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Stupendous Tuesday: BYOB Slumber Party

untitled-141I was planning a cocktail party for tonight but daylight savings time caught up with me. I’m not sure I’m actually awake. So, I’m going to leave this post open for everyone to have a drink and some horse duvers. But I might just sit in a corner curled up in the papasan and fade in and out.

The radio says Trump won Florida. {{shudder}}  I need a blankie.

John Kasich took his home state of Ohio. That’s better than how Marco Rubio did in his home state. Well, it’s all in the past for Marco.

Hillary is giving a thank you speech in Ohio. She won Florida. We are waiting for Illinois and Missouri. But these wins tonight may show that she’s turning the corner and maybe, just maybe, Democratic voters are having an “Oh S%^&!” moment as they look over at the other side. I still love Bernie but he could be very vulnerable during the general election.

Anywho, the eyelids aren’t pulling their weight. I might have to do a light check.

Please don’t short my sheets.





13 Responses

  1. One of those blondes is not like the others

  2. Oh God, Ohio, thank you. I was so worried.

  3. Trump is about to give a tremendous speech about his YUGE wins, I can tell you.

  4. Trump says no one has ever been subjected to such negative advertising ever. Only him.
    Did he see what happened to Hillary in 2008? Remember when olbermann wanted to take her into a room and work her over?
    Omg, he’s a coward. He has no idea, I can tell you.

  5. It looks like Hillary is going to win 5 out of 5. WOW. The media sure didn’t frame it like it was even possible.

  6. Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Bernie has got to go! Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho.

    • {{whacking on nose with newspaper}} Bad commenter! No biscuit for you.

      What did we learn from 2008?? Voters want their concerns to be heard and their choices respected. Don’t believe me? Look at the Trump brigade. Some of those people used to be Democrats in 2008.

      Bernie supporters have a right to vote for who they want. They have a right to shape the message. Yeah, Bernie’s got some assholes supporting him. But they are not the majority of his voters, those people are welcome here. The Bernie Bros for Butt Hurt can’t post here.

      So be nice.
      And remember, Hillary was leading at this point in 2008 when you put Florida and Michigan in her column. She had every reason to expect the nomination and the party screwed her over. Let’s not forget that. She might be winning again but it’s not like her victories in 2008 and you can bet that a large chunk of the party resents any win she gets. They are not ever, ever, ever going to help her or make it easy.

      We can’t afford to alienate even one voter, especially a voter who has the power to make her more liberal.

  7. 5 state sweep!!! woohoo! I had a feeling it would happen. Love that she used her quote from 08… what a vindication for her and her supporters! Take that media

  8. Amazing that a woman who is always at the top of the most admired women in the world list is deemed unlikeable by the “media” when she runs for high office. I know many people who really, really like her based on her accomplishments and personality.

    We will have gender equality when the female equivalent of Bernie Sanders, Bernice, would be considered “cool,” not cranky. I received notice about an organization that grooms women to run for office. Seeing how Hillary is treated, I would certainly decline to be such a punching bag. Hillary takes the hits, but all women are denigrated by the unsubtle sexism. She’s shrill. Imagine if she wagged her finger, contorted her red face, lost her cool, and screeched free this and that. NOT ladylike, and election fraud!

    Bernie and Jane do shock when they attended Palm Beach and Martha Vineyard’s Democratic fundraising gatherings, Bernie even speaks before employees of Goldman-Sachs.


    As for Clinton’s being moderate, unfortunately, we live in a somewhat conservative country of many, many micro-special interests. Progressives need to move the needle, but Hillary’s social progressiveness (health care, everyone) is considered equivalent to communism in many parts of our country.

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