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It’s my Birthday and I’ll Blog if I Want To

Tuesday: ExasperationThis has been a rough week. Don’t even ask. It’s like 2 steps forward and one yank back. I *hate* that. The good thing is I *finally* have a job making a decent wage and I have health insurance again. When I say decent, I don’t mean anywhere near what I was making before and I have to teach myself a whole new technology. Not to worry, I can do this. I like challenges. But I will always miss my old job, not that there’s anything for me to go back to. Oh, look, drug resistant bacteria dragging us back to the dark ages. Lovely. If only there were a pool of drug designers, chemists and biologists who had been diligently working on new antibiotics for the past four years…

What am I saying?? That’s crazy talk to a shareholder.

But anyway, it’s my birthday and I’m going to the Oakmont Bakery for a Doughsant with something really decadent in it. I might even buy a pepperoni bread. Oh, yeah, I’m wild. I can’t be stopped. Because this is what you do after you’ve been shut out of the job market for 4 years. You spend no money on anything. In fact, my first goal, now that I have a regular salary is… to save up for my next layoff! Welcome to America, Dr. Krugman!

From the looks of the last thread, there is still plenty to say about terrorism, strategy, ISIS and many other things. RU Reddy needs to cut back on the caffeine though. I approved the pending comments. Sorry about that. I don’t spend as much time on the blog as I want to. Too many other annoying and disturbing things are taking my attention. The saga continues. There’s a book in here somewhere. I have already written a Hollywood ending and want someone thinner to play me. Preferably, someone who doesn’t go to the Oakmont Bakery to fill up on pastry.

Today’s the day I say what I really think. Hence the title. So, at the risk of hurting anyone’s feelings, I don’t approve of any plan that excludes Syrian refugees from the US. By the way, I have actually met and talked to a genuine Syrian refugee. He was a building manager in Syria and his wife was a dentist. He had a sponsor bring him to Pittsburgh where his wife can’t practice and he is washing dishes in a restaurant. His son is autistic. He was frantic, overwhelmed, bereft, angry, frustrated and nearly hysterical. The fact that he would pour out his heart to the lady in the retail store (at my previous underpaid and stupid job) is indicative of his desperation. He told me about his culture, how it was being destroyed. It was making him crazy. He worried about his son. He tried to tell me about what it was like. He was so distraught. I couldn’t know what that was like because I had never lived in a war zone. But the fact that he spent 30 minutes talking to a perfect stranger about it gave me contact anguish.

Why would I want to exclude people like this from my country? I want them to feel safe and protected so they can regroup. I don’t care if he’s Muslim. He’s a human being. We don’t tag human beings, by the way. That’s a dangerous slippery slope.

As for ISIS, I would like to do a Dresden on them. And that’s why I’m not in charge. Because to do that could have downstream repercussions that I haven’t even thought of yet. So, strategy is key, as is timing. And maybe we don’t have to bomb them back into the stone age. But to do nothing or exclude the people who need our help the most only encourages IS to keep doing terrorism because they would know it works. So, we can’t be afraid and we can’t bomb the shit out of them. We have to be clever and deadly and brave.

We used to be good at that before we stupidly got into a land war in Asia. I guess if I had one birthday wish, I would rewind the clock back to 2003. I would destroy the super funded right wing scream machine that twisted consensus reality and made everyone think we needed to go to Iraq and I would invent a device that would deliver a dope slap to every ditzy American who thought we were going to go back to gas at 50 cents a gallon by kicking Saddam Hussein’s ass.

But that’s just me. What about you?

For the rest of my day, I am going to binge watch The Man in the High Castle. Number one child called to say Happy Birthday. That made my morning. Now, if I can only hear from the other kid, that would make my day.



26 Responses

  1. as we say in this country: van harte gefeliciteerd en nog vele jaren!

    • Thanks!
      My German to English translation is suboptimal but I think this says something about making a heart happy and Something something years.
      Will translate asap

  2. Happy B Day RD!

  3. Happy Decanting Day, RD! May Our Ford bless you! :mrgreen:

    11 days earlier, and you’d have had the same BD as Azusa Nakano of K-On!

  4. Have a Hobbit Hole cake!


  5. “Clever and deadly and brave.”

    Sounds like a starship captain I know.

    “They want us to lose our heads, Mr. Bailey. Let’s not oblige them.”

    The Earl Grey aficionado was less flashy, but no less effective.

  6. Happy birthday. It’s good to have a job. A not-as-nice job beats no job at all.

    I am sorry for what turned out to be so many comments. I am used to a comment saying “awaiting moderation” when a comment goes into moderation. Since these several comments did not appear at all . . . rather than provisionally appearing at the “awaiting moderation” stage, I figured they were somehow being pre-vaporised without even reaching your qeue. So I started experimenting to see what would pre-vaporise a comment. I did not expect these comments which I presumed to be pre-vaporised under the new triggerwords protocol you mentioned some ago. I did not realize they were still “in pending existence” at your end. And the fact that some appeared and others didn’t certainly looked like a pre-vaporisation function had been set into motion. So I tried figuring out what triggered the pre-vaporisation function.

    Perhaps the restoration of a visible “this comment awaiting moderation” capability might clear up that area of confusion.

  7. If I had a single birthday wish, I would wish for God to bring back all the plants and animals which have gone extinct from the Ice Age to now. Bring back the giant woolly tortoise. Bring back epigaulus, the two-horned gopher. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horned_gopher
    Bring back the great saber toothed eagle. etc.

  8. Happy Birthday, Riverdaughter! I am so glad your new job came along in time to make it a happy-ish new year. I know it’s just one piece of the whole but it’s a huge and happy event

  9. Happy Birthday!! It’s so nice to come and read your take.

    I can’t believe that after destabilizing ME, the same people who were beating he drums of war now don’t want refugees. American foreign policy: we break it, you own it.

  10. Happy Birthday rd!

  11. RD: Happy birthday!
    And it’s also my birthday…St. Cecilia’s day, patron of music in the catholic world. So I was baptized as Cecilia, a name I truly love and its significance to music which is my passion and source of inspiration every moment of my life.
    Good to know you got finally a decent job.

  12. Happy Birthday, RD and congrats on the new job!

  13. Happy Birthday and congrats on the new job. Perhaps 2016 will be a better year for you than the last few have been.

  14. Joe Cannonfire has some interesting posts (if he isn’t doing an Andy Kaufman) on Syria, He sounds believable. Reading the bit below about Paris and art reminded me of the looting of the Iraq National Museum after Bush the Lesser FUBARed the country starting all of this.
    Anyway, good on you for landing a job.

    • Mr. Mike,

      I haven’t read Joe Cannonfire. All I can say is . . . that after listening to the Obama-Hollande joint vomitous pukefest . . . that I sincerely hope that Joe Cannonfire is with Assad and Putin. Because if Joe Cannonfire is not with Assad and Putin, then Joe Cannonfire is with the terrorists. Just like Obama and Hollande are with the terrorists.

      • RUR–He’s holding his nose and acknowledging Assad as the lesser evil. So am I. You don’t need to take my word for it–just go to his blog and look at that blurb on the right near the top.


        • Thanks. It’s not that I like Assad oh-so-very-much. Its just that when we go to decision time, we go with the choices we have, not the choices we wish we had, or would have preferred to have had at some later time.

          • Remember that in November, RUR 🙂

          • Sweet Sue,

            That is a very fair reminder. Of course, there will be any number of Third Party choices to choose from if the Brand Name Establishment choice is too insulting to submit to. And there are gradations of choice.

            But if the Rs nominate something like Huckabee or Santorum or Cruz or Bush . . . then Clinton becomes a choice to consider if the D party has permitted nothing better onto its part of the ballot.

            In part it depends on how corrupt the Clinton’s money-harvesting Foundation operation is revealed to be, how much Clinton still supports the treasonous anti-America Free Trade Agreements, whether she is still with the terrorists instead of being with Assad and Putin, etc. etc. etc. Many things go into making a choice.

  15. Almost exactly 50 years ago, Arlo Guthrie and a buddy got busted for littering… :mrgreen:

  16. Happy birthday! I’m happy that you found a better than retail hell job. I had a job interview today. The company has a reputation for not paying well, but it’s in my field and 5 minutes from my home.

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