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GOP Petard

petardFor decades, the Republicans have been running campaigns based around hatred of anyone who is not a white anglo-saxon protestant male. If you are any other color, gender, religion or ethnic origin, you are persona non grata to the Republican party.

It has been phenomenally successful with this strategy. Their wins have been tremendous. YUGE!

With this strategy of always appealing to the mean little white man in every voter, they have managed to have a stranglehold on the Supreme Court, a stranglehold on the House of Representatives (by having control of Congress during census and redistricting years, this is how they do it) a stranglehold on many state legislatures. If you are angry at the ‘establishment’ and the way you have lost ground over the years, and that you’re always afraid that some Muslim is going to chop off your head some night when you’re sleeping, then you should ask yourself if maybe you let Republicans persuade you to vote for them one too many times.

But now, the GOP is freaking out because they didn’t anticipate that voters would be so irate, so irrationally angry, so fed up with the way everything is run, and probably confused by the sensation that maybe they’ve been suckers for close to 40 years, that they would actually vote for a guy who can’t seem to get his fake tan right in spite of his million dollar grooming budget.

Their only hope at this point is to get some of the rest of their candidates to drop out and have more reasonable voters coalesce around the alternative to Mr. Creamsicle. What’s really weird is that a more reasonable voter is now considered to be a more devout, evangelical white anglo-saxon protestant voter. Frankly, I fail to see the difference between voting groups except the evangelicals are less rude and do not swear. Otherwise, they’re just as unreasonably and uncompromisingly conservative.

What gets lost in primary season is what about the rest of us? You know, those of us who live in cities and on the coasts in the most populous states. Why do we always find ourselves held hostage by places like Texas? And why is it that Democrats can’t get their act together in downticket races? Will Hillary have coat tails this year and will she bring in more progressive people into Congress or just another bunch of student body presidents? Because, in this respect, I’m as skeptical as a Donald Drumpf voter but in my case, more likely to turn to a Bernie Sanders type alternative, in spite of Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s hand picked bland congressional candidates. But I digress. We could have a field day with Debbie in another post.

In the meantime, grab some popcorn and watch the Republicans try to stop Drumpf. If they can. They don’t have much to work with. I just can’t see Cruz as a viable candidate and Rubio looks like a lightweight. Hillary would crush him like a bug in debate (unless Congress sees no alternative but to pre-emptively indict her for no reason. Would they do that? Um, yeah, I could see it.) Not that Republican voters care all that much about whether Hillary is a formidable, experienced, very well qualified opponent. It’s impossible to be rational with very angry people.

Maybe Republicans have gone too far with the Rush Limbaughing and the Glenn Becking and the Muslims Under the Bedding?


6 Responses

  1. Roof still on. That’s a plus. Wind kept me up last night.

  2. Amen.
    I couldn´t agree more…
    repOblicans have a leading candidate that stands for everything they pride and profess for genarations…
    But looking itself in a mirror, the GOP can not acept how ugly they really are.

  3. The one thing that the Republicans have going for them is that they own the media. I actually turned on the car radio this morhing; and of course there was Limbaugh, and then there was some other just as awful person on another talk station which at one time was very responsible, but now is just another radical right conduit. And the unfortunate thing is that people actually listen to this, and undoubtedly believe some of it. And there is no counterforce on the airwaves.

    And everyone is angry about everything. Last night there were exit polls showing that most Republican voters were angry at their party leaders, though I do not know for what. Anger is the substitute for any rational analysis.. Such a populace is prey for demagogues, fascist “strongmen,” and hustlers. And as in the French Revolution, the mob breaks out of control and wants to guillotine everybody.

    If there is one thing I really want in this election, besides of course Hillary winning, which is imperative, it is for Hillary to have the margin to be able to really go after the dogma of Republicans, and perhaps teach people something about where they want to take the country. Because if the radical Right is not thoroughly marginalized, one or the other of them is going to ulimately win at some point, and the country will be unrecognizable, and not just because much of it will literally be underwater. It is so eerie to hear Republicans ranting about how Obama has somehow ruined the country which used to be so great at some point; or about the wonders of the “Reagan Revolution,” and how it was “morning in America’ for everyone. Since the general historical knowledge of most people goes back about six months, they could get away with it.

  4. Pretty much the GOP is reaping what they have sown for a long, long time.

  5. I hope some day we get a President who is brazen enough to say in hizzer’s Inaugural Address some version of the following words . . .

    “The Reagan Revolution is OVER! The New Deal Restoration has beGUN! There is no Brezhnev Doctrine for Conservatives! . . .
    America has STOOD UP!!” That would make certain Conservatives crazy with rage.

  6. As the Rs see themselves hoist upon their own petard, is the Clinton candidacy preparing a petard of its own to be hoist upon? Here is a Naked Capitalism article called: Social Security Privatiser Larry Fink of Giant Asset Manager BlackRock Is A Clinton Treasury Secretary In Waiting

    Here is the link.

    Can anyone here give me reason to believe that noted financial analyst Yves Smith is wrong in her analysis here? If anyone can, I will give every comment to that effect every bit of due attention and due consideration.

    But if they can’t, I will have to vote for the survival of my Social Security, which I have been prepaying Double into ever since the Great Reagan Rescue of 1983. Because in America’s present and future No Mercy society, having no Social Security means having no money. And No Money = You Die. So I will vote my hardest against the candidate who threatens my Social Security. And naming a pro-privatization Wall Street Looter from a financial assets management firm to be Secretary of Treasury would be part of mission to privatize my Social Security in order to steal all of it and leave me with nothing. And I will vote my hardest against that.

    So millions of Clinton supporters might want to organize to see if they can torture and terrorize the Clinton apparatus into refusing to permit this Mr. Fink or any other SS privatiser to be involved in any way in any government agency, especially Treasury or the SS Administration Agency itself. Clinton supporters should understand that permitting their candidate of choice to advance the Obama conspiracy against Social Security by nominating a creature like this to Treasury would be a dealbreaker for borderline near-poor people like me. Perhaps there are only a few thousand of us. But then again there could be millions of us. And I, and maybe others will vote for the candidate we trust more to leave Social Security untouched in any manner whatsoever.

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