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Woot! Phone banking and party at Hillary HQ in PGH tomorrow!

I’m phone banking at Hillary’s Pittsburgh location tomorrow. We’re also partying and watching her returns from the NY state primary. Can’t wait!

That being said, the Hillary campaign staff that called me today mentioned that there would be a potluck. So, I’m going to bring something, of course. I want it to celebrate NY so I have a couple of recipes in mind. Let me know in the comments below whether either one of these sounds good:

Reuben Dip with Cocktail Rye

Waldorf Salad

Something else

To whet your appetite, here’s a video of Chef John from Food Wishes of his take on Reuben Dip.

I’ll save the pierogies, halushka and hot sausage sandwiches for next week. 😉

Should I vlog this event? Periscope? Pay attention to the phone banking?

Need answers soon so I can go to the store and get the ingredients.


21 Responses

  1. Awesome!!! I wish I could be there partying with you guys!! You also have the big PA primary next week. I have never made that Reuben dip but I had it at a neighbor’s house one time and it is delicious!!

    Something I found out today is that Bernie hired Revolution Messaging and paid them 10 million to get people to infiltrated blogs and social media. Now if you don’t know who Revolution Messaging is it was founded by a bunch of Obama campaign people. I KNEW I smelled something going on with the bros before hos crowd sounding strangely familiar on the internet.

    • Are they the ones with “kunt” in their email addresses who are snagging multiple hosting sites from Chicago to Montreal?

    • Yup it’s the same misinformation and create confusion campaign! There is a meme going around of Susan Sarandon and Barry Bostwick in Rocky Horror Picture show and they are claiming it’s Jane and Bernie marching in a transexual pride parade. LOL! Bunch of shares and re-blogs. No fact checking no critical thinking. It’s all so Republican.

    • Is there a documentable proof link to an article about that having happened? Because if it is true that Bernie campaign people were set free to hire that group to use bad methods, that would not be good.

      And if Senator Sanders made that contracting decision his own personal self, that would be double-plus ungood. If that decision was actually provably made.

    • They post on Facebook on the Sanders page, which is surprising since they are probably using their real names. One poster has meme’d the same message before the New York Primary that Hillary Clinton looks tired and beaten and is about to give up.

    • On the Blue Nation Review facebook page there is a constant stream of postings about how unfair it is that the blog is pro Hillary rather than be even between the two candidates. Yet I have never seen a pro Sanders site where the same people show up and complain that the site is too much for Sanders and not enough for Hillary.

  2. https://gobling.wordpress.com/2016/03/19/buying-the-revolution/

    Apparently they pay women less etc. etc. I checked out glass door on them.

  3. Definitely, the Reuben Dip.

  4. Pastrami. I thought it had to be pastrami, per Blasio? (Just kidding! Make whatever *you* want to eat.)

    • Fresh ricotta on toasted Italian bread slices drizzled with honey and freshly cracked black pepper.
      I’m starting to sound like Ruth reichl.

  5. Woot!Woot! Have a good time and hope your food is a hit. Glad to have you onboard, sincerely.

  6. YES! New York comes through for Clinton!!

  7. Well, I read the links about Revolution Messaging and so forth. Apparently it involves steady presence on Twitter and Facebook, among other things.

    I don’t do Twitter OR Facebook. I remember reading that Facebook
    was originally angle-invested in by an investor with links and ties to the CIA. There is a very reasonable theory that the whole Facebook organization is a vast conspiracy to trick hundreds of millions of people into creating detailed dossiers on themselves. The money made is just gravy. And since I am not interested in creating a dossier on myself, I don’t do Facebook.

    And since I don’t care to reach out and touch people, and I certainly don’t want anyone to be able to reach out and touch me, I don’t do Twitter.

    It looks to me like Facebook and Twitter are both huge honey lagoons which attract millions of busy bees. Among those busy bees will be thousands of filthy flies. The filthy flies can breed in the honey and fill it with maggots faster than the Social Media SiteMasters can swat them or remove the eggs and maggots. And Revolution Messaging or anyone else would not be able to keep up with the exponentially-reproducing filthy flies either.

    It seems counterproductive from a Bernie standpoint to identify with the kind of nastiness that thousands of filthy flies can vectorize all over the Social Media. How would it help Bernie’s vote-getting position or mission to dispatch filthy flies to offend tens of thousands of busy bees on the Social Media into rejecting the Sanders Campaign? It wouldn’t benefit Team Bernie at all.

    So I smell a rat. In fact, I smell a hidden-hand black-advance rolling ratfuck under way and in progress. Since Team Bernie wouldn’t benefit from it, the question arises . . . who would? Or “cui bono” , if one wants to sound all intellectual about it.

    • This issue has apparently been mentioned in a small part of a thread over at Naked Capitalism. Two commenters had this to say on that matter.

      April 19, 2016 at 4:05 pm
      It’s projection. Clinton and her surrogates have been hiring trolls to infiltrate web sites and blogs (including Sanders FB pages). It’s pretty obvious to those of us who frequent those venues. Sanders has plenty of legitimate online followers; he doesn’t need to pay people to comment on social media, just as he doesn’t need to pay them to attend his public appearances.

      Reply ↓
      April 19, 2016 at 7:17 pm
      Yep. Rovian projection at its finest 😦

      Since I don’t do Facebook or Twitter, I wouldn’t be able to assess the truth-value of the claims in these two copy-pasted comments. But they seem just as believable as claims that Team Sanders is behind bad behavior against Clinton supporters on Social Media sites.

      • Why would a Clinton operative post a comment like “Hillary Clinton looks like a beaten person and is about to give up” and post it on Sander’s facebook page just before the New York primary? Why would a Clinton operative denigrate Bill Clinton’s record with lies and deceit? Lets not over think this. Sanders has money to blow and he’s apparently blowing it all over the place.

      • The irony is that the “rovian” memes are what the so called Bernie supporters are spouting in places. Do I think there is collusion? No. However Rove along with other Republicans have been attempting to help Bernie defeat Hillary in the primaries.

        So between the two of them they are able to jack up any bad news about Hillary or run these memes to the top of trending items on facebook and twitter.

    • I don’t do Facebook either if I can help it. But I do Twitter and for some reason, I don’t get a lot of Bernie Bots in my Twitter feed. Go figure. Lance Mannion and Peter Dauo seem to get a lot of them. Not really sure how that algorithm works but it’s bypassing me.
      HOWEVER, the comments sections of the NYTimes? FULL of them. They are definitely flooding the comments section of every primary post and the memes, buzzwords and narratives are uncannily alike. So, I think that’s where the money is going.

  8. Yeah, there was that study I posted a few weeks ago (seems like forever), which looked at a zillion tweets (seriously, it was sound, methodologically) and found that it is the right-wingers who are posting more than half of the nasty tweets. Sanders’ supporters are posting some, but far fewer. And who are those right wingers supporting? TRUMP. (They did the study by using the twitter handles to direct them to the twitterers’ FB pages, and then coding the FB pages for who the twitterer was supporting and their political affiliation. So cool.)

    I’m sure there’s not much difference between the tweeters and the commenters.

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