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Lest you think I am exaggerating…

… about how dangerous undue influence can be, check out Confederate Pam’s twitter feed. When I first saw her tweets popping up at #freebree, I thought she must be a troll or something. Her stuff is so over the top it’s a wonder she hasn’t been banned by Twitter for hate speech. But it looks like she is the real thing. She hates African Americans, healthcare and gay people. And she’s got a special place in her, well, let’s not call it a heart, for liberals.

She could be one of my sister’s friends.

Oh, and she seems to watch an awful lot of Fox News. Hmmm…

I’m sure there’s no correlation. Butcha know, you are who you hang out with.

Just sayin’.

27 Responses

  1. Wow, she retweets some pretty sick people. This guy is just nutz: https://twitter.com/RealDoctorWhite

    You know, it’s not that I didn’t know they were out there, I just didn’t know so many of them would say it out loud like this. Oh, sure, I’ve been subjected to the unhinged ranting over gays and I’ve heard plenty of nonsensical conservative economic theory. But Pam and her friends just say whatever crap comes into their heads without a filter.

    It’s pretty messed up.

    I blame Fox, since a lot of these people tweet Fox liberally. And Breitbart. And Drudge. There just seems to be no limit to the number of provocative right wing “news” generators.

  2. Ooo, this one lists a Psalms verse in her bio: https://twitter.com/HomerWhite

  3. She’s a female version of Dylan Roof. A product of a cultural sickness that resides in the south.

    • And what will you be having this evening? Maybe something with peaches in it and a layer of champagne?

  4. Is Ricco still around (was that his name?); I need a stiff drink.

    • I’m subbing for him tonight but next Friday, I think he will be available.
      What’s your pleasure tonight?
      I’m having spiked lemonade.

      • I’ll have a Janis Temple: a giant glass of Southern Comfort and a splash of ginger ale on the rocks with three maraschino cherries and, don’t be stingy, baby! 🙂

  5. I’ll have a Dr Pepper with a spritz of cherry syrup, on the rocks.

    Also, I grow weary of being a “Monster from the Id”. I think I’ll go back to “Ivory Bill Woodpecker”. :mrgreen:

    • I took a brief look at C-Pam’s feed.

      What is this, a hiring call for a position as “The Mouth of Sauron”?

      Remember that old liquid Lysol concentrate, that you added to water to make a cleaning solution? That feed makes me want to take out my brain and soak it in the undiluted concentrate. 😮

      • She’s a piece of work, that’s for sure.
        I’m sure her parents are proud. Well, not THAT kind of proud. But you know, she was carefully taught.

    • How about some fried chicken appetizers with white barbecue sauce?
      Love the pecker.

      • Thanx, but I prefer plain old ketchup with fried chicken. I’ve never heard of white BBQ sauce, but I like the red or brown kinds with roasted, smoked, or grilled chicken. :mrgreen:

        • I’d never heard of it either but Grace Bonney over at Design*Sponge blogged about it yesterday so I looked up the recipe. It’s mostly mayo, vinegar, brown sugar and son other spices. I thought I’d try it someday.
          How about curried chicken kabobs with cauliflower and red bell pepper? It goes really well with the cucumber and tomato raita.

          • I never learned to eat my veggies much, thanx all the same. I take certain supplements to compensate.

    • You’re adorable either way.

  6. I need to go for a while, to get a shower before church tomorrow.

    It would be great if your life allows you the time to bring Rico back Saturday (and Friday?) nights.

    The thing I miss most about the forum-turned-cult still known as Shakesville is the “Virtual Pub”. I’ve lurked in it a few times since fleeing the cult. It’s a sad shadow of its former self, but this could be said of that whole site. 😦

  7. I’ll leave this song by the Australian band The Go-Betweens–I don’t know if they still record or tour, since one of their two leaders died.

  8. I can hardly follow Twitter when it’s mostly normal people. I can’t Imagine reading her.

    I am looking forward to seeing Ricco though, it’s been WAY too long

    • How about a fine boxed merlot?
      Do you want to try the fried chicken with white barbecue sauce?

      • I’ve moved on to a fabulous boxed Cab. And I never, ever eat fried chicken!

        Omg. March 21st /22nd was the last dry weekend in Kansas City. This is out of control!

      • I hate to be a wet blanket, but (well, I guess I don’t hate it all that much) the white barbecue sauce sounds revolting! Eww. Yeck. Blah. Ick.

        However, once Rico is around, please tell him some teriyaki chicken would be great. I’ll hold up my napkin so I don’t have to see the white barbecue sauce.

    • Way too long, doll face.

  9. The tobacco industry had a euphemism for the new smokers they hooked into taking the place of dead consumers. Replacement Smokers.

    These are Replacement Haters taking the place of those who have gone off this mortal coil in a downward direction. The training is by word of mouth, spam hate mail, AM Hate Radio, and Fox News. Hate speech is the one of the costs of living in a free society. Religion shoved down our throats is another.

    Here is one event that will have heads exploding all across the Red States. http://www.sfpride.org/

  10. I just want to say that I’m a Southerner and I’m sick and tired of the hatred coming out of this so-called “Bible-Belt.” It is knee-jerk easy to hate, takes no brain or heart cells. It’s what produced the Charleston slaughter. Either we progress beyond some traditions, or we note them in our history. Let the Black membership of the Charleston church lead the way. I’m so proud of them.

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