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Happy New Year!

FINALLY, things might be turning around. Oh, sure, I’m going to have to watch my wallet for a long time but January 1, 2016 is a billion times better than 365 days earlier.

Don’t get me wrong, the economy still sucks. Don’t let anyone fool you. And now people are a lot less able to absorb the shock of more blows to their personal finances. I think historians are going to have a field day when they look back on this era after the bubble burst in 2008 and find that neither party was in control. Nope, we’ve been in the hands of the grasshoppers for the last eight years. It remains to be seen whether our current crop of candidates can turn it around.

By the way, if you haven’t seen it, check out The Big Short this weekend, then come back and look me straight in the eye and tell me the bankers didn’t buy the 2008 election in order to save their asses. There are still a lot of people in denial about how Barack Obama became president. It’s time to face up to that. They didn’t support Hillary back 2008. Time to think about that really hard without all the Bro’s vs Ho’s memes getting in the way.02

Hillary nagged me relentlessly in the last few days for money.  I don’t think she really has a shortage of donors but some of us have been disengaged and I have had to dig myself out of a hole. So, I didn’t make a contribution in 2015. But I will this year.

Yes, I think she’s got to shake things up. THAT’s what Trump enthusiasts are responding to, whether or not he is a repulsive, destructive, disrespectful blow hard or not.

And I really wish she’d drop the stupid profit sharing idea. It’s a market tested gimmick. The wealthy would love for us to fall for that. They’re probably thinking they can toss us a gnarled bone like profit sharing and we’ll be happy with it instead of real income stability. They think we’re stupid. It smells like Lily Ledbetter. And I’ve seen how profit sharing works. The MBAs will write the rules and share most of the profits amongst themselves while rank and file and research people get the dregs that will not adequately compensate them for all their hard work. Please, Hillary, just stop.

Anyway, I’ll make that donation when I get around to it. Right now, I have a teensy bit of money that I can use to buy a new coat. I’ve been wearing my 20 year old peacoat and it’s time for something fresher.

Yesterday, I went to an impromptu tea party at my aunt’s house and it was the best New Year’s in a long time.

I finally slept with the lights off.

Happy New Year.


10 Responses

  1. I think Obama had good intentions and decent ideas, but it’s very obvious he had no supporters on the Capitol Hill. Everyone was expecting to be a “puppet” President, and he tried fighting it, but in the end nothing got done – except constant bickering between him and the Congress.
    Happy New Year!

    • I don’t think so. Obama was installed to do exactly what he did . . . such as guaranteeing operational functional de facto immunity and impunity for the FIRE sector criminals, co-conspiring with Speaker Boehner to make the Bush Tax Cuts permanent on purpose, getting ORomneyCare passed in order to bail out Big Insura and poison the well for decades to come against evening MENTioning single-payer CanadaCare, following through on Pelosi’s promise that “Impeachment is off the table” with keeping post-Impeachment of War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity off the table, etc.

      It is all part of what he expects to be paid hundreds of millions of dollars for after he leaves office.

      On the plus side, he did force through a nuclear stand-down deal with Iran and has avoided a war with Iran so far. Given that McCain and Ppalin wanted to take us into war with Iran as soon as possible, I still don’t regret my vote for Obama in 2008. But given what Obama fast revealed himself to be, I don’t regret my vote for Anderson in 2012. I suppose I could regret not having voted for Romney but he seemed the consummate bussiness shyster in his own way, and I couldn’t think of any pro-OverClass obamagenda items that Romney would have changed.

  2. I don’t think so. Not the way he ran his campaign. He just wanted to be president. The powers didn’t and don’t want someone who is not completely beholden to them. That’s why they are fighting like crazy against someone like Hillary. I am not completely comfortable with her foreign policy views. It seems to me that Obama’s foreign policy was ineptness and more neocon stuff. People (his fan base especially) should be reminded who the president is. But then, Hillary seemed to be enforcing lots of those views as well. So I am not very comfortable. But who else is there?

    Then now, I really think New York Times and Washington Post have been (consciously) carrying water for neocons and powers-to-be and I am just starting to see it.

    Don’t get complacent. They have (esp NYT an WPo) have sown the seeds. The crazy headlines are going to start again right about now or in a couple of weeks, just in time for primaries. Then they start writing a whole bunch of new narratives. They are really afraid that Clinton may actually accomplish a iota of stuff that they (the powers) don’t want, be it in domestic or in foreign policy.

    In 2008, I made a mistake of thinking domestic policy and foreign policy are separate. They are not. They feed off each other. The banks and corporations are multinationals and have huge amount of power all around. US is a huge country and can curtail their influence in a way that no one else can.

    In another note, watch out for all sorts of sexism, not just the obvious stuff. For example, the idiot bros and gop trolls (they are mostly the latter) have already started the memes: Hillary Clinton is responsible for anything and everything that has gone wrong (real or imaginary) in Bill, Bush, and Obama’s administration. She should have single handedly stopped the stupidity of a whole bunch of people and the whole population.

    Happy New Year to all, especially RD.

    • You said ” Not the way he ran his campaign. He just wanted to be president. The powers didn’t and don’t want someone who is not completely beholden to them.”

      I think you and I are in complete agreement.
      Back in August 2007 at YearlyKos in Chicago, I would have said Obama was just trying things out in preparation for 2012. He was definitely NOT impressive on that stage.
      By February 2008, someone had hired Charlotte’s Web PR company for him and was pouring millions into his campaign. We SAW it happen. Remember?
      Yes, he did want to be president but lots of people want to be president. He wasn’t experienced, or had any magical abilities to become president. It was all manufactured. Do I really need to go over exactly how it was done? Again??
      I was listening to a podcast recently and I wish I could remember which one because there was a brilliant quote about the nature of power. It was something to the effect that the best way to take over is to tell everyone that you have the power. The more you convince people to repeat that you have the power, the more you are likely to have the power. That sounds about right. That’s how Fox stays in control of the horizontal and vertical. They have a big microphone and they use it everyday to be the biggest, toughest bully in the playground. Their audience loves to project invincibility because, let’s face it, where else are you going to go? Do those loser Democrats have anything like a 24/7, in your face, obnoxious news channel broadcasting lies all. the. time.? No, we are trying to get by on our principles and are so fragmented that we can’t tell when we are indulging in the same kind of black/white thinking that has been so prevalent on the right? There are many shades of gray between hawks and doves in foreign policy. One size doesn’t fit all, but I digress.
      My point was, someone(s) bought Obama the best PR team money could buy in 2008. Then they also bought a lot of down ticket Democrats. They eliminated anyone who was even a tad liberal in leaning who was running in 2008. I know because the liberal Democrat in my district at the time lost by a razor thin margin in 2006 when the party was behind her. She *should* have won easily in 2008 for a fricking open seat and where was the party? They threw her under the bus. It was awful.
      Well, we could go back and read those posts from 2008. The party is only recruiting people the financial industry and the independent Silicon Valley people approve. The rest of us can go to hell. Thank you, Debbie Wasserman Shultz for selling out so effectively in 2008 because it won’t matter who is in the White House in 2016 as long as the money is in control.
      They bought him in 2008. He couldn’t have done it without them. It’s ridiculous to try to make the case that he’s less compromised than Hillary because they could have easily made their pitch to her. But if they did, she either rejected it or they went with the low hanging fruit.
      And he accepted the deal. And now the concrete has hardened.

      • Yes to all this

      • You very well might want to go through it all again for the benefit of a younger generation of readers who weren’t old enough to track these things at the time. But that would take an awful lot of time. Might there be an easier way?

        Perhaps eventually, when time permits, a lookback-survey of all the posts you wrote during those unfolding events and a listing of them in logical order with links to them all in one lookback-survey post about how Obama and his Patrons diddit? And if any of those past posts don’t contain the kind of information about the sudden showing-up of PR firms and etc that this post does . . . perhaps a systematic post about that stuff too? If time and energy ever permit.

    • My comment never ran. Since I don’t know if it is stealth-moderation or merely failed to register, I will say in briefest, Obama did exactly what he wanted and what he was installed to do. He never meant the least bit well for us “filthy bird” classes whom he has always mocked and despised.

      He expects to be paid hundreds of millions of dollars for what he did for the rich people. The size of his payoff will be the measure of their gratitude.

  3. I am sitting this one out. Not going to send in money and not going to care.

    I am mildly interested in the hoo-ha, it is a life time habit after all.

    But from now on, (I think) the proof will be in those first 100 days of a Presidency. What gets done. What matters. Show me the picture of a President’s finger shacking in the face of a Senator or Congressman.

    And tell me, why I should care. I want to know what’s in it for me.

    I was taught not to vote my pocketbook. What a loser idea.

  4. If Sanders is still in the race by Michigan Primary, I will vote for Sanders. If Sanders has been driven out of the race by Michigan, I will crash the Republicans’ primary and vote for Trump.

    If the Sanders’s supporters feel that Sanders was defeated fair and square, they will get over their bitterness after a while and then make their calculations. Most would probably vote for a Candidate Clinton in the end. If the Sanders supporters feel the Clintonites and the DemParty conspired to “barack” Sanders out of the nomination, they will mostly vote their hatred and their vengeance. We will see where that goes.

    A President Trump would kick some shit over sideways and stomp on it. Who knows which shit that would be? Aside from his white working class base, he would also get the “Better an end with horror than horror without end” vote. He would also get the “Burn this Mother down!” vote.

    The Rs will try their hardest to “barack” Trump out of the nomination.
    In the end it will either be TRUMP/Cruz if they can’t prevent it . . . or it will be RUBIO/Bush if they can give Trump a really good “baracking”.

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