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Eucatastrophe is Greek

A eucatastrophe is a term and plot device invented by JRR Tolkien. It means something that happens in the story that at first looks very bad, like, Merry and Pippen being captured by the Orcs and taken off to Isengard. That looks like a it could have ended the book right there. Merry and Pippen fall into Saruman’s hands and he either holds them hostage until they cough up what they know about the ring or he sends them to Sauron. Either way, there would be no battle of Pelanor Fields. Ooo, there’s another eucatastrophe when Theoden falls to the Nazgul but then Eowyn kills it anyway.

So, the point is, in each of these cases of catastrophe, the actors see a way thru the disaster and change the course of the story for the good of many.

We should keep this in mind because the Greek crisis is a perfect opportunity to change the course of economic history, provided the actors look for a course through the disaster to act for the good of many instead of the selfish demands of a few.

in any case, when the dust settles, we will know who is on our side and who is working for the small evil group who thinks it runs the world and to which no one we personally know belongs.

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  1. Off topic: :mrgreen:

  2. Um, Rico, I’ll have a Janis Temple.

  3. Happy Independence Day, everypony! :mrgreen:

    Larger version:

    • Sorry about the ads at the bottom of the link page; I didn’t know they’d come along for the ride. 😛

  4. Go Greece!!

    • I would love to see the faces of the Malefactors Of Great Wealth if Greece hooked up with Russia and China. 😀

      The orcs of the alphabet-soup agencies of Samuel, Lord of the Nazgul (fka Uncle Sam) may be cultivating another Papadopoulos-type coup to prevent that from happening. I hope Syriza is prepared to nip that in the bud, if true.

      (Again, Uncle Sam is not Sauron, but merely the Lord of the Nazgul. The Malefactors Of Great Wealth, collectively aka Capital, are Sauron.) 👿

  5. Uh, is this site still active re comments? How would one send a question to RD about Hillary? The last Hillary posting is closed to comments. I drop by very occasionally as RD does such in-depth work with her posts. I could not find her on Daily Kos to comment there. No longer there?
    I hope she will send a message to HRC that her campaign staff is killing her chances again!! Roping the press? How hard would it be to see that was stupid? Not talking to the press when Bernie is available around the clock, seemingly? Finally, can’t she at least pretend to talk in an everyday, ‘we are sitting in the den’ tone of voice. Obama can only talk like a professor. Hillary seems robotic and incapable of “normal” speech patterns. Please not 2008 again!

    • IIRC, RD found that she needed to set her comment threads to close after a week or so, to prevent spammers from colonizing the blog. 👿

    • Hillary is by far the best candidate in the race, and would unquestionably be the best President. If the Democratic voters are too foolish to figure this out, and would rather throw away the country by voting for wishful projection candidates, there is not much that Hillary or her staff or anyone else can do about it.

      I watched her in every debate with Obama in 2008, and she dominated. Even the media admitted that. If people cannot remember that; if they are looking for some character on a fictional TV series, then there is not much one can do to convince them that this is not a television show.

      As to the media, they increasingly think that they are their own political party. They pick their favorite people (they liked GW Bush, hated Gore; they loved Obama, do not like Hillary), and then they indulge themselves by trying to create the result that they want. They figure that the alcohol at Washington parties is just as good no mattter who is in control. They live for the air time on those talking heads segments on the MSNBC shows. If Hillary were to coast to victory, that would cost them ratings and dollars, so they do everything then can to color things so that it will be a horse race.

      Ultimately, it still comes down to voters at the ballot box. Hillary trounces any Republican on issues. Only the Democrats can elect the Republicans, and insure that the Supreme Court is out of reach for another three decades, by having their idiotic affair with Sanders or anyone else who is not Hillary. It’s like already having a poker hand with four aces, and throwing three of them away, because you are hoping to hit a four-card draw to a royal flush.

      • You assert that Hillary is the best candidate, and insulting any critical thinker who does not blindly follow your statement. Likewise, I could assert that I can outplay Lebron James in basketball, but that does not make it true.

        Sanders clearly has far superior, social democratic, New Dealish policies than Hillary. Sanders Anti-TPP, Medicare For All, free tuition for 4-yr & 2-yr college, $15 minimum wage, Wall Street Transaction Sales Tax. These policies all have majoritarian support of the actual USian voters, despite the propaganda from the Beltway pols & media like Hillary hack Sen. McCaskill & Morning Hoe Scarborough that claim Sanders is “far-left”, “extremist”, etc. So if the USA is to live up to its propaganda the US politrickians like 0bama lecture to other nations about democracy, these policies would be implemented. Many actually civilized nations like Germany, Canada, Scandinavia have implemented most/all of these policies, and they are effective in increasing living standards, so anyone denouncing them as extremist is willfully blind to empirical reality. Moreover, Sanders has been very consistent, earnest, & genuine in advocating these policies for 35+ years in public service. Contrast with the meaningless word-salad-like vagueness with Hillary on the TPP, or Hillary flip-flopping on gay marriage, etc.

        Sanders has exhibited consistent good judgement during his decades. Contrast with Hillary supporting the 2003 Iraq War, or Hillary’s mediocre warmongering tenure as Sec of State, where she supported the Libyan War, which left Libya as a Failed State, with many civilians being murdered in the violence between competing warlords, one of which is ISIS.

        Sanders has greater experience than Hillary, and has demonstrated SUPERIOR JOB PERFORMANCE than Hillary.

      • Co sign 100 percent.

    • Rope the press?
      Baby, I’d rope and brand them.

  6. Needless to say, the co sign was for William.
    Didn’t Good Judgment Bernie vote against the Brady Act?

  7. The people pushing Sanders are people who want to see a Republican in the White House.
    See through them.

    • The People pushing for Hillary, want to see a Republican, Goldwater Girl, right-wing DLC Democrat, $100K bribe-speech from 2B2F Bank$ta taking, Hillary, become President. Hillary is a right-winger. Her economic policies seem to be closer to Reagan, 0bama, Koch Brothas Puppet Scott Walker or Jeb! Bush, than they do to Sanders or FD Roosevelt.

      See through Identity Politics, focus on Policy.

      Or you could focus on both Identity Politics & Policy, & support another good policy having candidate, Dr. Jill Stein & her Green New Deal.

    • It is Simplistic Binary Thinking, and frankly insulting, to state that any non-Hillary worshipper is a ReThuglican. If anything, Hillary is the Republican, not Sanders or Jill Stein voters.

  8. Hurray! I share a surname with the hero of the US Women’s Soccer Team-winners of the World Cup.
    I wish she were my daughter.
    They were all so magnificent.

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