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Creamsicle threatens riots

That’s right. The Donald says there will be riots in Cleveland if he falls short of the delegate count during the convention.

Which is silly.

Has he actually been to a party convention recently??  I went to Denver during the 2008 convention and the place looked like it was preparing for a siege from a foreign army. Streets were blocked off, protestors were relegated to some circular park… thing. They couldn’t get anywhere near the convention center. If they even dipped a toe off the curb, they were violently wrestled to the ground by a bunch of cops dressed like they were out of some juvenile dystopian novel. Then they were sent off to some holding facility miiiiles away from Denver where they could free speak all they wanted to other protestors in some dingy cage.

Why would Trump supporters riot anyway? I thought they had respect for the law and were deferential to police authority. Do they think they get a hall pass because they aren’t dirty f{#%ing hippies??

i guess we’ll find out.

But seriously, Donald, inciting violence in a beer hall putsch type scenario might be going too far. Even for you.


4 Responses

  1. Ok, there’s more.
    A political party is not a public entity. I know we tend to think it is because taxpayers fund primaries and caucuses. But they have their own rules and they can change them at will. They’re not governed by a constitution. I guess you could get them on fraud for taking tax payer money, holding the primaries and then reneging on abiding by the results. Voters certainly have a right to expect their votes to be meaningful.
    But the Democrats monkeyed with their own primaries in 2008 and changed the rules and didn’t give the female candidate the courtesy of a complete roll call vote.
    I thought it was shocking. But there wasn’t a damn thing anyone could do about it.
    So, Donald may have to play by the GOP rules whether his supporters like it or not.
    They may not. Maybe states have to get tougher on the parties to ensure no one is unfairly disenfranchised. If the Donald had proposed THAT as a solution, I’d be onboard.
    But with the threat of a riot,someone is going to get hurt

  2. Well, the Cleveland PD is investing in riot gear and military style equipment I understand. So I’m with you. They might attempt something but nothing is going to really happen. However Ohio is a concealed carry state and with all the NRA gun nuts the GOP has there unfortunately might be some shooting.

  3. the LO2E advocates’ favorite justification is “but consider the Supreme Court!”

    0bama is crapping on that notion with his pick of center-right Judge Merrick Garland.

    If H Clinton had a clue, she would “denounce & reject” or at least claim “deeply disappointed” with the Garland pick, & contrasts that she would pick a clear Progressive who is “litmus tested” & clearly anti-Citizens United, pro-Roe v Wade, someone like R Bader Ginsburg or H Clinton’s former fellow candidate Lawrence Lessig.

    Otherwise, this may be a typical conversation in November:

    Sanders primary voter (SV) “I am considering Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party, as her policies are similar to Sanders, & actually slightly better”.

    H Clinton voter “you must vote for Hillary, for the Supreme Court! Even Prof. Noam Chomsky advocates LO2E voting!”

    SV “H Clinton sux on the Supreme Court, she is likely to nominate center-right judges like 0bama did with Garland. I am reminded of that line from that Talib Kweli song ‘You try to vote participate in the Government, but these MF Democrats are acting like Republicans’. Jill Stein 2016, #ImWithHer !”

    I doubt H Clinton will publicly disapprove of the Garland nomination. If NakedCapitalism authors are correct, evidence shows H Clinton would rather attract anti-Trump Mint RawMoney-voter type Rs, than attract Sanders voters.

    • Naked Capitalism has a strong anti Clinton bias.
      I don’t think Hillary is the kind of candidate who leave any votes on the table.
      As for garland, He seems like a nice guy, good jurist. Everybody loves him. But I don’t think he would have been *her* first choice.
      Obama may leave his boring, plodding, suburban stamp on America for decades to come if garland is confirmed.

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