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Random Stuff and Stupid Trolls

I’ve been thinking about the recent True Confessions from our media people and something struck me as odd.

They seem to be alarmed at Trump’s rise but somewhat convinced that when we switch to the general election campaign that voters will see that Hillary is overqualified and the obvious stable choice. So, you know, no reason to do any heavy lifting on her behalf.

I used to think I would be happy if they just stopped with the incessant pick-pick-pick at everything she does and the constant calls for her to disclose more and more just for disclosure’s sake. But I don’t think that will be enough for me anymore. Now, I want them to be proactive just like they were proactive with Obama.

Yeah, women so often get criticized but when they exceed our expectations, we just act as if it’s to be expected. Sorry, I don’t think that’s right. Women need mentors and cheerleaders too. Otherwise they’re accomplishments look just average.

I think Hillary has been running for so long that we have forgotten how much effort this actually takes. Think about how long she has succeeded and persevered and never got a single pat on the back from anyone in the national media. Oh, I’m sure there have been exceptions. But they’re always couched in “We all know she’s not perfect and then there are her emails” stuff. It’s like there is a fear of praising too much.

Is that some kind of biblical holdover or something? Thou shall not praise a woman too much?

If it is, can we let it go, please?

Let’s practice. In the next week, when you see a woman do something well, praise her.

Who’s with me?


This is funny.

I had three comments that ended up in moderation. There doesn’t seem to be a trigger word that landed them there. Maybe the moderation queue is just getting smarter.

What’s amusing is that all three of them start off exactly the same way. Then they go on to brag about we’re too stupid to understand how the intertoobz work to stop them. And you know, they have a certain point. WordPress doesn’t give us all the tools to tinker with the Apache server to make sure they can’t post here. It doesn’t give us ALL the tools, but it gives us enough, especially for those of us who have a clue what all these weird TCP/IP thingy whatsits are. We can’t stop you from a concerted attack but we can certainly make it harder for you to post from the same host over and over again.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share the three comments from





Here’s the content of the email:

“Creative Class”… You use that word as some sort of epithet. Well, you know who else is for Bernie? Us queers and faggots and Black Lives Matter. Oh yeah, all of us ‘others’. All of us that you geezers and hags just don’t get.

Yeah, and all of us that can post on this circle-suck, mutual admiration site and you can’t block because you’re too dumb to know what a TOR exit router is, and you don’t know how to fingerprint or read a user-agent string.

The Billary is another in a long line of criminal or near-criminal professional pols who are all the same. The only difference between Hillary and Mitt Romney is that Hillary’s balls are bigger.

We’ll be lucky when you rapacious boomers are all gone. But then again, we’ll be living in the industrial wasteland that you created… so there’s that:/

Have a nice dotage, old-fags…

I know, right?

It’s hysterical. I actually do know how to fingerprint and I know all about bit strings, hashing.

But I didn’t have to do any of that for these three idiots to end up in the moderation queue.

How embarrassing. I swear, the caliber of trolls has gone down in the last eight years. The trolls that Chicago sent out for Obama were so much more sophisticated and evil.

BTW, I don’t blame Bernie Sanders for these idiots.

49 Responses

  1. Tell them to quit attempting to steal delegates from Hillary. I do blame Bernie for that. It’s his campaign.

    • Not like it hasn’t been done before. Obama bought a LOT of Hilary’s super delegates in 2008.
      I don’t think we’ll see that happen this time around.

      • That doesn’t make it okay. Whoever does it Bernie or Obama it’s still skanky.

  2. There’s just a level of solipsism Bernie supporters have that make it impossible to reason with them. Hillary has won an overwhelming majority of black voters, latin voters in many cases and from much of what I see she’s leading with the LGBT community also. What is so revolutionary about Bernie winning straight, white, upper middle class, college kids? That’s his base. Those are the ones protesting Hillary, booing her at his rallies and at debates.

    The media has made it so Hillary voters have to preface our support of her and that we are trepidatious in applauding and praising her – there is a sense of “are we allowed to do this?”

    • Yes, you are allowed to do this.
      Don’t hold back or ask permission. Ever.
      The media has to come to terms with its own issues with respect to gender. They could start by making sure they had more women on their op/Ed pages.
      In the meantime, they should praise more women.

  3. There is no way to do a regression analysis to somehow determine how much of the incessant, ceaseless criticism and carping at Hillary Clinton is because she is a woman; because she is a Clinton; because she is Hillary Clinton; or just because the media has grown comfortable with it. Maybe it is because she is the most intelligent candidate in many years, and the media is jealous of that; and we know that the American populace is basically anti-intellectual.

    There are unfortunately plenty of media women who are front and center in derogating Hillary. The insanely obsessive Maureen Dowd is at the forefront. There is Andrea Mitchell, who has bashed the Clintons for 25 years. Gloria Borger, who cannot say a sentence about Hillary without mentioning that, “she has a trust issue…” Then Mika Brezhinski, of course, whom I never watch, but hear of her comments. Then all the various conservative female people on Fox. I suppose that each of them has their own strange and personal reasons for not liking Hillary. And then there is Susan Sarandon, who admitted in 2008 that she just doesn’t like Hillary on some kind of visceral level, and thus spends all her time trying to defeat her. Of course there are plenty of men who scorn and mock and derogate her, but I think it goes beyond any kind of gender bias, it is almost its own genre.

    The fawning over Sanders may just be another form of it. I have no idea why Sanders gets so much praise, as he is just another New York socialist, who was clever enough to go to Vermont and carve out a niche for himself, where he inveighs against everything, including the Democratic Party. I never had any problems with angry leftists, but I have met a lot of them, and Sanders is nothing special in that regard. But of course he is the candidate opposing Hillary, so is the receptacle of all the “he is authentic!” nonsense. Just like Obama. Where I might differ with you is that I think that the way he is running his campaign now is damaging to Hillary, he has made it personal, and mocking, and insinuating. And because she is classy, and because she doesn’t want to alienate his voters (probably almost a lost cause there), she doesn’t respond in kind. And he is deliberately playing into, and accentuating, all the false narratives that the far Right has been using against Hillary for decades. And that to me is classless, destructive, and entirely hypocritical, given his background and funders.

    • Let’s give Bernie credit for standing up to talk about income inequality in Congress when almost no one else would. Did you see his FiliBernie? It was a thing of beauty.
      He’s been a reliable a Democratic vote for almost everything the D’s had to stick together on. He’s been a better Democrat than joe Lieberman or Claire mccaskill.
      I’m not going to trash him. He’s spent the last eight years keeping hope alive.
      He’s not responsible for the assholes who troll. And if he wants to try to turn the super delegates, that’s his prerogative. I think Hillary can hold her own this time. And maybe they’ve learned their lesson from the last time they sold her out. Not likely but it could happen. Much as I like Bernie, Hillary is just a whole lot more ready. Replacing her with Bernie might result in another D in the White House who can’t get things done even when he’s got the numbers on his side.
      I like Bernie in the senate where his message will push her to do the right thing.
      He’s a good guy. I’m not going to diss him.

      • That’s certainly fair enough, and I see your points regarding Sanders for the last eight years in the Senate. Of course, it’s easier to be a political Jacobin when you are in Vermont. I think there is a reason that not one senator has endorsed him; not only is Hillary far more competent as an executive, but Sanders will never compromise, never works with anyone on anything.

        Yes, he can be valuable as a senator. I used to enjoy seeing him on the talk shows criticizing Obama’s compromises; although I noticed even then that he would never concede one iota of one point. What I am upset about now is that he is helping to purvey narratives which are going to be used against Hillary in the general election, and in her administration, if she can win. How many days before there are articles stating, “Sanders was right; Hillary cannot be trusted,” or, “Sanders told us that Hillary was bought and sold by Wall Street.” No one said that about Obama, of course, partly because Hillary never made such accusations. In any event, can you see Sanders at some point gracefully endorsing and supporting Hillary? I would hope so, but I am very doubtful.

        • You’re right. He shouldn’t be repeating right wing talking points. But he is responding to his audience which has a fair number of irrational Clinton haters. That’s where they’re hanging out this year. Normally, they’d be promoting Jill Stein. Bernie has given them sudden legitimacy and opportunity this year.
          Take it from me, William, there’s nothing you can do or say that will convince these voters and hard left knit your own sandals types that she’s an honest, well qualified candidate. It’s like trying to make a creationist accept evolution. Give up. They will reject your arguments just to piss you off. It’s not worth your time.
          We can’t do anything about them.
          But there are quite a lot of Bernie voters who aren’t that much different from us and we are allies. No matter who wins the election. They wouldn’t have to twist my arm to vote for Bernie in the fall and I’m hoping we wouldn’t have to twist arms to have them rejoin us if Hillary is the nominee.
          So, let’s just keep the lines of communication open.

    • Sanders, the Ralph Nader of the New Millennium. How many Bernie-bots would never vote for a woman president no matter who it is?

      I suspect some of what you hear is rationalizing of gender bias by many.

  4. Hillary supporters more enthusiastic than Bernie supporters 54 to 44. Whatever will the media do now…

  5. Does anyone follow Rei’s diary at Kos? Her post on the status of the FBI investigation into Hillary’s email is interesting. She indicates we should have a resolution pretty soon. I discovered Rei when she was reporting on the big volcano eruption in Iceland back in 2014. Some remarkable posts there.

    Can’t remember when I discovered riverdaughter, but this is a blog favorite.

    • I used to write at Kos.
      My prediction is that the email thing will turn out to be another nothing.
      Certainly nothing to get excited about.
      That won’t stop the breathless denunciations.

      • Clintonphobes always believe that the next investigation will prove that Bill and/or Hill did it with the Candlestick in the Billiard Room. 😈

  6. We should remember the possibility that many of the more obnoxious “Sanders supporters” may be GOP rat-fornicators pretending to “feel the Bern” in the hope of sowing discord to benefit Tribblehead or Turd Ooze in the general election.

    • Having weak or wishywashy Obama as President was a reasonable goal for some of Obama’s Republican big money donors — but would they really want President Sanders?

      A damaged Nominee Hillary, or an easy to beat Nominee Sanders would be an understandable goal for them. But with the GOP falling apart this year, a President Sanders might happen, So some of those donors might be in a game of Chicken Approaching a Wall; how long to keep donating to Sanders before chickening out. Or they might prefer a President Sanders to a President Hillary….

      • They might actually prefer a President Bernie come to think of it. They can sit there and call him a communist and investigate his background which IS a problem and nothing would get passed. They’ll investigate Hillary but she has proven time and again she can handle it and it’s not going to stop her. The same thing might paralyze Bernie.

        • I never thought of that, but what G6D said makes sense.

          I suspect that by now the GOP, or at least its savvier members, know they aren’t going to find Jack Shinola on Hillary. They just carry on the farce to please their knuckle-walking base.

  7. Here’s a very good article, especially about the bankruptcy bill. Hillary went back and forth on it because its content kept changing.

    View at Medium.com

  8. I saw this diary at dkos and thought of you! http://www.dailykos.com/stories/2016/4/4/1509488/-Hillary-Bernie-were-on-opposite-sides-in-the-early-to-mid-2000s-on-stem-cell-research

    I just can’t find a single thing to like about bernie anymore. I know too much. After looking in to his writings in the early 70s, his financial schemes etc….. he is just a gigantic hypocrit and scam artist…. now we find he is anti science because there might be profit in it?

    • If there’s a way to make money from a scientific a discovery, you can be sure vulture capitalists will find a way.
      Not going there on Bernie.
      People learn, grow and change all the time. Go ask him about stem cell research now and you’ll get a different answer, I’m sure.
      We have to allow people to be human.
      That doesn’t mean he’d be a better president than Hillary. Because he wouldn’t. In this case, you would have to look back on the accomplishments of both Hillary and Bernie. She’s just the best we have right now, no disrespect to Bernie.

    • Ahhhh, now comes the time for the conversion diaries.

    • Well reasoned?? Are you serious? These very same people spent 2008 accusing Hillary of darkening the skin on a picture of Barack Obama, which to me was a clear indication that dark skin color was shameful to them for some bizarre reason.
      Now, they are grasping at straws to justify why they can clearly see she is the better candidate and Bernie is a well intentioned guy but not her match.
      They really are superficial airheads.
      Well, not all of them but you know.

  9. “Think about how long she has succeeded and persevered and never got a single pat on the back from anyone in the national media.”

    I agree that Hillary is being taken for granted. Her ability to “get knocked down and come back up again” probably comes at a cost. Thanks for pointing this out.

    I believe that if we don’t elect her, she’ll be the best president we never had.

  10. http://www.mahablog.com/

    I’m on the same page with everyone here who is tired of spurious, baseless complaints that have been directed at Hillary for as long as she has been a prominent political figure.

    That said, the above post from mahablog describes a problem that is neither bogus nor trivial.

    • More patched together conspiracy theories are not helping Bernie.

      • They never stop. I swear, these people won’t accept her unless she is annointed by Jesus.

    • OMG, are you serious??? You people are just now starting to get concerned about how super delegates are bought?? Where were you in 2008 when Obama flipped hillary’s pledged super delegates to himself? The delegate count was razor thin difference between them.
      BTW, most super delegates are also running for office. They have to put their votes on the person who has coat tails. I would guess they think that Bernie doesn’t have coat tails like Clinton does.
      As for Debbie Wasserman Shultz, if I recall correctly, she was one of the delegates that was bought off by Obama in 2008. A real Patty Solis Doyle is our Debbie. Please spare me the breathless shock and alarm. The DNC is a private club. They make their own rules. They can promote or demote candidates regardless of the public will. In this case, they are going to back Clinton. That’s politics. And unless she starts barking at the moon and says stupid things like Trump does, there’s probably not a lot that Bernie can do about it. As for Bernie’s supporters, as long as the primaries and caucuses are clean and there’s no funny business in the rules committee and he gets a regular roll call vote, they should accept the result. There’s no cheating this time as far as I can see. The super delegates should follow the popular vote. The fact that they didn’t in 2008 doesn’t mean there’s anything weird going on now.

      • “Where were you in 2008 when Obama flipped hillary’s pledged super delegates to himself?”

        They were sucking pacifiers…

  11. OMG! I just read this off the AP wire:
    “Clinton suffers aneurism. Upon hearing that she has been denied her rightful ownership of the delegates of WI, Hillary Clinton has been rushed to a local hospital suffering from uncontrolled bleeding on the brain and uncontrolled paroxysms of flailing of the extremities .”

  12. Hmmm. . . I see we have been assigned different little picture-icons now.

    • Yes, I spent hours of my time that I will never get back choosing a picture for every commenter.
      {{rolling eyes}}
      It’s automatically generated. I’m thinking about going back to the little monsters. What do you think?

      • Really? You did these selections yourself? That shows some serious commitment to artistic and esthetic values. I would have thought all these new pictures were randomly assigned by picture-generator programmers down at the blog-hosting maitainance and engineering headquarters.

        I kind of like and enjoy these new faces myself, at least for a while. If enough people say “bring back the little monsters”, those wishes could perhaps be taken into account.

        And just now a new thought occurs to me. If the same company which operates the platform upon which The Confluence functions also still operates the platform upon which the Ccrawdad Hhole functions, then if I log in there I should get the very same little face that I get here. Off I go . . . to do the experiment.

        • Experimental testing comment at the Ccrawdad Hhole reveals that the traditional little monsters are still the icon-of-platform-hosting choice there. ( I have re-spelled “Ccrawdad Hhole” strictly to avoid automatic pre-programmed moderation as perhaps triggered by certain computer-program-recognized words and names).

      • I miss my paramecium sucking on a fattie.

  13. And also . . . I hope you will have time to do some gardening this year. And if so, that you will offer occasional reports on how it goes.

  14. After Bernie said Hillary is unqualified I would never vote for this man. I will stay home or vote 3rd party. He and his campaign is disgusting & desperate

    • I agree with you. This scorched earth policy is disgusting. I watched a Hillary rally last night on CSPAN at Carnegie Mellon. She was upbeat and optimistic about the future, and the things we needed to work on. She never mentioned Sanders by name. Her only allusion was gently saying that if you are a progressive, you have to actually make progress; and then that the climate accord reached by 195 nations that she worked on was not perfect enough for her opponent so he voted against it, but that one should not let the perfect be the enemy of the good, and it was a positive step, at least. That’s it.

      Meanwhile, Sanders devotes most of his speeches to denigrating Clinton, mocking her, goading her, and now calling her unqualified. Apparently there was a typical media tactic of misrepresenting what Hillary says, and so a comment she made about Sanders being unprepared with regard to his awful NYDN interview, turned into the headline, “Clinton says Sanders is unqualified,” which she never said. So Sanders, in typical fashion, doesn’t look into it, just reacts to the headline. Probably something he had wanted to say anyway. The effects of this can be very damaging, short term and long term. Sanders could not govern, he probably could not win, but boy, he could sure hurt Hillary. Because that comment of his is going to be running on every Republican ad, and probably will get asked of her at the debates. Sanders’ petulance, and his invariable reflexive lashing out every time he has done a poor job, or somethng has been unearthed about him, is unpresidential, childish, and ultimately completely disqualifiying.

  15. Where the DNC shouldn’t they be doing something about this. The man is mentally falling apart. Those who are looking forward for the dismantling of the democratic party have a big grin now.

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