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Easter and Climbing the Water Tower Again

f4ce18d14c5f7ec0e66468729b7bccdaHappy Easter to those of you who celebrate it. I gave up Easter for Lent. Just kidding. I like chocolate rabbits and marshmallow peeps as much as the next person.

Easter is the only holiday that Jehovah’s Witnesses celebrate, but they don’t call it Easter, because that’s a pagan word for a pagan holiday. (They say that like it’s a *bad* thing.) JW’s call it the Memorial. It’s not even held on Easter from what I can recall, because that would make it too much like Easter.

Basically, everyone passes around bread and wine but no one partakes except the 144,000. That means almost no one partakes. So, from a kid’s point of view, the whole holiday consists of yet another tedious talk followed by fruitless exercise in passing stuff around that no one eats. Don’t ask. It’s complicated. Basically, it comes down to JWs internally saying to themselves “I’m not worthy! I’m not worthy!”, which I find pointless. Most JWs I know are plenty worthy but they don’t know it because they’ve been taught to undervalue themselves. Annnnnyway, there are no Easter baskets, Easter egg hunts or anything fun or memorable for children so, in that respect, it’s just like every other holiday/non-holiday for  JW kids except for the passing of bread and wine around for no discernable reason. You know, boring and miserable.

I’m just going to stick to the neolithic traditions and celebrate spring. Maybe burn a sacrificial goat or something, I dunno. So hard to burn goats in your back yards these days. The neighbors complain.

But seriously, go collect and bedeck your house with fresh flowers and forsythia and have a nice day.

Which god or goddesses are you celebrating today?


Moving on to things I am not celebrating, I saw this tweet from Paul Krugman in my twitter stream yesterday:

Jann Wenner , is right. OK to support Sanders, not OK to channel right-wing smears



Look, Bernie lovers, I love Bernie too. No, seriously, I do. I’m glad he ran this year and his message is resonating with a lot of people.

But sometimes, I wonder if the people he is resonating with the most are the ones who will never ever vote for a woman regardless of party. Or they spend way too much time believing stuff about Clinton that they knew wasn’t true back in 2008. There were 8 long years between primary seasons, long enough for people who have some bone to pick with the Clintons to plant seeds that are now coming to fruition. And sometimes, all they have to do is borrow the mind tricks and oppositional research from the other party.

The number one mind trick is sowing distrust. That works on any candidate. This one should be easy to refute with Clinton though. Here’s how it goes:

1.) Add up all the vast amounts of money spent on investigating Hillary since 1993. Include all of the special prosecutors, the billing records “scandal”, Whitewater, congressional testimonies, Libya and email servers. How much money has been spent on trying to pin something, ANYTHING on this woman? How many millions of taxpayer dollars?

2.) What did they eventually nail her on? Spoiler alert: nothing.

3.) Ask yourself how many other candidates who have run between 1992 and 2016 have had to go through that? For example, how many congressional hearings has Barack Obama had to go through? We know that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney were invited to testify before the 9/11 commission, which if there was ever a reason to force presidents to testify before a special commission, that would be it, and they refused. Ask yourself if Hillary Clinton could have refused such a request under similar circumstances.

4.) Then repeat after me: “When your enemies can’t control you, they control what others think about you”. 

If you want to vote for the best candidate we’ve had for decades, you will need to learn to live with this constant chatter in the background about her culpability for *something* for the duration of her presidency. That’s just a given. It doesn’t matter that she’s as clean as a whistle.

If you can’t deal with the chatter, then you will necessarily have to settle for a candidate who is less well qualified to be president.

All of the rest of the objections to her are based on her record or distortions of her record. Frankly, I find the left to want a degree of purity in their candidates so as to make them ineffective as presidents. Presidents who are that far above it all so don’t want to get their hands dirty that they don’t do the work necessary to get things done, like meeting with congressional leaders and making very hard choices that might piss off their constituents later. Every politician, even down to the lowly elected school board member is eventually faced with a decision that is going to make a voter unhappy down the road. I’ve been there. I’m just glad my decisions were as small as promoting the construction of an expensive high school instead of whether or not to give a president my consent to go to war if he felt it was necessary whether or not *I* felt it was necessary.

And as an Iraq War opponent,  I too was disappointed with Clinton’s vote. I was also disappointed with John Kerry’s vote and John Edwards’ vote. So, you know, if you campaigned for those two guys and voted for them without too much trouble, you shouldn’t have a problem with doing the same for Hillary. That’s being rational. If you’re still struggling with Hillary over it but not the two Johns, and you know who you are, then maybe you’re not being rational.

Many of us have been political junkies for most of our lives and the things the left accuses Hillary of seem, well, hyperbolic doesn’t seem hyperbolic enough. You’d think that the Clintons single handedly plunged African Americans into poverty and caused the great recession of 2008. As you get older, you start to realize that it’s rarely that simple. It’s more like a thousand tiny pebbles dislodged until there is an avalanche. Sometimes, these pebbles were dislodged with the best of intentions but were based on modeling that didn’t account for other factors, like the other party deciding to pick that moment in history to mutate.

The Clintons were the first couple in the White House that had to deal with the movement conservatives and their “take no prisoners burn the government to the ground” tactics. It’s no surprise that they were taken off guard and had to make some very uncomfortable compromises. But I see evidence that Hillary has learned from her experiences. Others should have learned from what happened to the Clintons but have either capitulated completely or have been buried by their opposition. What is their excuse?

Bottom line, there is no politician in the country who is as close to perfection as Jesus and look what the Romans did to him. It took 400 years to rehabilitate Jesus’s reputation in the Roman Empire. By that time, he had been deified and the emphasis of his story was on resurrection. Jesus historians find that he was only a charismatic champion equality and the poor, who lead an unauthorized march into Jerusalem to hold a (mostly) peaceful rally at the Temple. In other words, Jesus lead Occupy Temple Mount. For that, he was turned over by his own people, the Sanhedrin, to the Romans. They knew exactly what was going to happen to him.

Forty years later, the Romans sieged and sacked the city, destroyed the temple and forced everyone into exile. That went well. Didn’t see that coming.Who could have predicted?

So, you know, don’t cooperate with your enemy is the lesson for today.


18 Responses

  1. Notice the same activists who backed Obama in 2008, now back Sanders.

    Thom Hartmann, Mike Papentonio, Cenk Uygar, Kasparian, Olbermann (the left wing Trump),
    Randi Rhodes, The Nation (and staff).

    The arguements they are making for Bernie are the same they made for Obama eight years

    It is clear that the left activists want to hear what they want.
    It is clear they do not want Hillary Clinton.

    That is quite low, considering she united the party behind the activists choice
    in 2008. Basically, the pro-left are stabbing Hillary in the back.

    Of course, they will not succeed in taking Hillary out. She has the Obama coalliton
    and more. She is further ahead than Obama ever was.

    One last note, I turned of MSNBC after 2008. What we are seeing now is the same
    BS from 2008. I do not want a left wing Fox “News”.
    MSNBC is doing it again. They are promoting Bernie while
    vilifying Hillary.

    Thom Hartmann complains that corporate media ruined left wing talk. I disagree.
    The left wing ruined left wing talk. The left is more diverse than the right.

    All of the aboved mentioned have adapted the VRWC talking points to attack Clinton.

    So I ask, what is the difference between sexist Ed Schultz and sexist Rush Limbaugh?
    What is the difference between the big mouth of Cenk Uygar and the big mouth of
    Sean Hannity?

    Randi Rhodes and Laura Ingraham?

    They are different sides of the same coins.

    As for Bernie, without the undemocratic caucus’s (which require you to spend hours on end at
    a restricted location/can be monopolized by one side), he would be a non-entity.

    • Yes, they got what they wanted in 2008 but he turned out to be serving a different set of masters and betrayed them.
      Which is totally stupid because almost from the very start, Obama kinda took them for granted.
      Now they’be latched on to Bernie. So, in one sense, they’ve learned to identify some of the people who actually represent their interests. In the meantime, because they are deliberately spurning Hillary, they may end up forcing her to appeal to voters who are less like them.
      The purity shtick is very fatiguing and boring. I’m sick of it from the religious “moral” people and I’m disgusted with the religious “lefty”. Neither side is using their heads. It’s all emotional. A pox on both their houses.
      And I like Bernie. But if he starts pushing the purity police down our throats, it’s going to backfire. The democrats I’ve talked to have had enough of that crap and they’re fed up with losing first to Republicans and then to an unpleasable segment of their own side.
      I think the Bernie bros would be easier to put up with had Obama actually been the liberal messiah they all hoped for and had a tantrum about in 2008. The fact that he wasn’t just makes us impatient for them to sit down and STFU.

      • Completely yes to your last sentence. Hey, bros you had your chance now it’s time to move over or move on. You don’t like what you picked or are disappointed in your pick? You don’t get a do over.

      • Bernie has said he will not commit to fundraising for the party if he is the nominee.

        The “Bros” had their chance. Too bad. The doers now get their chance. There will be no mulligan for the left bros and they will understand this. Hillary helped their choice in 2008, now the bros must repay their debt.

  2. Sanders is not a democrat. he said that himself he said he is only running as a dem for their money and resources. that doesn’t bother the purist leftists one bit. This opportunistic behavior is forgiven as long as it’s not coming from Hillary. Since 2008 I came to the sad realization that they are as whorish as the rest of the media. Also most of them seem shallow and juvenile for my taste. My worst fear is the democratic party rather than the GOP end up imploding. And that wouldn’t bother Sanders etal one bit

    • I’ll repeat what I’ve said before, Bernie has been a better Democrat than some of the democrats in the last 16 years.
      Let’s not go there, ok? He’s a Democrat, he’s running as one, and I wish we had more Democrats like him.
      That’s not the argument we should be making here.
      We should be making the argument that there is no better qualified candidate on either side than Hillary Clinton who is ready to lead on day one of her administration.
      She’s not going to make any rookie mistakes. She’s not going to blow up the Middle East to prove her dick is bigger. She’s not going to give in to the rich and well connected because she’s got enough experience and institutional knowledge so that she doesn’t have to rely on compromised “advisors”.
      Bernie has some great ideas. I hope they can work together in the future. And I hope his supporters work hard for other down ticket Democrats in the fall because we need them in Congress and the various states.

  3. He said that himself on tv not me. I was quoting him.

    • I’m standing with my previous statements.
      We have a two party system right now. If Bernie wants to run, he has to pick a party for support. He’s always caucused with the Democrats and represents Democrats better than say, joe Lieberman. So, you know, I don’t have a problem with that.
      That is not a good reason to reject him as a candidate and in fact, it is a selling point for his supporters: He’s not technically a Democrat and yet he is a better Democrat than many Democrats. You’re never going to capture a Bernie supporter’s heart with that argument.
      Please, don’t even try.
      You need to try something else.

  4. The print and broadcast news media has been lying about, smearing, and distorting Hillary Clinton for 25 years. Now they crow about her negative numbers. Can you say “Al Gore”.
    Some stuff up at Cannonfire about it but as usual take it with a grain of salt or two. It’s hard to tell when he’s serous or doing Andy Kaufman.

    • Let us be grateful that the Founders had no way to foresee the modern media, or else they might have rejected the First Amendment.

  5. I’m most bugged by the Left depicting Hillary as a war-mad hawk. On Iraq, as you noted, they had little problem forgiving males who voted as Hillary did. And on Libya and Syria, a. Hillary was responding to humanitarian nightmares caused by ruthless dictators, with, no doubt, the memory of both Yugoslavia and Rwanda in mind.and b. the disasters that resulted cannot be fairly blamed on Hillary, because her advice (go in early and strongly) was NOT taken

    Libya and Syria demonstrate that Obama’s belated and half-hearted interventions failed, they don’t say anything about Hillary’s wisdom. Now, maybe she was wrong too-but she wasn’t obviously wrong, and she may even have been right. In either case, trying to pretend she’d be no different than W. in her foreign policy (which many in the Bernie camp do) is absurd.

    • Have you ever heard of the scapegoat mechanism? I didn’t know this until a few weeks ago but it’s a real thing. It’s not just a feeling you have.

      I think Hillary has been designated to play this role and can’t get out of it. Our country hasn’t evolved enough. Not to say that she won’t eventually be elected or that she won’t be a good president. In fact, I suspect she will exceed our expectations. But I think this crap is going to be with her forever.

      • It’s the blame the women syndrome. It goes back to the garden of Eden where Eve gave Adam that apple. It’s ingrained in a lot of people’s minds that women are the blame for men’s behavior. We’ve got a lot of work to do in this country still when it comes to sexism.

  6. Honest and Unmerciful: An Open Letter to Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone Magazine (from a Millennial)

    PLEASE READ THIS AND PASS ON. The “media” wants everyone to read Taibbi’s slant.


  7. Sanders has authored a total of three bills during his tenure in both the House and Senate, two of which renamed Post Offices. I like to talk about Revolution….

  8. “Granted, there’s a lot of brutal rhetoric directed against Hillary Clinton from Sen. Sanders’s more impassioned supporters, many of whom appear ignorant of the fact that they are recirculating propaganda fomented by the right-wing industry dedicated to slandering both Clintons for going on 25 years.”

    –Gene Lyons.

    Here’s the whole column.

  9. Thanx for the link, CB, but you forgot to include this useful portrait of Mr. Taibbi. 😈

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