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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on I’d like to think…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on I’d like to think…
    William on I’d like to think…
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      I was born in 1968, the year Wallerstein calls one of “world revolution”. It was a revolution that both failed and succeeded: women and minorities got more rights, often a lot more, but the end result was an oligarchy, where most people were equal in their lack of power, and where every year saw ordinary people becoming poorer, no matter what the official st […]
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The Mystery of Hillary’s Campaign Strategy

Short one today, peoples.

If I were Hillary, I would have picked up right where I left off in 2008 at the end of the primary season. That was when she was the strongest as an appealing candidate and her campaign message of making the invisible Americans count again meant something. She was feeling her Cheerios. It wasn’t her fault that the nomination was awarded to someone else through inflated caucuses, superhuman amounts of money from the finance industry, short-sighted superdelegates and DNC rules skullduggery.

Has she completely forgotten that she went to Denver in a statistical tie with Obama? Did she forget how the party prevented California and Pennsylvania from casting ballots during the roll call just in case it looked like she might actually have a good reason for a floor fight? Are we the only ones who remember that it was NOT a landslide at the convention for Obama, not even close?

Really, Hillary, you have to believe this. No one on this blog and some other blogs is stupid enough to believe that Obama “won” the nomination through the strength of his amazing campaign strategy or scintillating personality. Even as recently as last night, I run into people who absolutely. can. not. stand. him. because they don’t find him charismatic, interested in average Americans, or politically talented. These are *Democrats*, in local Democratic organizations. They loathe him. It’s not racism. It’s well founded, completely rational disgust with the way he campaigned and the opportunities that were handed to him on a plate that he squandered.

Yup, completely unsolicited loathing of the guy who weaponized accusations of racism and smothered real criticism from his own side for 8 long years. The Dirty F^&*ing Hippies are now getting together and comparing notes. How did Hillary miss that??

And then there is the subject of his legacy, which no one I know likes. Maybe it’s because I don’t hang out with the DailyKos crowd anymore. Eight years of Bush followed by eight years of a weak and compromised Obama who blew two years of a Democratic majority in the House and Senate has left almost everyone I know more economically insecure and twitchy. It’s even more insecure if you’re younger and you’re saddled with student debt the size of a mortgage and see very shaky job prospects for decades to come.

So, why in Hell would Hillary Clinton hitch her wagon to Obama’s star? It is a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

This is the year when many Americans are finally figuring out that they have been eating grass. Even the seniors who have never met an abortion opponent they didn’t like are finally realizing something’s not right.

The Obama campaign apparatus oversold their strategy and prior success. It was illusory anyway. Charlotte’s Web is so over. And Hillary should have known that and done a whole lot more listening before she rolled out a campaign that was targeted to aspirational small business entrepreneurs and suburban working moms.

She is missing the big picture and bigger opportunity: It’s the income instability, stupid.

Focus on that.

Oh, and David Axelrod looks like a rat. Someone needs to stuff a sock in his mouth. I swear, the old Obama campaign people are out to get her. They need to go. Bring back Peter Daou.

Update: I’m finding it amusing that the NYTimes editorial page seems to be in full blown panic over the prospect of a Trump presidency and is now trying to get Hillary to keep her chin up. It’s all fun and games with the relentless “scandals” until a dangerous narcissist starts winning the primaries, eh Gail?



45 Responses

  1. >>If I were Hillary, I would have picked up right where I left off in 2008

    {this message has been edited just because}

    • That is has to be a joke…right? Gloria Steinem should not have apologized. She should have said ” FU If you can’t take a joke ”
      I’m up to here with my side saying meā culpā for nothings.

      The ” left off” part is key. When it became obvious the Dem elite was going to give it to Obama ( remember his operative Hillary’s campaign manager that blew all of Hill’s money early on? and then she went to work for Barry ? Just one of the countless ” Et tu, Brute?” sword thrusts ) Hillary then became more and more populous. So that is what I understand by where Hill left off in 2008

      2016 is not about praising the status quo. Trump and Sanders would not be so popular if it was…Biden would be running if it was viable at all…so what’s up?

      • The butthurt is strong with this one, Shmillary. Do you think there is a pill that “Ms.” Paperdoll can take to alleviate the symptoms, bro?

        {marked for apoptosis}

        • Hallo aus Deutschland. Ja, es scheint, dass die “butthurt” in der Tat stark ist. Könnte es wegen der “the change” sein?

        • C’mon, is that the best you can do?? Stupid remarks about buttholes?
          Trolls used to try harder 8 years ago. They had (a little more) wit and baited better.
          You just can’t get good trolls anymore. If you guys can’t up your game, I’m going to have to send you to the spam bin sooner.

          • Butthurt, not buttholes. There is much butthurt amongst the aging – what are you called – “PUMAs”, is it? Yes, you are sad and don’t make a difference. Too bad you couldn’t impress enough people with your use of the word “apoptosis” to get a job.

            And the trolling hasn’t even begun. You should just lay back and enjoy… And not to worry, The Hill-bot has more balls than all the gops combined. She will have us dragged into WWIII in very short order, should she manage to dispose of Bernie…

        • Bonjour de France! Il ressemble à “butthurt” est un symptôme courant du vieillissement chez les femmes qui sont toujours un candidat, jamais un nomine. Comment on dit en anglais – “always a bridesmaid, never was able to get married?”

          • Je suis désolé. Vous serez envoyé à la poubelle de spam plus tard où personne ne peut vous entendre crier.

        • This is so filled with special frat bro winks and dog whistles, I don’t get it…thankfully .

          • If you only knew. There are no frat boys among us. Do you remember in 2008 when you all were certain that the Obama campaign was behind this? So. damn. sad…

            Obama, Republicans, Randroid libertarians, pains in the ass, it makes no difference to me. You’ll be gone soon.

    • There are no frat boys among us.

      Now you are making me think Sorso funding . Whatever

      • >>Obama, Republicans, Randroid libertarians, pains in the ass

        You should include yourselves among them. Think about it for a minute. How are you just the same?

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more. Bernie’s clean dirty campaign against Hillary is starting to look a lot like the Obama campaign, with his attack on David Brock, conveniently using the Clarence Thomas hearings and Brock’s hit job on Anita Hill for which he has made amends. Brock, who is backing Hillary stated that he explained how he was wrong in his book “Blinded by the Right” and that he has apologized to both Anita Hill and the Clintons.

    I believe the attacks against Hillary are coming from the White House and I believe Obama’s henchmen will increase the attacks against Hillary and all the while Rope-a-Dope Hillary will continue to praise the great job Obama has done until it kills her campaign. Axelrod was on TV the other day and said, the Clintons have to stop blaming their campaign staff and realize that they are the problem. Nice guy, he’s such a sleazy, corrupt A-hole.

    After Hillary is driven into the ground the DNC will declare Sander’s is unelectable in a general election opening the door for a Biden run, with all the super delegates going to Biden. Biden will be buried by Trump.

    I love your blog, been reading it since the beginning and watched you on TV with Will until he defected. I have my gold, rubber PUMA bracelet, my PUMA t-shirt and planned on voting for Hillary since 2008. I can’t support Hillary 2016 with all those Obama saboteurs in her campaign. She has abandoned working people.

    I wrote about this last August in my blogpost “The Dark Side: The Greek Tragedy, Hillary Hysteria and the Trump Conundrum.”


    • >>I believe the attacks against Hillary are coming from the White House and I believe Obama’s henchmen will increase the attacks against Hillary

      Well howdy freakin’ do! You have got your tinfoil hat adjusted perfectly.

    • So does the top .001 want Trump ? Because a child can see Trump beating Biden. His comb over could beat Biden

      • I think Trump wants Trump and since he has the money, he can buy it if he wants. That’s why he can get away with saying outrageous things.

        • Certainly Trump wants Trump, but if they are dreaming of running Biden vs Trump, they have to want Trump too. Anyone can see where that would go imo. If Hill is struggling embracing Obama, how do they think Biden would do in a race? Lord

  3. I like what I am seeing from Bernie and his campaign. I think some of his supporters have no use for Hollary but I’m not sure how responsible he is for that. CDS has been around for a long time and there is no reason he should have to address it while he runs an active campaign.

    My stance is that my critical issue is Universal Health Care for Everyone. And for his Medicare for Everyone plan, he’s got my support.

    The wheels within wheels of Hillary’s campaign has me confused. Is she the candidate I supported so confidently. Or is she the 2016 candidate who leaves me so cold I could almost say “never ever” about voting for her again.

    • Um, I think he should address sexism that pops up among his supporters. I will be paying attention.

      • Um, Sanders Disavows Sexist Bernie-Bros

        TAPPER: Have you heard about this phenomenon the Bernie bros, people who support you, and sometimes attack in very crude and sexist ways Clinton supporters?

        SANDERS: Yes, I have heard about it. It’s disgusting. Look, we don’t want that crap. We can — and we will do everything we can, and I think we have tried.

        Look, anybody who is supporting me, is doing sexist things is — we don’t want them. I don’t want them. That is not what this campaign is about.

        • Nevertheless, I will continue to pay close attention.

        • I’m not onboard, Kbird. I like Bernie and I like his ideas. I just think he waited too long.
          And as an overall candidate, there isn’t another candidate in this race on either side that has her depth and breadth of experience. When it comes down to it, that’s what really matters to me.
          Plus, I trust a woman to be more vigilant about things that are important to women. Bernie would be a better feminist in chief than Obama but he can’t hold a candle in that department to Hillary.
          Totally with you on the health care thing though.

          • Here’s what I’m afraid of: that we live in ABAW times — Anything But A Woman. Hillary will always lose against any man. Male-identified forces align.

        • One more thing: I could vote for sanders in the general. His campaign doesn’t nauseate me the way obama’s did.

    • Bernie’s campaign is completely mimicking Obama. It’s the same Bros before Hos crowd. The media is trying to fluff Bernie, is not vetting him or anything. He even says he’s not going to get Medicare for all and he’s not doing anything for down ticket races to change the makeup the house if it’s even possible. He’s actually sucking all the money up that he’s raising for himself again like Obama did in 2008. His campaign is starting to smell just like Obama circa 2008.

    • Bernie Sanders has zero chance of obtaining universal health care for everyone. He has zero chance of breaking up big banks, or making college tuition free for everyone. It is about as useful as McGovern’s idea to give everyone below the poverty line $10,000 a year. Actually, McGovern had a slightly better chance, because the Democrats controlled Congress then.

      Sanders will not win a general election. I can’t say that with absolute certainty, because who can? But he is coasting on the fantasies of his supporters, and the fact that the Right Wing is essentially leaving him alone, hoping they can destroy him later. And the media, which basically hates Hillary, is enabling this. So even if someone wishfully thinks that Sanders can win, I will say with certainty that the Democrats have no chance to take back the House, maybe for decades, as it has been so obscenely gerrymandered by the Republicans in the many states where they control the legislatures. The only small hope is after the next census. And then we would need much more control of the state legislatures. And is Bernie Sanders, the person who has never campaigned for any Democrat out of state, going to accomplish that? Not a chance. The only person who might, is Hilalry Clinton, who actually cares about the Democratic Party, and has vowed to rebuild it on the state level.

      A Sanders nomination is death for the Democratic Party. He either loses like McGovern (which led to one Democratic victory in the next four elections, and that the awful Carter), or he somehow amazingly wins, and is completely stymied by the Congress. He will not get a bill to the floor, much less voted on. His campaign is a cruel joke on people wishful and credulous enough to think that this is somehow 1912 or 1932. Republicans control almost all of the government, and they are close to a fascist oligarchy. Sanders is the wrong person at the wrong time in history. I will add, “in my view,” but I think that support for him is terribly misplaced.

      • Indeed Sanders will not get those bills though…but when has that ever stopped the Bradley, Dean, Obama, Sanders wing from supporting some one? last time was a fluke… the powers that be wanted the moonbean too. But can you tell us why Hill is running as if she has the VP?

        • Has been the VP…Lord, my blog skills are rusty

        • I share yours and Riverdaughter’s concern about that, and I also wince when I hear her praising President Obama so strongly. But I do know that she is in a difficult position, because she does not have the luxury that Obama and Bill Clinton had, of being able to run against a failed Republican administration. She is trying to be the first Democrat to succeed an eight-year Democratic President since Truman in ’48. It is not easy for Democrats to do.

          So she has to have a narrative theme. And much as I might prefer this, it is probably impossible for her to run a campaign completely independent of whatever Obama has done. I think that if Sanders had not run, she could have done more of this. As it turns out, Sanders gets to inveigh against the establishment (something Democrats love), while she is sort of stuck defending it. What I optimistically hear her saying, is that she will improve upon it. But the Sanders supporters obviously do not hear that, or care, which makes her task difficult.

          • I’m not saying complexly independent…but perhaps not so much cheer leading? It has also been suggested to me she has to do this to keep the AA vote. However Sanders and Al Sharpton had a very public breakfast meeting today, so scotch that idea. I’m now waiting for Sharpton to say the Clintons are ra**st again

            Just like last time Dem elite, such as Sanders and Sharpton , and GOP elite are united in agreement; No Hillary, no way. And not because she may roll things back, but because she’s the only one who could at least slow down the cancer. To the elite of both parties , that cannot be

          • Yes William, I so agree with you. “Sanders gets to inveigh against the establishment, while she is sort of stuck defending it”

  4. *yells down basement stairs*

    Get your lazy @$$ up here and take out the garbage! 😈

  5. For those, like RD, who are scientifically minded: http://www.vox.com/2016/2/5/10923304/bernie-sanders-general-election : We asked 6 political scientists if Bernie Sanders would have a shot in a general election (answer? uh…no, and here’s why)

  6. The toughest battles for Hillary has always come from her own party. Those who do not want Hillary in the White House use the easily lead left wing of the party to try and stop her. She can beat any GOPer so she has to be stopped in the primary process. The Left wing hold their quest for the unicorn as far, far more precious than anything else

  7. I think understanding the nature of this campaign is very simple. Obama’s approval rating among black voters remains around 90%. Black voters are vital not just to winning the Democratic nomination, but as Nate Sliver demonstrates, to winning the election in November. Those two facts explain Hillary’s embrace of Obama.

  8. Blacks understandably have pride in having the first black President.
    Hillary is playing to this.
    As for the left, they want the unicorn at all costs.

    Bill Clinton came to power during a different era. In the wake of Reagan, Americans did not want higher taxes and gay rights. Bill tried to be liberal and lost congress due to it.
    He raised taxes and cut spending to balance the budget. He tried for healthcare reform and failed. He had to settle for DADT.

    Bill and Hill have been around enough to know how to play the game to their advantage. This is why I support her.

    The hatred from the far right and left is absurd. It does seem like a repeat of 2008. As for the Whitehouse working against her, I doubt it.
    Obama needs someone like Hillary to succeed him if he wants a sustainable legacy. Bernie will not give him that. Bernie, the former marxist and current socialist, will lose the General.

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