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B.I.T.E. Me

Yesterday, I said I was going to talk about BITE and undue influence. Long time readers know that I have been interested in the subject of social psychology and how unsuspecting people have their thoughts reshaped by others. Most people associate this kind of thought reform to the actions of religious cults. I’m of the opinion that elements within the Democratic party used social and psychological manipulation during the 2008 primary season. But what’s even more troubling, and has been for years, is the influence that the right wing political establishment has choked the life out of the media and, as a result, has a chokehold on anyone who watches cable news.

I’m going to post a few more things on “undue influence” soon but I thought I would start simply with the BITE model developed by mind control expert Steve Hassan. Check out his website Freedom of Mind. Here’s a video from a former Mormon, explaining how it works. Unsurprisingly, to me at least, he found the clearest explanation of how mind control works from former Jehovah’s Witnesses. A warning to Jehovah’s Witnesses out there, you’re not going to like this:

6 Responses

  1. Yikes.
    But, but Caleb’s mom is wearing “Satan Slacks,” is that okay?
    Michelle Duggar does not approve.

  2. Way off topic: I was curious about what happened to Craig Crawford, and found this out:


    (He has been hired as Communications Director for Jim Webb).
    I consider that good news. I like both of them, and think both have integrity, a trait in short supply among politicians and media personalities. So hopefully it’s a good match.

    • Jim Webb is rapidly running out of time to stand up against Fast Track and Obamatrade. The House allegedly plans to have its Fast Track vote tomorrow ( the evil Pelosi has found enough traitor Democrats to pass Fast Track). That gives Webb less than a day to make a public statement against Fast Track if he even IS against it . . . which I don’t even know because he hasn’t said anything.

      My intuition is that he would be pro-America and therefor against Free Trade Treason. But he is running out of time to say something.
      I already KNOW that Sanders is against Fast Track and Obamatrade.
      So it is more likely that Sanders has my primary vote if Sanders makes it to the Michigan primary. If he is forced out by then and Webb is in, I will compare Webb’s and Clinton’s attitude to Free Trade Treason to decide which one to vote for in the primary.

      • (Given Senator Sessions’s of Alabama’s genuine opposition to Fast Track just lately, I might write Sessions in as my Democratic primary choice for nominee if all I have left to vote for otherwise is people who are suspiciously “soft on Free Trade”.)

  3. Well, “propaganda” was originally a religious term after all (it’s derived from Congregatio De Propaganda Fide, the “Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith”).

  4. Can I put another link here?
    Although Stephen Gillers buys the line about Hillary, he makes a *very* important point regarding women in 2 career families. Basically constantly crying ‘conflict of interest’ when both husband and wife are in important positions is akin to asking one of them (guess which one) to stay home and bake cookies.
    The other point that him (and other liberals) don’t get is that email controversy (apart from being silly) is that she would be da–ed either way. The press is really mad that they can’t make mountains out of molehill regarding Chelsea’s wedding details (imagine the days of headlines regarding the cost of flowers). Liberals still haven’t learned from all the crap of the last 20 years. But considering they have a vested interest in staying stupid regarding 2008 (and their own hypocrisy since then), it’s not surprising why.

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