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Gunfight at the Cleveland Corral

ok-corralIt just keeps getting better on the right side of the aisle. Digby posted about a request from 2nd Amendment group that wants attendees to the Republican convention to be able to carry guns.

You would think that the Quicken Loans Arena’s refusal to allow guns on the premises would be in compliance with the concept of presidential candidates requiring Secret Service protection. Think Robert Kennedy. But that’s not the way these people see it. They see it as a violation of their constitutional rights.

You know what? I think they should be able to do it. Yeah, why not? At least for one night before the roll call vote when all of the candidates are out of the room, let’s just let everyone bring their guns and settle it. We’ll lock them all in and let the debate begin. Whoever has the most delegates standing at dawn the next day wins the nomination.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, The Donald and sad face Cruz are about to go mano a mano over their wives. Someone posted one of many of Melania Trump’s scantily clad modeling poses and Trump insulted Cruz’s wife Heidi, who is no model.

And this is supposed to make us believe that Trump is the worst misogynist in the world. Really? Worse than Cruz who purports to love strong women? Ted Cruz’s evangelical base has no respect for strong women. Women were born to be helpers to men and to defer to them in all things in Cruz world. So, you know, save your breath, Ted. We’ve seen what nearly forty years of Republican “family values” have done for women.

If Ted gets the nomination, he and his fanbase will be all over Hillary the Strong, tearing her down any way they can. Butcha know, the voting booth is a private place, and provided women can actually circumvent the regressive voting restrictions designed to keep them out, they can even the playing field this November. Think about that, Ted. We’re the majority of the population. That’s potentially a much bigger cohort of disaffected voters for 2016 than in 2008. Even Heidi might come over to the dark side. Ted will never know. Bwahahahahahahhhhhhh!

As for The Donald, his stupid comb over and self-tanner accidents, we can only come to one conclusion when we see beautiful, smart Melania Trump by his side:

The sexiest thing in Donald Trump’s pants is his wallet.

I keep thinking the Republicans can’t continue to parody themselves without truly endangering their party’s viability but I seem to underestimate their constituents’ tolerance of more and more crazy.

Are we watching the death of the Republican party or will they manage to pull themselves out of this at the last moment? Have them finally mutated one too many times?

And if it does fall apart, what will rise to take its place? Who will the Koch’s throw all their money to? My best guess is that they’ll continue to support down ticket Republicans. But does The Donald have the power to take them all down?

Oh, Please! PLEASE!, carry guns to your convention.


12 Responses

  1. Wow! Am I in the right place or what? I live in Pittsburgh within easy driving distance of both Philadelphia AND Cleveland. Maybe I should ask for donations for the Kevlar I’m going to need when I go visit Ohio this summer.

  2. For the first time in my life, I’m planning to watch the GOP convention from gavel to gavel.

  3. Here’s some food for thought for all you sniveling, DLC, triangulating-ass blue-tie-wearing gop-lites (democrats)


  4. Watching the mob at dkos, it occurs to me that the dem party will collapse first and the repubs will slide down after them: neither party can exist without the symbiotic other. Such is the fate of set-in-cement two party systems: live by the two party system, die by the two party system.

  5. “Clinton 2016. Because America needs a grown-up in the White House.” :mrgreen:

  6. The Republican Party will never collapse in its essence. it has too much money behind it. Now, it is possiible that some enterprising billionaire will have the idea of forming a “new party,” with a shiny new name and slogans. But it will consist of the same group of people. There are tens of millions of them, and unfortunately they will not go away any time soon, no matter what the name of their preferred party is.

    The pervasive myth is that the Republicans used to be this reasonable party of moderates. Maybe in the ’40’s, but after that, you had Nixon, Goldwater, Reagan, both Bushes, Dole, McCain; and all the other candidates who competed, like Buchanan, Ronertson, Huckabee, Santorum, Paul, and then up to this year’s group. The only “postiive” thing one can say about some of that list is that they didn’t all hate minorities. Other than that, they are social darwinist; anti-civil rights and women’s rights; bellicose as regards foriegn policty, anti-intellectual, anti-science; and would rather see everyone burn up via global warming, rather than take one cent of profit away from the oil and coal barons. Trump is simply a more buffoonish version of their usually slicker public presenters.

  7. I’m with you. They should all take their guns into the convention and use their guns to decide who the nominee is. I mean the NRA thinks that guns should be everywhere. So why single out the GOP convention?

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