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Super Tuesday Cocktail Party

Hi there, boys and girls. It’s that time again – SUPER Tuesday. My Tuesday was pretty good as Tuesdays go, but I wouldn’t call it super. But it might be really special for someone.

Will Hillary lock up the nomination tonight or will Massachusetts and Vermont make her wait a little longer? (Awww, we love you Bernie) Will Donald Drumpf continue his winning streak and make the rest of the world shrink back in horror? Will Cruz try Botox to improve his face? Will Rubio stay in middle school indefinitely? So many questions!

Tonight, we’re in the Super Tuesday state of Colorado at Breckenridge, which has some of the best powder and easy skiing trails for beginners that seem to go on for miles… Ahhhh. Take off your skis, have a seat by the fire, sip your Moscow Mule and let’s watch the returns together.

Florence is our host for the evening. Please leave your coats and concealed weapons with her. Rico is serving up Creamsicles tonight as his special cocktail but you can order anything you like. The servers are circulating with a selection of small plates catered from Steubens in Denver. Ever wonder why the shrimp and grits are so rich? They use cream cheese in the grits. We also have some “organic” brownies. People who are shortlisted for job interviews should probably pass on these.

Our musical entertainment tonight is one of my old favorites, The Vince Guaraldi Trio. Check out them glasses. In my family, we used to call them “birth control”


Wow! Check out this Bossa Nova from Vince, Bola Sete, et al:

How did we live before the internet and YouTube? When Reagan made that crack about the government showing up at your door saying it was here to help, he probably had no idea that the Department of Defense’s Internet protocol would change our lives and that the guy at the door would be the FiOS installer.

Well, he was a conservative Republican after all. So, there’s that…

Anyway, sit back, relax, say hi to old friends, make some new ones. Have some of katiebird’s fine boxed merlot

Update: Hillary has won Virginia and Georgia, Bernie takes Vermont! No surprises here. Looks like predictions are accurate.  OMG, the spread is YUGE!!

With 0% counted so far, Trump is projected to win Massachusetts. Hmmm…

Bernie takes Vermont by almost 90%! Marco Rubio isn’t expected to even take Florida when it’s his state to vote. tsk-tsk.

How the GOP screwed up with Trump: Winner Take All Primaries.

ROTF! Republicans are in deep denial about whether the attacks on Trump are working. (It’s Winner Take All, you twits)

22 Responses

  1. Holy Hemiola, It’s very windy outside! I think I can still post from my phone if we get cut off.

  2. So far, so good!

  3. Sanders makes early victory speech, trying to encourage his caucus supporters in CO and MN.

  4. LOL! the GOP bigwigs are saying Trump voters are doing a hostile takeover!

  5. Another Moscow Mule, Rico!

  6. “It’s amazing how the Republican base has abandoned it’s committment to purity… muscular christianity”- Dana Bash

    • Oh wait, that’s not Dana Bash. That’s some other chick I don’t know because I don’t watch this s^&*.

  7. OooOooooOoOooo! Hillary is tied with Bernie in Massachusetts?

  8. she is turning populist to go against Trump. Good job, H!

  9. Clinton and Cruz win Texas!

    • But what the heck is going on in Oklahoma? Not complaining. I have no issues with Bernie. But I never could have predicted that.

      • From what i heard, Bernie has put a lot of work into OK. also its a caucus election, i think, not sure. He will probably win CO as well. Lets see about MA.

        • Yes, he spent a lot of time there. It is a very white state, with more males than females voting = his constituency.

          • His campaign believed he could win MA, MN, OK, VT, and CO tonight, and were counting on those wins.

  10. yeah she won MA! Trump is going to be tough to beat though. the guy is a showman like no other

  11. It’s Hillary’s night.

  12. The StormTrumpers are not concerned about “electability”. They are concerned about making it very plain to their Party establishment what it is that they WANT. If Trump ends up losing fair and square in the end . . . will the StormTrumpers be reconciled to it? If they feel that their Trump is schlonged out of a nomination that is rightfully his, some of them may start bombing and burning Republican Party offices here and there.

    In the same way, the Sandernistas are not concerned about “electability”. They are concerned about making it very plain to their Party establishment what it is that they WANT. If Sanders ends up losing fair and square, I suspect a higher percent of Sandernistas will be sullenly accepting of their defeat than the percent of StormTrumpers that get sullenly reconciled to their defeat. And even if the Sandernistas end up feeling their candidate was schlonged out of his and theirs “rightful nomination”, I doubt they are the kind of people to go bombing and burning Democratic Party offices here, there or anywhere. They are not radioactive the way the StormpTrumpers are and they will not be highly fissile or reach a critical mass even if bunches of them are packed in together the way some of the StormTrumpers are and will be.

    So the Republican Party could have a real Public Order problem on its hands if they hand the nomination to someone else over a really biggest plurality for Trump.

  13. I finally figured out what Trump reminds me of.

    Money and power, but no class–he resembles a Mob boss. 👿

    I dislike our piratical status quo, but if the only alternative is a Caesar, then ARRR, matey, I’ll be holdin’ me nose and salutin’ the Jolly Roger. :mrgreen:

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