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I’ve just gotta get a message to you…

Back in 2008, we were on Hillary’s radar. This year? Ehhh, not so much. That could be because of many different things, mostly because it’s 2016 and not 2008. Correct me if I’m wrong but it seems to me like Hillary has taken a step back from really, I don’t know, campaigning. This time around, someone has convinced her that she needs to be data driven, reach out to millenials and embrace Obama like there’s no tomorrow.

And I think that’s why the race is so close in Iowa.

Note that she was similarly cautious in early 2008 as well. Remember all the crap we heard on DailyKos about Mark Penn? But then the party decided to take the money and turned on her and she got to work actually appealing to people.

I’ve made no secret about my lack of enthusiasm for Obama but I will let someone else make my case for why should reconsider her strategy of clinging to him:


or maybe this person can do it:

“Elizabeth Warren Indicts Shockingly Weak Enforcement” with respect to the finance industry.

Or go to any NYTimes piece on the cost of health care in America that wasn’t solved by the ACA, like Even Insured Can Face Crushing Medical Debt.  One thing you can say for the Republicans, they’re like attack dogs on something when they’re aroused. Democrats seem to think that because people with preconditions and children are covered by the ACA, the rest of the losers in the Healthcare coverage olympics should shut the F^&* up about whether we’ll lose our shirts if we are inconveniently sick. That debate is so five minutes ago. It’s settled. Democrats think it was a bloody debate that the whole country was engaged in when, really, no one we know had anything to say in the matter. But, whatever, it’s over, for them. Let’s move on.

The problem is, in the last 8 years, the country has changed so radically that it’s hard not to get angry when you’ve been left out of the decision making process.

Who died and made them spokespersons of the gods who shredded our careers, decimated our retirement savings and created two classes of workers- those who were lucky to get employer based health benefits and those who have to pay those crazy deductibles out of vastly reduced salaries? If you haven’t been there, YOU’RE the one who should STFU.

On one of my recent posts about the fate of women over 50 who can’t get work, someone called the linked NYTimes article “clickbait”? Really?? Those of us who have been through it don’t think it’s trivial.

And then there are people who bogarted the message for the last 8 years and think everything is fine now, like the gay guy who cuts my hair who was all happy that now everyone is equal, isn’t it great? No, we are not all equal. What about the reproductive rights laws that are getting crushed in state after state? Seriously, I wanted to smack him except he had my hair in his hands. The fight for equality is not over just because you have marriage equality. NOW, it is your turn, LGBT people, to do what you can for women, who, just as our culture demands every time, patiently stepped aside and put your needs first. Pay it forward.

But I digress.

Or have I?

Have I mentioned race yet? No, I think that was my point. In none of the instances above has race been mentioned. Black lives do matter. But what has been done for the african american community in the last 8 years?  They’re still getting killed for no reason, have higher unemployment, are getting pushed out of neighborhoods by progress. I could go on and on because I see it everyday as I pass through some pretty sketchy neighborhoods on my way to work.

And to add insult to injury, we now have a bunch of smug silicon valley types proposing to give us a basic income that is devoid of any meaningful work. I could write a whole different post on how many of us have lost the jobs we loved and enjoyed that we will never get back not because they weren’t useful jobs or highly skilled but because some bunch of shareholders decided they needed better returns on their quarterlies. There will be diseases that won’t be cured because of that. Can a guaranteed basic income make up for that, Paul Graham? I guess Zika will be a good test case.

Anyway, this is all to say what I predicted a couple of years ago about Hillary running for president in 2016. Why would she want to do it? The country has changed so much and people are so angry that the person who captures the voters is going to have to have to be a force for a big change. No one wants another “Lifeguard in Chief”, as Stephen Colbert says for 4 to 8 more years. Ain’t no one got time or money for that anymore.

I saw Hillary campaigning her heart out in the last days of the primary season in 2008 but a campaign is not the same as actually governing and leading with vision. Is she a transformative politician? I don’t know.

I know that Trump would be a transformative politician but not in any good way. I see nothing good coming for women if Trump is elected. If he can get away with disrespectful behavior towards women during a campaign, then it will only encourage others to crack down even more on women’s rights after the election. Who will enforce current laws against discrimination? We can barely get Obama to take notice. Trump stands for power, wealth, men and, um, that’s about it. If you’re a dude and you have a good job that’s a one-off and you’re not an illegal alien, you’ll do great under Trump.

But a guy who has turned getting out from under bankruptcy smelling like a rose while leaving his workers high and dry into performance art does not meet my criteria for good presidential material. Plus, I think he’s a narcissist. It looks like he attracts other narcissists to his campaign. That right there is a bad thing, especially when the Republican party has spent the last 8 years making government ineffective. It’s one thing to hire a selfish, self-centered, unscrupulous, macho, physically repugnant guy (the sexiest thing in his pants is his wallet) to the oval office. It’s another thing to make it impossible for any good legislation to pass through Congress while he’s in office.

Bernie Sanders is a good guy and he’s at least trying to give the rest of us a voice. But where was he in 2012? Why no action when the finance industry buddies of the Oval Office put a screeching halt on any progress to help the middle class? Sure, the FiliBernie was awesome but why didn’t he run in 2012? For that matter, why didn’t Hillary run?

But I can see where the passion is coming from on the left. Finally, someone is making a stand for income inequality. He’s saying craaaazy things. They’re just so crazy that everyone likes to hear them. They’re the kind of crazy things that appealed to voters my uncle’s age before he and his age cohort was distracted by abortion, conformity, religion and fear. Everyone should have health care because the rest of the developed world has done it. How novel is that??  Some countries have single payer, some have nationalized, some work through private insurance. ALL of the successful ones have implemented price controls. Don’t tell me that it’s not politically possible.

Most of the Europe has college education at vastly reduced prices so that students don’t start their professional lives indentured. Don’t tell me that’s not politically possible.

We used to have decent pensions in this country so that people were not forced to put their life savings on the roulette wheel of a global casino like we currently do with 401Ks. Don’t tell me that a guaranteed pension is not politically possible.

That’s what the polls are telling Hillary right now. They are telling her to NOT tell US that what we want is not politically possible.

We have had 8 years of a very weak president whose administration seems to excel at one thing- convincing pundits and political party spokespeople to glorify his Lilliputian achievements. (Please, don’t even go there.) And the voters are told over and over again that if they aren’t sufficiently appreciative that their net worth and futures are significantly diminished, they’re racists. If they want anything for themselves other than endless more decades of sacrifice while finance types continue to harvest them, they’re told that it’s not politically possible. I have to wonder if David Brooks, our modern Wormtongue and master of learned helplessness and messaging is secretly in charge of Democratic Party strategy.

Yes, the electoral map is against us but what would happen if the party stopped saying “Elect us president even though there’s nothing we can do!”

That’s not the message voters want to hear. They want to hear that you’re going to try. They want to hear that you’ll go to the mat for them. They want to be assured in no uncertain terms that if they hand the reigns of power over to you and manage to give you the house and the senate too by some miracle, that you are not going squander another golden opportunity to fix it. If there is one genuine surprise this year, it’s that after many long years, it is finally safe and even good to call yourself a liberal Democrat. It would be a shame if the party failed to move on that.

So, Hillary, tell Robbie Mook and his data models to take a hike. I don’t want to be pressured to donate just because 3 other people in my neighborhood did it. (Stop sending those emails. They make me resentful and obstinate.) Besides, data models are like Palantiri that can lead you astray. You don’t know the end of the story yet so there is no need to lock yourself into a careful, professionally crafted campaign approach that is unresponsive to current opportunities and realities. Do not market to me. What is good for my cohort is good for the vast majority of Americans. There is no reason to data drive, divide and conquer. We need a restart button not principle components analysis.

I want to see you throw caution to the wind and send a message that is going to at least match Bernie’s that you are going to do something for us even if it looks like it’s not politically possible.

Dream the impossible dream, Hillary. Dream BIG.






52 Responses

  1. I don’t know what is going on in her head. But she seems to be doubling down on the anti-single payer thing.

    Sanders health care plan will never, ever come to pass

    “I want you to understand why I am fighting so hard for the Affordable Care Act. I don’t want it repealed. I don’t want us to be thrown back into a terrible, terrible national debate,” Clinton said as Hanna took the stage. “I don’t want us to end up in gridlock. People can’t wait. People who have health emergencies can’t wait for us to have a theoretical debate about some better idea that will never, ever come to pass.”

    Never Ever. That sounds like the dumbest thing a candidate could say. And what do we get when that get’s compromised?

    I am way too burned out to Feel the Bern, but I sure understand where the ones who do are coming from. Give me my Expanded Medicare!!! And stop lying about why we didn’t get it. We didn’t get it because Obama didn’t want it. And if Bernie doesn’t manage to do anything else, he forced Hillary to reveal that she doesn’t want it either.

    This Zika thing makes things VERY interesting.

    • Yeah, I’m not into the never ever thing.
      The ACA isn’t working. It’s not even working for insurance companies.
      Try to wrap your head around that.
      It needs to be scrapped and if that means we need another terrible national debate, so be it.

      • I am so angry, I can hardly type. They couldn’t even have the fairness to make Obama Care open to everyone. The Medicaid thing is just part of the insanity (why make an arbitrary border where aerson is too poor for it) but they also made it so that tons of people make too much money for subsidies and not enough to afford the premiums — and they knew it at the time!! That’s why they made an exemption if a premium is more than 10% of your income. I have actually had people tell me that the exemption is fabulous. These people get a ‘benefit’ of NOT having health insurance.

        I would have never guessed 8 years ago that Hillary would ever support such a thing. And I can’t stand it now.

      • The insurance companies don’t like Obamacare for reasons related to the semi-good things about it…like the fact that the penalty isn’t as expensive as the over-priced insurance.

        I am one of the ones with a cancelled plan exemption, thankfully. My exemption is good through the 2017 tax year. After that, unless Bernie gets his Medicare for All, I’ll pay the penalty. The penalty is essentially the purchase of an option to elect to buy insurance during the open enrollment period if I get sick. The insurance for an over-50 type costs about $6000/yr premium in my area. That is for a $3-4000 deductible and a pretty narrow network. I would qualify for a bit of subsidy, but the plans on the Exchange that you have to buy to get that subsidy are total junk. I know that a severe medical illness might be financially devastating. However the premium+deductible every year until I’m Medicare eligible most certainly will be financially devastating. So I’m betting on the might be rather than the certainty. The law has made insurance a stupid thing to buy.

        Anyway, I feel the Bern. Anybody who promises to have A REAL insurance debate gets my vote. Hillary can go to heck. She is clearly a bought and paid for stooge, as far as I’m concerned.

        • I know I said it at the top but, That Never, Ever comment of hers hit me like a blow. I can’t even look at her.

          • Maybe she’s just saying anything to win. After she wins she’ll do what’s needed. Yes, I believe in fairy tales ;-).

        • Like the fact that the penalty isn’t as expensive as the over-priced insurance. ”

          That’s when there will be a change, when the insurance companies take their ball home( withdraw ) cause folks are paying the way cheaper penalty and the insurance industrial complex is not getting the every drop of blood money promised .

      • But ACA is politically radioactive. Ain’t nobody gonna touch it unless it’s crazed right wingers who get to scrap it. It’s not gonna get “fine-tuned” or subject to any other euphemism.

        I hate it. I make just enough to not qualify for any subsidy, but I can’t afford the premiums, especially in light of the huge deductibles. It’s like the worst, most expensive catastrophic coverage policy ever. So instead, I get to lose a chunk of my refund.

        As much as I like a lot of Sanders’ rhetoric, he’s going to be no more effective in governing than Obama. Until the next round of redistricting, any Democratic (*cough* “independent” *cough*) president will be stuck with slender majorities, if any. And we see how effective demonizing opponents is…not.

        • Never say never. The pitchforks are out there. Bernie’s message could resonate with a lot of people his age that who voted R in the last couple of decades.

          • No Bernie is not going to resonate with the R’s. Just mention the world socialism and they start running for the doors whether you like it or not.

        • Remember when she campaigned in 08 she said whatever health plan was passed, that Congress would have it too. Well they couldn’t have that and had to take her out! Barack let them keep their Cadillac plans so they have no idea what average American are experiencing with this debacle.

    • “Never, ever come to pass” while the Republican party has control of Congress. Don’t let the better become the enemy of the good, even if the “good” is just an incremental improvement. Obama did invite the insurance execs to the White House to assure them that they’d still be siphoning their 1/3 overhead off the medical-industrial complex. He wanted to go down in history.

      Isn’t Hillary is a proponent of universal health care, but knows it’s just not going to happen with the current political division. If Bernie can’t even be a member of the Democratic Party as a junior Senator from Vermont, I wonder how he is going to bring two parties together to keep Obama care (the best we have at the moment, and the Republicans would like to see it gone).

      • I’m a Hillary voter. Enjoyed voting for her in 2008 and will enjoy doing it again.
        I only wish I could vote for both Hillary and Bernie because incrementalism is going to break the people who can’t hold on any longer.
        It’s not fair to them to pretend that their concerns are not as urgent as someone who has a pre-existing condition or kids. In some respects, it’s worse because the media hasn’t been fully reporting just how bad the problem is with the long term unemployed who are prevented from entering the job market due to perceived and largely incorrect lack of technical skills.

      • I’ve drawn a line at Never, Ever. And I’m not going to play, What Hillary Really Meant. Pelosi said it the day before, so it’s a Thing.

  2. Back in November, I wrote on my blog Down the Rabbit Hole, that Hillary’s abandoned supporters were fleeing the DNC for Trump due to her fealty to Obama. It’s like she threw aside the White working class, the women and is courting the Obama supporters who hate her and will never vote for her. Hillary 2016 is the worst campaign I’ve ever seen. My blog post is here.http://patriciabaeten.blogspot.com/2015/11/rnc-wages-war-on-trump-as-abandoned.html

  3. But a guy who has turned getting out from under bankruptcy smelling like a rose

    Four times. You forgot that he’s done it four bloody times.

    • Indeed der Donald was the original ” too big to fail” and had his cashews repeatably pulled from the fire. At once time that would make one seem a loser…but we have been though many years of many many bail outs and if you go belly up any number of times, come out smelling like a rose, it means you are “hooked up” , a player, smart . Look at the system. It works best for bankrupt.

  4. Hillary and Bernie didn’t run in 2012 for the same reason BOTH of them embraced Obama in their last debate. It is the same reason Obama was nominated in 2008: his skin color. No Democrat can risk offending black voters by telling the truth about Obama (that he was the most Right-wing Democratic President since the 19th Century).

    In any case, there is every probability that the GOP will continue to control the House for the next 4 years (at least) so Big Changes are almost certainly not going to happen.. The opportunity for real change existed 8 years ago, but that was then, and it will most likely take another disastrous GOP President to open that door again. So we will have to settle for incremental change, unless one wants to gamble we can survive Trump or Cruz. And even if we did, would we get another FDR or another Obama?

    Which is to say, I’m backing Hillary, while not expecting much good news whatever happens in November.

    • That is the unfortunate truth about African American voters. You cannot criticize Obama or you lose their votes.

      • There’s no reason to keep celebrating these teensy “accomplishments” either. african Americans can trust their lying eyes. Im not sure it’s them who need the affirmations when it comes to Obama. I think it’s cultural snobs like Frank Bruni or any body who hasn’t lost their job yet.

  5. How big is this basic income the smugs are proposing?

    Unlike RD, who retains a work ethic for reasons which escape me, I am a lumpenproletarian who gets lumpier by the day, and would be quite happy to sit on my gluteus and draw a basic income, if it would keep me in Intertoobz and Dr Pepper (or Dr Thunder, Wally World’s entirely satisfactory knockoff of DP). :mrgreen:

    • I love work. Can’t get enough of it. I also consider myself one of the lucky ones who actually achieved my dream job. Now I have to remake myself in q pretty good career but it’s no structural biology.
      Everyone should have a job that makes them thrilled to go to work and where money isn’t the goal.

      • How do you think there could be enough thrilling jobs to go around, and why do you think everyone is capable of being thrilled with a job?

        I agree our masters, the rich, are foolish not to employ you as a structural biologist or whatever. We never stop needing more medical advances. Even they need them, so one would think they would support medical and other scientific research out of plain self-interest, if nothing else.

        • I said I was lucky.
          But I do think there is an ideal job for everyone. Many people never find it because they think the goal is to become rich. If you don’t have fun at work, that’s a tragedy, no matter what job you do.

          • Most people don’t have the luxury of passing up money.

            Most people work for one overriding reason–that they were not born to wealth.

            I don’t understand why you think there is an ideal job for everyone.

          • I didn’t say money isn’t important. I just think some people pass up happiness at work because they think they have to be rich. Like all the molecular biologists who work on Wall Street making power point slides for VPs at Goldman Sachs. Those jobs suck. But the payoff can be enormous if you’re willing to stick with it.
            I have a hypothesis that there’s a niche for everyone. Based on your personality, abilities and experience there is an ideal job for everyone but not everybody has the opportunity to find it.
            Go listen to Brittany Howard from Alabama Shakes in the interview she gave to terry gross last week on fresh air. Her dad had a junk yard. Some people want to own junk yards. They find junk yards interesting. They have a rich family life and it revolves around their junk yard.
            Brittany howard sounds amazingly well adjusted and like she knows herself. She’s just happy to be playing music with friends. The fame and fortune are icing on the cake.
            In any case, you’re expected to spend 1/3 or more of your day there for 40 years. You might as well fight hard to do something you really like. I pinched myself every morning when I was in science. It was that good.

          • ^ RD, this is an example for Social Democracy. With a baseline floor of economic security of MedicareForAll, $15 min wage, & free tuition to those accepted at public Univs, you are more likely to have geniuses that are also altruistic like Dr. Jonas Salk invent the polio vaccine.

            In current US, per the Harvard Public Health Profs’ analysis, ~30K USians/yr are murdered by spreadsheet by the poli-trick-ians blocking implementation CAN-style MedicareForAll. In this environment, possible altruistic geniuses may choose a less socially useful yet lucrative job like physician, or like you mention RD a downright anti-social anti-productive job like Wall $treet “PowerPoint Engineer”. This is Murica, it can literally be “Your Money or Your Life”, & this healthcare-murder-by-spreadsheet risk is far worse than 1SIS or whomever the Terist Boogeyman Du Jour TM is.

          • Ok, so this puzzles me. Scientists don’t usually go into it for the money but $30k/year is ridiculous for someone who took organic chemistry and molecular biology and understands it.
            I don’t understand why our country insists on busting scientists down to subsistence level wages. The cleaning ladies at the building I’m currently working in make more than $30k/year WITH benefits.

          • ^ RD, I am saying that a $15 min wage increasing economic security for ALL workers, because if a scientist/other professional suffers Type 1 Underemployment (for example: the NASA contractor PhD biologist that was Type 1 Underemployed for some years as $8/hr taxi driver), the “floor” is more humane aka sucks less. The fact that the floor is more humane, makes it more reasonable for potential Jonas Salk altruistic scientists to work say as a $90K Biochemistry Prof or CDC employee, as opposed to a $170K physician/patent lawyer/Wall $treet worker/etc.

            Ditto for MedicareForAll. The US status quo requires saving >= $200K ABOVE “retirement savings” in order to protect against EXPECTED EXTORTIONS from the Sickcare Mafia. The median adult net worth is only $37K, needless to say most people are not able to do so. The majority of US bankruptcies are Medical bankruptcies, and the majority of the Medical bankruptcy have (Crapified) health insurance. MedicareForAll would eliminate the ~30K USian/yr deaths & the much greater number of medical bankruptcies.

            The 2016 USian status quo forces people to consider pursuing combined lucrative & stable careers to stash away large savings to protect against US economic insecurity (word to “The Great Risk Shift” book) from sources including Type 1 Underemployment, Unemployment, & Medical Bankruptcy; individual savings can mean Death or poverty

      • Hello RD,

        Somewhat on topic, I thought you mind find amusing this
        parody of a Disney song where the lyrics are about why it is better
        to be a scientist in academia scientist rather than one in industry.

        • Yeah, I never could figure that one out. Grad students have a strange idea about what life is like in industry. . Industrial science was a billion times better and it was still science.

  6. riverdaughter you are so often spot on with your comments, but it seems you just can’t quite quit hillary. she is already dreaming the impossible dream: that she will ever be president. she is (and always has been) the new new nixon. her impossible dream come true would be a national nightmare for the rest of us, who have had hope & change betrayed for at least 3 decades by neo-democrats like her. and counter-arguing that with reference to any of the gop pygmies is no argument.

  7. fw http://politicalcompass.org/uselection2016 interesting 2D political spectrum of the Pres candidates, done by a UK Prof & journalist duo. I like this site because you can contrast yourself (via a quiz), different years & different countries on the same spectrum. For example, you can compare US 2016 v yourself v US 2008 v CAN 2015.

    Interestingly, the authors label Sanders as Scandinavian-style Social Democrat. Sanders is NOT the “Socialist!”, apparently meant to be interpreted as USSR-style Communist, that the Rs, H Clinton, & BigMedia Newsmodels & pundit Hacks all derisively label Sanders as 24/7.

    Personally I wish Sanders would label himself a “Social Democrat, in the tradition of FD Roosevelt, ML King, & current Scandinavia”. Perhaps the Murican Exceptionalist Propaganda is so pervasive, that praising another nation’s society as superior to current Murica would be harmful? It just seems that “Democratic Socialist” Sanders self-labels is to easy to be falsely accused as Communist by his political enemies.

    Note that on the spectrum H Clinton is better than the 4 near-identical Rs, although H Clinton is CLOSER to these 4 Rs than she is to Sanders. Sanders is close to where 2012 Green candidate Dr. Jill Stein was.

    I’d be interested in reading your take on this political spectrum chart

    • Haven’t seen it but will look when I have time, I promise.
      So, if Hillary is closer to Republicans, where does that place Obama?

  8. Yes!!! Agreed!! Do you remember her in those rallies after SC primary in 08?! she was absolutely incredible!! I have never seen anyone campaign like that before. She needs to get back to that. She is being too cautious and to be blunt she’s being too damn gracious! It’s time she starts laying it down like there’s nobodies business, and I think eventually, she will!

  9. Also why do you keep asking why she is running now? Don’t you think it’s plausible she is dreaming the big dream by virtue of running? By being ambitious and actually wanting to be President? It’s ok to be excited this time around and dream the big dream of a woman president. I guess I’m just unapologetic about wanting her to be pres

  10. The unfortunate thing is that 2008 was the time to really do something about health care. We got the ACA. Now the choice is to get rid of the ACA and go back to the old system or keep the ACA. Maybe not choices you or I like but it’s where we are. Bernie’s plan failed in VT and if it failed in VT one of the most politically viable states for it in the nation then it has zero chance of happening nationwide. Bernie so far has done nothing to change the down ticket situation whereas Hillary has raised 18 million dollars to run candidates to get rid of the tea partiers in congress. So until we get congress changed we’re going to be dealing with the reality of what we can get done. Obama has decimated the party on the state and local level. That has to be rebuilt before really anything can happen.

    • Really?? The ACA has to be turned off like a spigot?? I don’t buy this argument. I’m sure that’s the fear factor that sneaky operatives are planting because goodness knows, we wouldn’t want our Reps to actually have to vigorously debate the issue. It’s so much easier when they just borrow Romney care from MA.
      But it’s silly to argue that preexisting conditions, children and the poor can’t still be covered while they’re working on something better.
      That’s nonsense and I don’t believe it.
      They should save their energy for something that will work and won’t create two classes of workers who are unable to save, pay bills, give their kids a college education and cover their health costs on the ACA

  11. The fun will begin in about June, when the stories of people who have no choice but to incur the $3000 tax penalties for not submitting to the tragic disaster for the middle class that is the “A”(cough)CA. (Even with a penalty like that, it STILL doesn’t make sense to carry insurance, though.)

    No doubt the Republicans are going to waltz those people out and tell the story just as dramatically as possible. I honestly think when it’s said and done, the Repub is going to win the election. And of course, they’ll take the awful law and make it worse.

    BTW, I’m all for Medicaid, subsidies, etc. I also want health CARE though, and none of those things necessarily provide it.

    • The timing of that tax penalty makes me think that the GOP set it up this way in an election year. They’re diabolical bastards.

      • You would think so, but the Dems were responsible. All Obama cared was that it happened when he was on his way out.

  12. I thought Hillary did really well in the NH town hall tonight. Did anyone else see it? She was clearly tired, but I thought she made her case and disputed some of the Repub-like accusations against her that the Repubs and Sanders campaign have been making. I’m impressed with her calm demeanor (but that may be because Sanders’ repetitive anger has begun to grate). I also really loved the question and answer from the Rabbi about the two pockets. I supported her strongly, and worked hard for her in 2008 (with some of you…), and I will again, having first met her in the 90s when she came to my small town to quietly support the parents of a soldier killed in action. I do wish she would say, yes, as a WOMAN, I made over $200K per speech for 3 speeches to Goldman Sachs (similar to what other former SoSs make), and I’m taking that money to continue to fight against Wall Street with their own funds. Also interesting that almost all the questioners of Sanders were white men (his base), and there were more women chosen to ask questions of Clinton (hers).

  13. This Obama love from Hill is murder. She could be fending off Sanders far better by making his points in the context of government, talking about what she will do to better things once in office. That’s what she’s wonderful at on the stump. Not this how great OB is and has been! She’s f-ing with her brand.That pisses off her actual supporters, confuses the fence sitters and gains her nothing from the professional Hill hating obots, now bernbots .

    She has forever been Obama’s whipping girl for the Dem Left. They always blame and punish her for his sins. They are happily doing so now in their Bernie swoon… I’m not saying trash Barry of course, just stop making him such a cornerstone okay?

    • Agree completely. I believe she needs to lay off the ‘look up my record,’ as people under 30 now are just not willing to do that. They want things simple and clear, they want a clear authority figure to follow who wants to gratify their desires. She needs to say, ‘as important as income inequality is–and it is a WORLDWIDE problem, now–there are things more important than income inequality happening in our country (child abuse, violence, racism…), and this (in a sentence) is what I’m going to do to solve them.’ She needs to say, ‘I’m happy to take money from Wall Street and use it to fight Wall Street.’ Last night, politico reported that in a democratic forum, Sanders’ supporters ‘got dark’ against Clinton, and then all left the venue after he spoke, before she did. I think this is going to get a lot uglier. It is heartbreaking to watch it happen again. No wonder her supporters are “fatigued,” in the words of Gail Sheehy. What would people think of her if she were male? If Bernie were female?

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