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      I can’t wait to see him looming over tiny men Moscow Mitch and Lindsey: The GOP just canceled $10 million in fall ads for Senate in PA, AZ and WI. This is a clear sign of financial problems. Hardest hit was PA, more than $5 million in Philly alone. They’ve given up on Oz. — … Continue reading Looking forward to Senator Fetterman
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The NYTimes op/Ed page becomes the new DK rec diary list

The first (please let it be the last) Why I’m supporting candidate X conversion diary.

Im really beginning to hate primary season.

32 Responses

  1. I’m pretty done with primary season right now too. I figure Merkley was pressured by Portlandia to support Sanders. Whatever. It seems kind of late in the game though.

    • Ugh. Anyone else watching the debate? So hard to watch. They just let Bernie ramble and ramble but Hillary gets cut off constantly. This primary season can’t end soon enough!

    • Portlandia can have their Vermont chosen one,. Was the worst city I’ve ever lived in hands down

  2. This doesn’t surprise me, given Oregon’s landscape. 538 is now giving H a 99% chance of winning NY.

    • That is good! But I just want to note that while Nate Silver is certainly highly respected, what he and his staff basically do is to aggregate polls and then do some tweaking by giving the more reliable polls more of a weight. And then later in the general election, they do a good job regarding voting and polling history, so as to give the polls more substantiality based on such factors.

      But ultimately it is a reflection of polls. In Wisconsin, he was writing that Hillary had a 55% chance to win. amd then that went down to 51%, and then right before the primary, Sanders went up to a 67% favorite. based on the last poll. So it is not really a prediction based on insights or looking at the campaign. it is based on polls. Hopefully. the later polls will be good for Hillary, and thus the percentage will stay that high.

  3. Did anyone watch the Dem debate tonight? Bleck! What an experience. It really is getting relentlessly ugly. The near-continual screaming of the audience was distracting…

    William, they do have their polls plus forecast which takes into account infrastructure, campaign offices and mobilization, and endorsements in each state. It’s been pretty accurate so far, not perfect, but only really bombing in MI. They also have a helpful list of how many delegates each candidate needs in each primary in order to gain the nomination.

    • His supporters are out of control. They just don’t stfu. They are waiting to applaud everything he says and waiting to boo Hillary at any chance. Yelling things out during her responses… is anyone monitoring these debates? If I wasn’t voting for Bernie before, this has really solidified it. I felt nervous and stressed while watching. His supporters are hostile.

      • I agree. It was really distressing; my heart started pounding hard at one point. And Sanders himself. The sarcasm. The smirks, the laughing when Clinton talked about 9/11. It was unreal. Where is the basic empathy? I feel like I need to take a shower.

  4. Something I wrote elsewhere I thought I’d share here:

    The truth is that W’s 8 years are the primary cause of why we are where we are today, followed by Obama’s near total failure to take advantage of the unique political opportunities handed to him in 2009 to undo their effects. (Opportunities Clinton never had.) And the reaction of the Left to that reality has been to put the primary blame on Bill. But then historically the Left has always viewed others not as far left as a bigger enemy than the actual Right.

    • I think most voters seem to understand that W was the cause of the problems. Obama gets dinged for not fixing the problems. It’s annoying how they give Obama a pass and blame everything on Bill but if they held Obama accountable they would also have to look at either how they don’t make good choices or they were completely duped. Neither of which they apparently want to do so they attempt to take the easy route and blame someone who’s been out of office 16 years.

      • They can’t blame Obama for anything. The minute they’re critical of anything he did or hasn’t done, they risk being called racists.
        This has been a common practice in the last eight years.
        Don’t like Obamacare? You’re a racist.
        Don’t like the way he’s handled the economy? You’re a racist.
        *This* was extra special, when the Republican hard ass conservatives refused to give garland a hearing, they were accused of being racists.
        Never mind that they approved both kagan and sotomayor and this issue wasn’t racism but a desperate and defiant attempt to maintain a strong conservative bias on the court.
        The Obama PR machine rolls this out every time someone raises a voice to criticize him or block him. The word “racism” is starting to lose its power.
        Which is a shame because it hasn’t gone away.

    • tdraicer,

      It is not that Obama “failed to” take advantage of the Reform Opportunity. Rather . . . it is that Obama took full advantage of the opportunity to deSTROY the Reform Opportunity, with Malice Aforethought, ON PURPOSE, and as a perfect expression of everything he stands for.

      He suckSEEDed in doing many of the things he set out to do. He routinized and normalized Cheney-bush’s bold new experiments in boldly anti-constitutional governance. He and his Holder successfully gained immunity and impunity for the FIRE sector perpetrators by running out the clock on any statute of limitations within which they could have been prosecuted for anything. He suckSEEDed in crafting a trillion-dollar-plus rolling bailout for Big Insura. He suckSEEDed in poisoning the well of discussing Health Coverage Reform so totally that Clinton is reduced to promising that Single Payer will NEVER EVER be perMITTed in this country. He suckSEEDed in conspiring with Reid, Pelosi, McConnell and Boehner to make the Bush tax cuts permanent, in order to create the future perma-deficity situation which could be used to attack Social Security as being “unaffordable” due to
      “deficits” and “debt”. Shall I go on?

      Deliberately. On purpose. He saw his opportunities and he did exACTly what he inTENded to do with them.

  5. The bitter irony of the campaign is that Hillary has used that inability to attack Obama to defeat the same sort of voters (and in many cases the same voters) who used Obama’s racial teflon to defeat her in 2008. The phrase “hoist with their own petard” comes to mind.

    • Ok, why are we paying any attention to these people??
      Did you see the op/Ed at the nyt theorizing that American politics are becoming more European with dangerous right wing nationalists on one side and ineffectual left leaning socialists on the other?

  6. Since feeding Christians to lions has gone out of fashion (real shame there but I’d settle for taxing their edifices ) for entertainment political shout-fests are the new thing to keep people distracted from the Invisible Hand picking their pockets.

  7. A study shows Hillary, not Donald Trump, is getting the most negative media coverage AND least positive coverage of any candidate: http://www.vox.com/2016/4/15/11410160/hillary-clinton-media-bernie-sanders

    “Correction: A previous version of this story incorrectly said Crimson Hexagon’s tool was created with “thousands” of manually-coded stories. In fact, the number is in the hundreds of thousands.” !!!

    • I know. And Ezra Klein was shocked, SHOCKED that Hillary was getting more negative coverage and less positive coverage.
      I swear, the media is run by mean girls who have no idea what they’re doing.

      • No, mostly mean boys who have no idea what they are doing.

      • Well, I think that at least some of them know exactly what they are doing. I am certain that the people who own and/or manage the broadcast networks have a pervasive anti-Hillary agenda. amd that this is conveyed to their employees in terms of whom the hire. and what stories they are told to feature. This simply could not be just wild coincidence. And as for Ezra Klein. he is the most overrated opinion writer in the country. I used to watch him on the political talk shows. and he would would speak oh so carefully and with an air of great wisdom and discernment–and say absolutely nothing. If he is surprised at the relentless torrent of Hillary hatred spewing from the media, he is either incapable of assimilating data; or more likely, is just one of the “who, me?” closet Hillary haters populating the “liberal” side of the pundit spectrum. Klein also thought that it was important to tell us last year that “every man should feel a cold spike of fear any time he engages in a sexual encounter,” which has to be the ultimate in the smug sanctimony which characterizes his opinions.

        • Honestly, I don’t think they have any idea what they’re doing they are chasing ratings and for some reason they think that continually bashing Hillary is the way to get them. Watching her struggle like this *twice* is painful to watch and it’s especially infuriating when we compare it to what they did got Obama, essentially shielding him from any criticism when he ran in 2008.
          But let’s say she’s elected, what then? Are they going to continue to pile on non-stop because Sally Quinn made a decision 23 years ago to make the Clintons personas non grata? Remember what Vince foster said about people ruining other people and calling it sport?
          Obama was their guy. That’s scary considering how mediocre and compromised he was. And he still managed to thwart the press because the one thing he is really good at is stealth screwing people and covering his tracks.
          Hillary will never have that kind of cooperation from the media. They are always going to want blood. If you’re in that social strata, then what does it matter? You’re just doing your job afflicting the comfortable. But for the rest of us, having to live in the country that they narrate. It sucks.
          They should be more afraid of us than they are. It’s a problem that they are not.

          • I completely agree. And I well remember Sally Quinn, one of the self-styled “ruling class” who disdained Hillary for not being to the manor born.

            It is an interesting question as to what the media will do if Hillary can win. Most likely. continue to question her and criticize her from day three. They’ve already got the narratives in place. That will keep their ratings up, and make for lots of controversy.

            The media thinks that it is more powerful than any candidate or elected official. Maybe they are, which would be horrifying. They got Bush elected over Gore. I was not the biggest Gore fan, but look at the consequences of what Cokie Roberts admitted as, “Yes, we liked to mock Gore. It was easy, and it was fun.” They wanted Obama; maybe because as you have suggested, they (or the people who own the networks) felt that he was less of a threat to their corporatism; or maybe because they felt virtuous in trying to elect an African-American President, particularly when Hillary was the major alternative. They believe that they can create their own reality. Apparently this morning the networks were running headlines, “Sanders meets with Pope.” And to my knowledge, they have not retracted them, though the story is completely untrue. unless a handshake counts as a meeting. Of course. the media feels no responsibility or compunction for any of this.

            As to the question of why the “elites” are not afraid of the larger group of people. Gore Vidal once said that it was utterly amazing that the aristocrats had managed to stay in power for 400 years, essentially by convincing the middle and poorer classes to vote against their own interests. Of course, the aristocrats have the media to help them in this work. If people were better informed and knowledgeable, maybe this might change. As it is, the rich have been selling different versions of trickle down economics to the populace for centuries, and barely ever being called on it.

          • As Gene Lyons has pointed out many times by now, Sally Quinn is a hypocrite. She broke up Ben Bradlee’s previous marriage so she could have him, which makes her a more successful version of Monica Lewinsky. 👿

            Thank Madoka-kami-sama that the modern corporate media did not exist in the late 18th Century, or else the Founders might have entertained second thoughts about the First Amendment.

  8. Just in: Pope Francis requests restraining orders against Kim Davis and Bernie Sanders.

    • So, seriously. Is my understanding correct? The Pope invited Sanders to a conference His Holiness did not attend? Then, Sanders, who was staying in a large building where the Pope lives and conference attendees stayed, learned the Pope was about to leave for Greece, so Sanders et al. waited in the lobby, hoping to see him as he left? And the Pope just shook his hand? And that’s being called a meeting with the Pope? Am I missing something?

  9. The big question is why the Clinton’s campaign is so timid and afraid to go after those thugs on the media aka Sanders supporters. It seems to me her campaign is basically lending them a hand by that campaigning strategy. What the he

    • It’s because she’s going to have to win them for the general election. Not all of Bernie’s supporters are misogynistic assholes.
      Katiebird is a Bernie Supporter this go around. I’m hoping that she will feel comfortable supporting Hillary in the fall. But that will depend on how Hillary reaches out to them.
      FWIW, I’m not happy with Hillary’s campaign this year either. It lacks the punch of 2008. Part of that, I think, is that Obama has implemented policy on things she would have done differently, like the bailout, the economic stimulus and the ACA. He is more of a moderate Republican than she is and he’s never hidden that. But to the non-political junky, he comes off as a liberal. In order for her to make corrections, she’s going to have to look more liberal, which might scare off the general election voters. Plus, it’s a hard slog to correct what should have been no-brainers in 2009.
      So, I don’t blame her too much for the lack of enthusiasm for having to live with, deal with and clean up flawed policy. It just leaves her with nowhere to go with the campaign message.
      And then there’s the necessity of having to cozy up to the Obama donors in order to get enough money to run. I think we all saw that coming when Citizens United was ruled on by the SC. It’s worse because Obama has to protect his legacy in order to cash in big after he leaves office. I hear he’s not leaving DC until his kids are out of High School, which means he’ll be bedeviling her for a couple years after she takes office.

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