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New Hampshire Returns Cocktail Party: OHai!


With any luck, we won’t lose any faces tonight.

I guess I have to start taking this primary season seriously now that we’re in New Hampshire. But I’m a little rusty and I have to let Rico in to set up. Don’t let that stop you from filtering in while we get the bar ready and the band warms up.

Be right back…

Ok, I’m back.

Rico is going for something simple tonight. It’s a Cabin Fever on the Rocks. Hope you guys like maple. Last time I was in Manchester, I had ‘sugar on snow’, that is hot maple syrup poured over a bowl of snow and served with the obligatory sour pickle. It’s an acquired taste. Cabin fever is what I have these days. I am so over winter.

We’re serving a variety of appetizers tonight. On the menu are Maine Peeky Toe Crab Cakes, a variety of local cheeses, roasted garlic with tomato chutney and crostini for the vegans, and seafood chowder for those of you who haven’t had dinner yet.

We were able to get Pink Martini for the evening. A little something old and new and loungey and orchestral with the lovely China Forbes.

First update of the evening, Kasich seems to be making a surprising appearance. Wasn’t he at the Kiddy Table recently? Who knew? Ah, well, it’s still early.

You can leave your coat with Yolanda at the door. Remember to tip your wait staff generously. And if you need to argue, remember to keep it clean.




16 Responses

  1. I miss the days when the exit polls would have it all settled by now

  2. Yikes! I forgot to check under the sink to see if I have a box of wine

    • Pop the spigot on that fine boxed merlot, Kbird, it’s primary season!
      I’m having a blueberry pomegranate smoothie for dinner at 270 calories. I’ve got to start burning off my hibernation layer.

  3. Well that was interesting. Sanders wins New Hampshire.
    Hmmm, maybe obama’s campaign mapped on Hillary doesn’t work do well.

    • It sure didn’t work on me.

      Does it seem like some of the Obama gang are turning on her the last day or so? Axelrod in particular has been sneering at her.

      • Because they actually believed the lies they told about what a fabulous campaign Obama ran in 2008?
        Like all that ocean of finance industry money in Feb. 2008 made no difference?
        Or the fact that the media gently lifted him over the finish line? Or that the super delegates turned on her?
        He’s right about one thing. She has to take responsibility for her campaign. Last time she won fair and square with her traditional campaign. This time, it seems like she was almost pressured to abandon her best instincts. If you’re going to be president, you need to know when to take charge.
        I still ask why she wants to be president after 8 disastrous years of Obama and the Republicans? Why bother if you’re just going to maintain the status quo?

  4. Reading Tom in Paine, he’s got some ideas

    • Kinky goodness?

    • {{facepalm}}
      I mean LINKY goodness.

      • (Giggle)

        Hillary Clinton Supporters Unleash Sexist Attack Against Women Who Support Sander

        In 2008 during the Democratic convention in Denver, Hillary Clinton was steamrolled, backstabbled and robbed of a nomination by Obama, the DNC and much of the news media and probably would have won the nomination and presidency had the process been fair. It wasn’t.

        During the campaign Obama supporters called Clinton supporters “racist” for supporting her instead of Obama. And a lot of other things. It is a fact that Obama was the most divisive polarizing Democratic candidate among Democrats in the history of the party, who then went on to sell out just about every aspect of the Democratic party agenda which is why they were wiped out of congress two years into Obama’s presidency after winning the biggest congressional majority in 6o years.

        But now its seems the Clinton campaign thinks it can use the same dishonest gutter politics that were used against her and use them against Sanders. Maybe she thinks when it comes to gutter politics if you can’t beat’em, join’em and it will work against Sanders. It won’t. It will backfire.


        Even Bill has decided to get into the act which shows the level of desperation of the Clinton campaign . After Hillary supporters made two of the most sexist, dishonest, ridiculous statements that have ever come from a woman politician (will Clinton supporters call that sexist?) Bill, seemingly having become politically tone deaf said at a rally yesterday that the Sanders campaign is “sexist”.

        Bill’s attack is based on some online trolls who support Sanders and who no one can control making sexist comments as if that has anything to do with the Sanders campaign and as if any of them have the stature of Madeline Albright who appeared with Clinton. The comparisons are embarrassing. And those troll comments are nothing compared to the virulent venomous attacks of racism leveled against Clinton supporters by Obama supporters in 2008 over which neither Bill nor Hillary ever said a word.

        The Clinton campaign seems to be truly self destructing. They are sounding more like Republican attack dogs every day and its become embarrassing.

        The shame of it is Bill was a terrific president. And Hillary has legitimate accomplishments. She was bulldozed and run over and cheated out of the nomination in 2008 which she went along with at the time which was her own fault, but now seems to think Democrats owe her.And African Americans owe her too. They don’t. Nobody owes her anything. And if the Clinton campaign keeps it up, if they cant win on a battle of ideas because Hillary decided to hitch her star to Obamas failed and dishonest presidency, and so instead dishonestly and hypocritically attacks Sanders and his supporters because he is winning in the market place of politics and ideas, then she will not only lose, she will leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouth over what should have been seen as an accomplished career.

  5. That is a painful excerpt to read/remember. I’ve always thought she made a deal at the end, and this is that deal: that they will support her in 2016. We will see. I read this in The Guardian (UK) just now, and I thought it was right on (don’t know how to hide the url): http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/feb/09/bernie-sanders-new-hampshire-hillary-clinton-president She’s damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t, which leaves her in a very tight box. But she is looking toward the general just the same.

  6. Hillary needs to run on her ideas of Universal Health Care or just hand it over to Sanders who only recently became a Democrat, as her claim on defending Obama’s legacy is not resonating with people (Why does she have to do that, can he do that?).

    Thank you for writing down your thoughts.

  7. Saw too much of anti-woman ala ‘stale vagina’ etc., whilst praising Sanders, which turned me off to Sanders.

  8. Avoiding defending Obama’s legacy was why she left state after the first term I thought ….that an our foreign policy was set to become the more incoherent and more overtly neocon mess that it is today…so what gives?

    Also don’t count Jeb out. Just because he’s hopelessly lame sack of nothing personally, that doesn’t mean he’s won’t be given the nomination. Cruz and Rubio can brought down over night, the way most Repugs go down… by showing them as they really are. Trump ? …it remains how they want to deal with him. It will be interesting.

    It helped Berine he’s from next door…but defending Obama’s legacy is awful for Hillary because it gives her nothing to talk about, nothing to answer Berine with and again she takes on the role of Obama whipping girl…they can blame herfor his sins…. she’s too Wall St? lol As WV says, the mystery is why is she?

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