wasted watching it.

      I watched on my laptop thanks to C-Span. No one told me what he thought, thank goodness.

      Axelrod should know that “her campaign” is a very broad term. I would turn off TV (if I had it) as soon as his face appeared. Life is short.

  7. PS: She’s been given a 75% chance by the prediction markets (gambling outlets) of winning the general election. Trump has 15%. Kind of off topic, but has anyone else read that speech Trump gives (audiences cheer) about Pershing shooting the Muslims with pig blood? It was quoted in the NY Times magazine on Sunday. That, more than anything else, makes me want to move to Canada.

    • Hey, that gives me an idea for how to get Baloney-face off the teevee. Shoot at him with menstrual blood. He’ll curl up into an orange hairball and can then be put out with the rest of the trash.

      /*Does Drumpf bring out the worst in me? Why, yes, yes he does. I’m just like everyone else. Why do you ask?*/

  8. http://www.counterpunch.org/2015/12/30/who-is-the-arch-racist-hillary-or-the-donald/

    You’ve got your own problems in this area.

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