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NYTimes is shocked, SHOCKED!

The NYTimes is shocked that women over 50 have THE highest unemployment rate after people who are about to retire than any other demographic group in the country since the Great Recession started.

I know, shocking.

Unless you have had to live through it.

I wondered many times what exactly the country expects you to live on when you have submitted hundreds of cover letters and resumes without a nibble, gone through all of your savings, can’t get any more unemployment, etc. I mean, what is it you’re supposed to do when you’re way too young for social security, can’t get your pension, pay a fricking *surtax* on 401K withdrawals that you need to take in order to pay bills and buy basic necessities. Honestly, if that’s not immoral and wrong, I don’t know what is. What is it the right wing crazies want you to do when you can’t get an interview for that dishwasher’s job and you’re too old to sell your body?*

Take your time, I’ll wait.

Then again, I have to wonder if the NYTimes has considered its own culpability in the plight of unemployed women in their 50’s trying to, you know, maintain their caloric intake and shelter requirements (damn them, why won’t they just stay on their ice floes??).

When the Great Recession was in full swing, it was the NYTimes that ran a series of articles about unemployed people who had exhausted their benefits. Usually, the women they featured in pictures in these articles were in their 50s, were obese and sometimes asleep at their monitors. Never mind that none of the highly skilled, physically fit, unemployed people in NJ that I knew looked or behaved like that. This is the image that the NYTimes sent out to the world. Women in their 50s are morbidly overweight, unkempt, have brassy blonde hair and dark roots, they spend money foolishly on vacations, and lounge at their desks. That is the mental image that employers all have in their minds now.

Thank you, NYTimes.

Please stop trying to help.

By the way, it would be really nice if the world stopped assuming that people in their 50s can’t keep up with technology. The internet has been publicly available for about 25 years. That would have made women in their 50s young whippersnappers back then. They wrote the first web pages, learned the first versions of MS Office and did a bajillion other things with early smart phones, laptops and other gadgets. We’re as competent as our male counterparts. A penis does not make you more technologically savvy.

*I finally got a job but it was through a backdoor. If you’re over 50, just forget trying to get past the “Talent Acquisition Specialists”. They seem determined to keep you out and they use every trick in the book to figure out how old you are. Not that age really matters. Because it don’t.

4 Responses

  1. Matt Taibbi once wrote an article about the near-upperclass bias of the New York Times. He called stories like this their “filthy bird” stories because they all resembled in basic outline a story about cormorants on the Great Lakes that the NyTimes once ran . . . calling them “filthy birds”.

    The NyTimes views all people who can’t afford the fancy goods and services advertised in the Times and the Sunday Times and the Times Style Magazine as “filthy birds”. Those stories gave an honest view about how the NyTimes feels about the rest of us in social class and style status terms.

    They also run some good stories to be sure. But those stories are merely bait to get people to read long enough to absorb the “filthy bird” stories and the Judith Miller stories and so forth.

  2. I am a woman who is very worried too. I am strictly worried about the math in this country. How can a country survive when millions upon millions of jobs were exported? Manufacturing is just a hint of what it used to be. But on the other hand, millions upon millions of people have been imported by either legal imigration via H1B visas or illegally, by just moving in and living here. However you add it up, it is excess people vying for fewer and fewer jobs, paying less and less. To even bring this up results in being charged with racism or xenophobia. Similar to what we experienced when we pointed out the inexperience of Obama. Being rational is forbidden. Am I missing something? I think the dramatic increase in population is a clever way to swamp the social safety net. It is overwhelmed. Homelessness is rampant. It is to the point that problems become insurmountable. I am not blaming the people who come here, but I do blame the policies that encourage it.

    • That is a very interesting observation. I remember reading many years ago that Milton Friedman the Libertarian economist who objected in principal to the existence of a welfare state, said no welfare state could survive a heavy influx of illegal immigrants. He then went on to support illegal immigration and active non-enforcement of immigration laws . . . precisely in order to get the welfare state swamped, bankrupted, and legislated out of existence.
      I am not sure how much actual effect Friedman’s support for illegal immigration in order to swamp and abolish the welfare state had on pro illegal immigration policies. I know that Friedman and Friedmanism were highly regarded in Republican social and policy circles.

  3. As I recall, Jill Abramson lost her job, too.

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