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PUMAs vs. NeverHillary: Why it was better to be a PUMA

Another short one.

Our commenters are doing a great job posting links to good articles and videos. This one is about Susan Sarandon , who helped Al Gore lose the presidency in 2000. Thanks, Susan!

She’s of the opinion that if we let Trump win, things will get so bad that revolution will happen and force political change. Booyah!

Wait, that sounds so familiar. Where have I heard that before? It will come to me…

The PUMAs, at least the ones who hung out here, should not be confused with the silly people that Susan Sarandon is speaking for. OUR focus was on the way the primary was conducted and the fairness of the outcome. We saw that the Democratic National Committee was deliberately circumventing the will of the voters and setting up Obama to win the convention without having to acknowledge Hillary or her voters.

Does anyone remember this by Harold Ickes during the rules committee meeting in May 2008?:

Yeah, that’s what made us so angry. The delegate count at the convention was much much closer than the egregious media coverage would have you believe. Hillary didn’t even get a legitimate roll call vote.

You can bet that when we go to Philadelphia this summer, Bernie will get a roll call vote even if he doesn’t have enough delegates to win the nomination. And you know what? This Clintonista would be fine with that. In fact, if Bernie wins the necessary required delegates, I’ll vote for him. I have no issues with Bernie. He’s not trying to pull a fast one, running a scorched earth campaign, telling working class voters that they’re part of the “old coalition” or using sexism or disrespectful gestures to humiliate his female opponent.

What PUMAs wanted more than anything else was a clean vote. They wanted their votes to count. They wanted a floor fight if that’s what it took. A vibrant debate at the convention was preferable to being completely cut out and exiled. And we represented the big, most Democratic states that Hillary won in 2008 like California, New Jersey, New York, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Texas, Massachusetts, etc, etc. In fact, you might say that the Trump movement is a legacy of 2008 when many PUMAs abandoned the Democratic party for the Tea Party in disgust. We tried to keep them but they would go. I think the Tea Party is stupid but I can see where they were coming from. Pretty soon you get tired of party insiders telling you how to vote while simultaneously explicitly telling you that the guy they selected is going to ignore your concerns completely for the next 4-8 years.

So, Susan is an ass. Just saying. As far as I can tell, there’s nothing weird going on with the primaries this year. If the voters eventually turn out for Hillary and the vote is clean, they should vote for her, just like I would have voted for Obama if the vote for him wasn’t rigged and he hadn’t gone along with the rigging. They would have no legitimate reason to go NeverHillary.

Ah, now I remember where I had heard about people who wanted to make things bad so that the change would be forced on the world:


Who says the left doesn’t have fundamentalists?