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Butt Clenching Truths

diversity-training-550x365Hmm, it’s hard to find the first paragraph this morning.

There are two curious instances of rare truth in the media in the last 24 hours. These will give you an uncomfortable feeling in your sphincter because instances where journalists observe and accurately analyze happen so infrequently that the events that are being reported must be significant.

The first recommendation is from Slate’s Political Gabfest. This episode is called the “Rough Them Up”. The panelists are John Dickerson, Ruth Marcus, Dahlia Lithwick and David Plotz. I’m beginning to really like John Dickerson. He seems to do his homework and he’s got a slightly irritable and impatient edge. This guy is barely masking his contempt for Third Wayer David Plotz. It’s fun to listen to.

In this edition, John Dickerson precisely lays out Trump’s path and math to the nomination. The panelists also discuss what I brought up a couple of days ago: The parties are private. They make the rules and they can break the rules to suit them. What is going to be important is the media narrative when the rules favor one candidate over another. We saw this happen in 2008 when the media immediately jumped on the “Why is Hillary harshing Obama’s mellow?” at the convention in Denver. Yeah, what made her think she was entitled to a legitimate roll call vote where delegates who were pledged to her on the first ballot thought they were allowed to, you know, vote for her? It seems like the Slate panelists either want to forget that 2008 happened or they aren’t aware of how close the delegate count really was in 2008.

But they are right about the parties’ prerogatives to change the rules at will, voters be damned. If you got burned in 2008 for supporting Hillary, go listen and you will start to sympathize with the Trump voter. I mean, it will pass because you are not a crazy person. But you will understand the frustration of millions of people who have finally had enough of establishment political groups forcing their preferred candidates on the rest of us after pretending that the primaries actually count or something.

They also talk about Trump rallies, the deeply unsettling and scary takeaway messages from Trump and his supporters, and the rhetoric of pathology that has permeated Trump’s campaign. This is a serious problem and we should take the candidate and his supporters at their words. They are not kidding. Then they discuss the safe, boring choice of Merrick Garland for the Supreme Court. Dahlia Lithwick nails what it means and what Garland’s nomination says about Barack Obama. In short, Obama is about as boring, pedestrian and middle of the road as a guy can get. It is not in his nature to shake up anything.

Thank you, Dahlia. I’ve been waiting 8 long years for someone to finally say it.

The second piece is about what Obama told donors the other day about how it’s time for Bernie to drop out and everyone to get behind Hillary. The title of the piece is Obama quietly signals time to unite behind Clinton.

Let’s just examine the title here for a moment. First, what he’s doing is sneaky. He does this “quietly”, “privately”. Secondly, it’s with his donors. He’s got them, they’re his. There is a reciprocal agreement. Thirdly, he doesn’t care that the primaries are still in full swing. He’s more interested in shaping the outcome without all those pesky voters.

This is and has been his method for years.

If this report is accurate, it just confirms that Obama is the frenemy Hillary can do without. This is the upper middle class corporate ladder climbing president who could be living in some swank northern Jersey suburb, playing golf with other men of the same socio-economic group, telling them that, sure, Hillary doesn’t *seem* authentic and she’s not exciting, but she’s really talented, we should all get behind her now and it’s time to show Bernie, and all the people that Bernie attracts, the door. It’s like getting a glimpse of what that midlevel manager colleague of yours is really saying about you to the bosses behind closed doors.

See reference to what Dahlia Lithwick said about Obama’s personality above.

I’ll say it again after eight years of saying it: I’ve never been impressed or wowed! by Obama. He’s had a pretty good PR team but I found his campaign speeches to be endless run-on collections of prepositional phrases without a point. Maybe some people are impressed by that. It did nothing for me. His record was, what, spotty? Non-existent? He came out of almost nowhere. His favorite politicians were, um, Republicans. He wrote some self-indulgent biographies. Annnnnd that’s about it.  Lawyers, even ones from Harvard, are a dime a dozen these days. Yahhhhwwwn. It’s difficult to find a more establishment politician than Barack Obama.

I am not surprised that there are a lot of Bernie Sanders supporters who feel burned by his two terms in office. They really believed the hype about hope and change, even though the guy they picked doesn’t have a single cell of change in his body. This is the guy who is talking about Hillary’s authenticity. I hope the former Obama supporters who are feeling the Bern this year have learned something but they probably haven’t. I keep thinking I can’t get more disgusted by Obama but he always manages to do it one more time.

In any case, this politically tone deaf president (whoops! totally forgot the latest episode of Serial, season 2, called Thorny Politics, where Obama screwed up the return of Bowe Bergdahl. Yeah, go listen to that.), has succeeded in pissing off just about everyone by going to this single donor event. Nevermind that these vulture capitalists have to be stroked so they see the value in supporting the best presidential candidate the country has had for 26 years. No, he’s got to be an arrogant douchebag and insult her and Bernie Sanders’ voters at the same time.

So, Sanders people out there, I really do feel your pain. I might be a Clintonista but I am not going to invalidate your vision or tell you to give up having your vote counted. That’s the Obama way, he and his buddies have been doing it for 8 years now, or maybe even longer, if the stuff I’ve read about his Chicago years are accurate. He’s all about eliminating opponents by forcing them to drop out and depriving their voters of an opportunity to vote. The quicker we can get Hillary to stop having to fluff Obama and his friends for money, the better off we are all going to be. In a way, it’s all going to come down to you.

Your choice. And you DO have a choice.



17 Responses

  1. Obama should have never said Bernie needs to get out. The voters are eliminating Bernie as it should be. However, Bernie is not also helping himself with his talk of poaching delegates from Hillary.

  2. But I have to add that the media fluffing of Bernie is so identical to Obama ’08 it’s beyond annoying.

  3. Or may be he is helping Bernie by signalling to people she is the establishment guy. Now that people started to figure out she is not since all arms of the establishment left,right and the media are attacking her he has to take them back there. Well obviously last Tuesday took them by surprise.

  4. Bravo! Good points all. I am so looking forward to eight years of … almost, nearly, close to… nothing ending (but inching forward is better by far than stepping back by the parsec courtesy of GOPers) and looking forward to moving into a better future with SOS Clinton.

  5. Obama has said he and his family are going to stay living in DC.

  6. All these years and no matter what happens, finding a way to diminish Obama is first priority in every column. I tuned out around the time you were hunting he would be a one term president because he didn’t know what he was doing and it’s like this place is stuck in time.

    Obama doesn’t need Hillary. Hillary needs Obama. And ego and pride, even now, prevent you from seeing that he’s done a good job and that he will go down as an incredible president.

    Party Unity My Ass? Lol.

    Where are they again?

    • 🙂 they’re still here. You just can’t see them. Met a bunch of them yesterday. They don’t call themselves PUMAs anymore but they do not forget easily. They’re flying under the radar. And they are still majorly POd
      By the way, my only problem with Obama is that just like many corporate ladder climbers, he was ruthless in politicking for himself but completely ou of his depth when he got what he wanted. His backers knew exactly what they were paying for.
      I know very few Democrats who are not disappointed with him. But a lot of them are afraid to say it because they don’t want some idiot calling them a racist.
      The people I feel badly for are the working poor who he expressly ignored and the African American community who supported him unquestioningly and got nothing for it. They’re anxious now, and aren’t sure who to trust.
      We tried to tell Democrats in 2008 but no one listened. His legacy will live on for decades to come and it will be hard to reverse it.
      You know it.
      I know it.
      Let’s just put it aside because it’s almost over and we have work to do.

  7. Unemployment is below 5%, he put two liberal women on the Supreme Court, including one of color, he made a deal with Iran, he embraced the triumph of gay marriage (that came by the hand of his Justices), he put Hillary in his most trusted position after a nasty campaign, he was scandal free except for stuff the right made up and he’s done it with class.

    And his approval rating among democrats is at 87% (!!!!!!) and he just crossed 50% approval overall.


    Reality: Only a small minority of democrats don’t like Obama. I understand that you are in that group. If you know no Dems who like Obama, you run in very limited democratic crowds.

    To be honest I came here excited about the chance to actually celebrate and talk about how great Hillary will be for the country. This was the time to officially move on and leave the bad feelings behind. Heck, we have Donald Trump and Ted Cruz to unite against.

    But the first thing I read of you in a few years makes a point to diminish a guy that many Americans (myself included) remain proud of.

    Oh well. I take the high road. I think Obama will go down as one of our greatest presidents, and I am also really excited to pull the lever for Hillary Clinton. If a heated election 8 years ago is preventing you from appreciating Obama all of these years later, that speaks to the fairness justifications and of the PUMA movement in the first place.

    I get that you and others are still mad. But if seeing Hillary elected to the White House with Obama’s full support isn’t enough to quell some of that anger (he can’t push openly because of the email stuff . . . Yet) then there was never reasoning with you in the first place.

    Pumas and conservatives seem ironically united by one concept:

    A hatred of Preisent Obama that stopped making sense years ago.

    • Honey, I live in a county that bleeds Democrat. Please do not invalidate my experience. I know of 2 people, *two*, who love Obama. No one else I have met does. But they probably aren’t going to tell YOU. They’re going to keep it inside. No one likes to be called a racist when all they ever wanted was someone who actually gave two s#%^s about them and thei government.
      I don’t hate Obama. I hate the process that brought him to power. I hate the activist were got all starry eyed for him. I hate that the boomers used a corporate schmoozer for a teachable moment on race. We all would have been better off with Hillary. If I were African American I’d be worried about Trump winning.
      I am not surrounded by trump people. I live, breathe and work with real democrats. And some of them can barely find the energy to like obamacare, which is quickly ended when I relate my own experience with it. We are all on pins and needles about our jobs. No one can retire comfortably. Some people, like those of us who were born at the end of the baby boom are doubly screwed. We’re way too young to retire and too old to make up for our ruined careers after years of un and underemployment. We now have to save literally every spare penny for our retirements and health care in case we get laid off again. That’s going to be an unacceptable drain on the economy.
      He is a bad president not because he’s black. He’s a bad president because he’s temperamentally unsuited to be a president and he was the wrong guy in office during the worst years since the Great Depression.
      You are in denial. 2008 damaged the party. The so called “old coalition” left us for the Tea Party and Trump. It’s going to be very hard to get them back.
      But don’t tell me people aren’t still barely containing their anger over what happened to the party and in particular, the fate of women, since 2008. I am very concerned with what is happening to African Americans. I understand their anxiety because as a woman, I saw the bullshit that happened to us after 2008. How come that doesn’t bother you, ABG?? Even black women are women.
      Anyway, don’t bore me with the stories you tell yourself. I’m dealing with the fallout.
      BTW, that unemployment rate came at a gigantic cost. The jobs are part time or contracting and they are poorly paid without benefits. Which means that the employees are dumped into obamacare, which they quickly come to hate. So there’s that.
      Believe it or not, not everyone is as in love with being self-employed as business is. Are you seeing how this is going? If you haven’t been involved in the great dismantling of labor, you should probably start listening instead spewing propaganda statistics.

      • “I don’t hate Obama. I hate the process that brought him to power.”

        Hammer. Nail. BANG! 😦

    • A B G, if you and Riverdaughter don’t mind my asking…. I assume you supported Obama in 08. Most of the people I know who supported Obama in 08 are supporting Sanders now. Why are you different?

      Perhaps your age…?

  8. RD, the Bernistas are the same jackals who backed Obama in 2008.
    The far left/professional left has a blind hatred of the Clintons that is equal to the hate from the far right.

    I am more than disgusted by the crap from the Berniebros.
    They wanted Biden in place of Clinton, even though he was the author of IWR. It is the same as it was eight years back.

    Rhodes/Hartmann/Schultz/Olbermann/Sarandon/Uygar/The Nation/etc have ganged up on her again.

    I like the Clinton’s and think Bill did well considering the GOP congress and the nation was not ready to be more liberal at the time.

    I will not allow these jackals (who also turn a blind eye to Islamic Jihad/have blind hatred for Israel) to steal the nomination from her again. As I have stated, I do not care for Bernie nor his negative message. Remember he was sympathetic to that bastard who
    was willing put nuclear missles on our doorstep in the early 60’s.

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