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What I want to hear from Hillary if she decides to run

1.) That it is immoral for the finance industry or any industry to engage in exploitative profit mining of Americans.

2.) That the definition of success is more than how much money you make. That there is intrinsic value to many occupations that has nothing to do with the ability to exploit one’s neighbors or accumulating a hoard of cash that doesn’t serve the public good.

3.) Infrastructure in the United States requires immediate attention. That means broadband, highways and bridges, and mass transit.

4.) That retirement for most Americans is going to be a crisis situation and she plans to address the 401K ponzi scheme with expanded Social Security.

5.) That we don’t know at what temperature the earth will find its melting point so it is important to evolve away from fossil fuels.

6.) That it is more important to “Have courage and be kind” than invade other countries and cruelly kick people when they’re down.

7.) That truly good Christians do not delight in the misfortunes of others, are not proud, and don’t sound like clanging gongs when they insist on their “religious freedoms” at the expense of others.

Add what you want to hear in the comments below.

75 Responses

  1. I would love it if her campaign mentioned even half of these items. I am so tired of all news and focus being laser focused on wars, expanding wars and other non domestic issues.

  2. You know what’s sad? That such a very moderate list, which shouldn’t even need mentioning because it’s already government policy, sounds so adventurous.

    I’m already sick of the coverage of this campaign, and it hasn’t really started yet, and all I’ve seen is a few web headlines before I quickly look away.

    • Then we have a problem because it will be more important than ever this time what we engage.
      Last time was easy because it was clear that the Democrats were going to run with a “first ever!” candidate. This time, the bad guys have been in charge on both sides of the aisle. There will be no let up.
      It isn’t going to be easy. But I definitely prefer experience and preparation. It’s highly undervalued.

    • BTW, I would advise the left to keep their demands broad.
      My sense of the public, having been out in it more than usual lately, is that it wants a strong, no-nonsense leader. The left’s priorities tend to be more passive, deferential, kumbaya and see politics as dirty. It needs to lose that attitude this go around. No seriously, this is going to be a contact sport and Hillary is going to have to be more assertive than many people are comfortable with.
      In short, she will have to unsex herself.
      The left needs to see that for what it is- necessity.

  3. Hello RD, Katiebird, quixote, and anyone else that is lurking. Knew RD would have a post up. (((hugs)))

    • Hey, I’m celebrating Greek Eastee. I haven’t even seen the announcement.
      Be back later…

  4. Hillary Clinton 2016
    Getting Started:

  5. First of all, what was done can not be undone, so there is no point in litmus-testing her for what she “may regret” or what she “may have done differently in hindsight”.

    I listen to see/hear what she would do withIN her presidential powers if elected about this or that certain thing. Also, I would like to know what she thinks about certain things and stuff.

    #1: Free Trade is the New Slavery. Protectionism is the New Abolition.
    That just seems like a self-evident obvious fact to me. How does
    she feel about that?

    If elected, will she scrap any TPP/TTIP that the Obamazoids may
    bequeath to her? Will she refuse to submit any form of it what-
    soever to Congress?

    #2: Will she announce basic American policy towards NATO to be that
    Ukraine will NEver EVer join NATO and that America will work with
    the Russian Federation to see that Ukraine is suitably Finlandized
    to our joint satisfaction?

    #3: Will she rePUdiate and reFUdiate the Bush-Obama National Se-
    curity Snooperstate? Oh yeah? Really? Will she prove it by
    instructing the Justice Dept. to drop every pending case against
    “whistleblowers” or “leakers” that she inherits from the
    Obamazoids? Will she grant total amnesty to maliciously tried
    and convicted whistleblowers like David Binney from NSA? And
    others of that sort? Will she grant a free and total Amnesty and
    Pardon and Total Forgiveness to Eric Snowden for any so-called
    “law” he may be accused by the sooper-snoopers of so-called

    #4: Will she absolutely rePUdiate AND reFUdiate every so-called
    of Dog Shit Obama’s so-called “Budget and Deficit” so-called
    “Commission”? Is she prepared to call it the Catfood Commission
    in public?

    There. There’s a few actual things she can definitely say or not say.
    If she says them, we would still have to decide if she means them. But I would at least like to hear her say them.

    • I like RUR’s list, but any Prez who tried to implement it would court the fate of JFK.

      • I understand that concern . . . and that is a problem. I could very well understand why Clinton would rather avoid risking the Kennedy Treatment by avoiding these topics. But as Senator Chuck Hagel once said . . . ” This is a dangerous profession. If you wanted something safe, go sell shoes.” I hope she adopts the Hagel viewpoint and decides to bite the bullet (unfortunate choice of words, i know) and take the risk. I will be listening.

        This once again is why I desperately hope Webb will run for nomination. I expect he understands the dangers, and the Kennedy Killers may well be afraid to assassinate a President Webb because they know very well that he has many militiary and retired-military friends who have their own intimate experience with sustained violence-processing experience. And he knows they know it. And they know he knows they know it.

      • I like RUR’s list, but any Prez who tried to implement it would court the fate of JFK.

        Isn’t it funny how that stance is savvy daring realism when discussing why a favorite politician won’t do anything halfway decent, and insane paranoid alarmism when discussing the legitimacy of American democracy or America’s role on the world stage?

        • I did not say it was insane paranoid alarmism in discussing those two things Qqvl mentioned.

          I keep saying that the Malefactors Of Great Wealth are running the show, but lately I wonder if perhaps the spy agencies have slipped out of even the leashes of the Malefactors. Maybe the spooks are the Masters now?

          • There did come a time when the Praetorian Guard ( “mere soldiers”) picked and chose who the Emperor of Rome would be.

    • #5 Canada-style Medicare For All, England Style-Veterans Affairs Care for All, or at least “a Public Option” to purchase into Medicare or VA at most 130% of Actuarial Cost.

      #6 Until #5 is implemented, repeal the heinous tax-paperwork closterfocked, ACA Individual Mandate

      #7 $15 minimum wage

      #8 Since the “job creators” are so lazy in their “Capital Strike” (iirc the private sector job numbers were barely above 1999 levels, despite the massive population increase), implement a Federal Job Guarantee (JG), where any USian adult can go into to the JG office & sign up for a $15/hr job, to work on repairing the $2T (Civil Engineers Society report) infrastructure repair backlog, or in massively ramping up renewable energy use, such as installing solar panels.

      #9 Public campaing financing, or at least repeal Citizens’ United

      #10 Implement the gold-standard human-counted paper-ballot process, used in NH & recommended by BradBlog, Computer Security Professors, etc. The status-quo can not really be labeled “Democracy” when our voting is on hackable e-voting machines.

      #11 Perhaps most important, that if you elected poli-trick-ian do a 180 on your campaign promises like Obama or Bill Clinton Reagan Jrs, we will Primary Challenge you fraudulent criminal-ass in the next election. (Note: I have no idea we change the process given the US 2-party non-parliamentary system, to select wildly popular polices like Medicare For All, then have the polticians “interview” to execute those policies, then hold those pols accountable once elected. However, if the US is going to be an actual Democracy, something like this would have to happen. No more of this Cult of Personality Unaccountable right-wing DLC Con-Men ObamaClinton BS)

  6. Well, I think the announcement already answers #7 for you and that would be that she does not think they should have the right to put down gay people or anybody else. The good news seems to be that she is picking up her campaign where she left off in 2008. As far as the spying remember she voted against it while Obama voted for it.

  7. A tiny change of subject to remind everyone that Wolf Hall is on tonight

  8. The environment, particularly global warming, is to me by far the most important issue, as it subsumes all the other ones, as important as they are. I do hope that Hillary makes it a cornerstone of her campaign. I think that most people now realize that it is crucial that we do something. President Obama had a good chance to do something when he was elected with majorities in both Houses, but he demurred. It will be much harder now with Republicans likely to control at least one House, even after a Hillary victory; but if she emphasizes the issue, she may still have a mandate to do something significant.

    After that, I hope that she emphasizes the terrible danger to our democracy coming from the repercussions of the Citizens United decision. We have a real threat of turning into an oligarchy, where five or ten right-wing, environment-destroying billinaires actually run the country. The only feasible way to reverse Citizens United it to change the makeup of the Supreme Court. Hillary may not want to make the Supreme Court a focus of her campaign, because of the riskiness of that approach; but I do think that calling attention to the very real threat of billionaires controlling our political system, would be a winning issue with the voters.

    • Hillary supports an amendment to the constitution banning citizen’s united which I think would solve the problem quicker IF the states would pass it. It could take much longer to change the supreme court.

      • It requires three-quarters of the states to ratify, I believe. I think this is extremely unlikely to happen given how many bright Red states there are. I think there is a much better chance that in a Clinton Administration, one of the conservative judges would retire, allowing her the chance to change the majority view.

        • It’s not a red/blue issue: it’s a corruption issue. The Democrats have raised just as much unregulated money as the Republicans, if not more.

      • What, exactly, do you mean by “ban Citizen’s United”? You’re proposing an amendment to the Constitution, so you’d best be clear about what you mean. Please also note that a President’s support or lack thereof for a Constitutional Amendment is essentially meaningless, since the President doesn’t participate in the Amendment process at all (every President from Eisenhower to Carter supported the ERA, but it still wasn’t ratified).

        I’d prefer an amendment that addressed Buckley v. Valeo, which is the real source of the campaign finance problem, and that explicitly gave Congress the authority to regulate campaign financing.

        • Overturn the entire decision with a constitutional amendment. No, the president does not participate but if a presidential candidate campaigns on an issue and then wins the presidency it can get the balling rolling.

          And after Tom Delay I would prefer congress not regulating campaign financing. I would rather have the regulation taken out of the hands of anybody would would benefit from messing around with the laws. Have a board of 3 R’s and 3 D’s have control of the money.

    • Hi William – just saw this at Think Progress – Hillary has indeed prioritized climate change:


  9. Good luck with that…any person…in particular, any woman..that would giggle at a person dying from being anally raped with a knife is not going to sign on to ANY moral pledge…hang it up River Daughter, the ship sailed long ago.

    I stopped being a regular reader years ago because you left reality based politics for ID based politics.

  10. Anyone who knows me won’t be surprised that universal health care for everyone is still at the top of my list. The method doesn’t matter so much but I think that expanding VA to everyone would be an interesting idea because it could usher in a new era of government provided services rather than the all too common public/private partnership which seems filled with rot. ….. The other idea is expanded Medicare for everyone, which might be easier and faster to implement. I will repeat my suggestion that the current president should just lower the age to 0 and expand the benefits by Presidential Order. Who’s going to impeach him at this point?

    My second request is the affordable housing issue. I don’t know about other regions but around the Kansas City area housing built since at least the mid eighties have been gigantic, nearly 3,000 sq. ft. things. How can regular people afford it?

    We need thousands and thousands of houses that regular people can imagine living in. I don’t know where we’ll put them though. Since so much land is already covered.

    • Agree, I am still a supporter of HR676 the Public Option ( Medicare for ALL) which is transportable and accepted in all 50 States. Housing is still on my list, and housing alternatives for seniors (largest growing group).

    • Medicare for everybody. VA is overloaded and total red tape already. Medicare is doing well.

  11. What I want to hear from Hillary:

    “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

    Couldn’t resist! 🙂

  12. Cops. Reining in thereof.

  13. First I want her to pay attention to the people she choose to hire as staff. Not all of them in the past had her best interest at heart. Then we will go from there. I will come back later to the list but I want to address the Gadafy thing. Even if that how it happened (I mean her comment) I would not be offended by it. Gadafy and his sons did worse than that to people. most likely the people who did it were inspired by a similar acts done to members of their families by the gadafy’s clan. I myself although I didn’t giggle, I said about time.

    • I never heard any thing about this claim, and people try to make stuff up about her all the time. If this person has video proof, put up or it is the same ole junk yard pile on stories.

      I didn’t agree with them slapping him, but he looked very injured when placed on the truck. The Hague would have been good, but given the letters found at his security (His CIA type place) building it looks as if many people didn’t want him talking too much. Wikipedia mentions Assad and French?

      None of the letter were from Hillary!

      • Here is that video you wanted of Hillary laughing. I am not a computer expert but it appears non-fake to me. She may be asked to answer for this. Or maybe not. Anyway, here is the link.

        • Well shit. This program does not permit the link. It goes right on to the next David Ickle segment. But the link can be found on google under the phrase : Clinton Gaddafi we came we saw he died.

          That’s the phrase I found it with.

          • *sigh* RUR, you did not choose anyone remotely resembling a reliable source.

            David “Our Masters Are Alien Space Lizard Folks” Icke? Seriously?

          • “Our Masters are Alien Space Lizard Folks” ? This is the first I have heard of David Ickle. The name David Ickle was nowhere mentioned
            in the link itself that I clicked on. And the link that I clicked on showed some actual video of Clinton laughing while saying: “we came, we saw, he died”. I did not know that the little piece of video I offered a link to would segue to this David Ickle person. That makes me think that this David Ickle person was using this particular link to bait and switch clickers like me to his own Icklefull lecture sequence.

            It would appear my credibility is brought into question by this Space Alien Lizard Folks advocate popping up on what I thought was a link to
            some actual Clinton video. That is understandable. But since I knew nothing of this Ickle, and didn’t think that “Mr. Lizard” is what I would be linking to when I offered the link, and since I take my credibility seriously; I will keep looking for other links to that same video and experimenting with them. If I can find one which really links to that Clinton video without any bait-and-switching to Mr. Lizard, I will post it.
            If every link I try finding eventually baits-and-switches to Mr. Lizard, then I will only be able to fall back on my repeated insistence that if you google the phrase ” Clinton Gaddafi we came we saw he died” . . . that the first thing that will appear on your screen will indeed be actual video footage of Clinton saying “we came we saw he died”.

            But I will try finding a link which works first, because my credibility is important to me.

  14. I posted my top three here a while ago which are:
    1. Amend the Buy American Act so if you want government contracts you need to have a certain % of your company’s employees in the U.S.
    2. Remove the cap on income subject to Social Security tax (but would still need to keep some sort of cap on payouts).
    3. Tax hedge fund manager fees as income and not capital gains.

  15. 4. Actually there are four. We really did need a public option for health care and still do!

    • YES! I am tired of getting all these loop hole bills even though I have an HMO plan with a fee at every visit. I know send $150.00 to $200.00 extra a month for all the made up fees (Like use of the ‘Lab room’ etc).

      And no, there haven’t been any of Obama’s free routine visits!

  16. Repeal the Bush tax cuts ( or let them lapse); Allocate money ( a lot) to repair our country’s roads, dams and bridges (which will help with jobs) and address global climate change in a serious way.
    Of course, neither Hillary nor anyone else can do any of that without some congressional cooperation, so we have to elect Democrats to the Senate in 2018.
    I will treasure Hillary for her veto power against those crazies in Congress and her power to nominate judges for the Supreme Court.

  17. Hi everyone – de-lurking briefly to add that Hillary has indeed prioritized climate change and according to Think Progress, is the first presidential candidate to ever do so:


  18. Thank you, Allison, for providing that very heartening information. I had always thought that Hillary would be the one person who would actually try to do something significant about climate change. If she could somehow win with a large margin, she would do more to change the world and country for the better, than anyone since FDR. I thought that eight years ago, too; as of course many of us did.

  19. Stop taxing social security benefits – at least for those earning less than $200,000 per year. It’s obscene. The only part of my social security that isn’t taxed goes to: Medicare Parts A and D ($250 per month) and my Kaiser Medicare Advantage payments of $100/ month. (I know Medicare Advantage is a giant boondoggle for insurers, but I have no choice since it is by far the cheapest route for me.) The rest is taxed as ordinary income, putting me into a higher income bracket.

    So all I do is save my social security for taxes. If I didn’t work (and then didn’t have my social security taxed), I couldn’t afford to live. I don’t have investment income. I entered the workforce late. I don’t really have anything. This is some sick shit. I just did my taxes and I am fuming.

    And how about start taxing capital gains and hedge funds and and bonuses and all that crap as ordinary income. Why just my social security? We are living in an oligarchy, that’s why. Not only do they cheat and rob us blind, they don’t even pay taxes (not to mention the free bailouts). I don’t have anything left. And I am not alone. My grocery bill has more than doubled in four stinking years! I don’t know anyone who is happy right now – but then again I don’t hang out with Jamie Dimon. I couldn’t. He makes me vomit – and I might have to physically assault him.

  20. Some more about what I would like to hear Clinton say:

    I would like to hear her recommit to FDR’s “Four Freedoms”. I would like to hear her repeat The Four Freedoms verbatim word for word in her speeches about what she would like to do.

    Separately, I would also like to hear her support The New Four Freedoms. What are The New Four Freedoms?

    #1: Freedom of hate speech.
    #2: Freedom of personal guns.
    #3: Freedom of recreational drugs.
    #4: Freedom of Driving While Black.

  21. Monster from the Id,

    Given that my credibility is somewhat at stake here, I have tried to find links to video of the laughing Clinton which really link to video of the laughing Clinton ( in the context of what happened to Gaddafi). They don’t appear to bait-switch me to this Mr. Ickle. So I am hoping they will work here and link to the Clinton video without any bait and switching to Mr. Ickle when clicked here by me or any other reader (after I post them).

    Ready? Here goes. ( I wish me luck).


    This second link is to a rigidly conservativistic publication called American Thinker. It has an embedded clickable video sequence of the laughing Clinton. If clicked, it will actually play that little video sequence.

    Now, I will send this and if it appears without moderation delay, I will
    click the links as successfully posted and say if they really link to the video without bait-and-switching.

    • It seemed like the journalist was making a joke and she was responding. Really need to see more to make a determination.

      • Oh, dear lord. I would not trust anything from that website. Look at the commenters. They are beyond disgusting. And that’s the GOP base which is going present a HUGE challenge to the GOP in 2016. How are they going to tamp down on the conspiracy theorists?

        • Ga6thDem,

          That could be a fair point. One would need to see the whole interview including that part to get a sense of it. As to the “source”, that objection was raised by Monster from the Id when I accidentally linked to Mr. Lizard when I thought I was linking to the actual raw video. So I found other links which bring up the actual raw video. The “source” doesn’t matter any more now that I have re-established my credibility by offering a link to the actual raw video. One cannot deny that it is indeed SecState Clinton in the video, can one? And one cannot deny that she did indeed say “we came we saw he died” in the video, can one?

          So I’ve done all I needed to do. Someone way upthread claimed there was a Clinton-laughing-at-Gaddafi’s-death video, and someone else said oh-no-there’s-not. I found that there indeed was. And I have offered links which do indeed allow any clicker to play the video and see it for their own self.

          Would you consider a pro-Gaddafi nostalgia-site to be a better more credible source? I found such a source. It linked to the very same video. Does the “source” matter when the video is what it is?

          • The problem is that you need to see more. It looks like the reporter is joking and she is making a joke. You have no idea who she is talking about when she says that. Someone is saying it’s Gadaffi but there’s no evidence from the video that is who she is talking about. I mean the video is basically one sentence. You could say she said that about Vince Foster if you wanted to. It just smells of conspiracy theory stuff where they cut something and then say oh, this or that.

  22. Monster from the Id,

    I have clicked the two links in the comment I sent just above and they appear to me to show Clinton saying “we came, we saw, he died” and laughing. I KNEW I had seen it. And now I believe I have posted links that will allow you to see it too, without this Mr. Lizard showing up instead.

    The meaning of what she said in its broader context may be fairly discussed. I only wanted to show that the actual video actually exists.
    And now I believe I have done that.

  23. In today’s news (or yesterday’s it all runs together) Hillary ate at a Chipotle. Leave it to the print and broadcast news media to focus on the inane instead of a candidate’s platform.

    God save our sanity from what we are about to receive between now and Nov 2016.

    Oh and BTW Hillary emulating FDR’s financial policies would be nice.

  24. What I want to hear from Hillary:
    –I will work both sides of the aisle to get things done
    –I will negotiate and lead through apparent impasse
    –Elizabeth Warren is an economic advisor on my campaign
    –I know a sense of humor goes a long way
    –I will always make time to reach out and hear the voices of the people even after I am elected

  25. fwd’ing my nakedcapitalism comment. Lambert has been doing a great job on the ACA ClusterF TM Beat. Would be interested to read about if any of yall had ACA tax headaches/clusterFs, now that “the data is in”.

    tACApocalypse Season is over. Would love to read more editorials or links on this topic here on NC, now that presumably some hard data will be reported.

    How many ppl paid the Individual Mandate Penalty, despite 0bama & 0bot Lawrence O’Donnell claim that “the individual mandate is optional”? IIRC there was an link here in recent days claiming an estimate 4-6 Million Muricans would be paying the Individual Mandate Tax, that does not sound “Optional”!

    How many people on ACA coupon private oligopolistic health insurance, could not Nostradamus in Dec 2013 their calendar 2014 income, were fortunate to outearn what the predicted, and now owe an IRS multiple $Ks in back taxes to the IRS, and be under the IRS’ thumb with penalties, wage garnishments, etc.

    How many people had an exception to the Individual Mandate, such as the health insurance cost exceeds 8% income, or “religious exception”, or being under 138% FPL (Federal Poverty Level) whilst being in a non ACA Adult Medicaid state, etc; yet got hosed into paying the Individual Mandate Tax, because of the requirement of getting the required Waiver/Form from the IRS, & the IRS Call Center being recently understaffed & mass-layoff’d by Congress despite this new source of ACA-related demand, & the IRS claiming they will do “Courtesy Hangups” on these screwed-over taxpayers? What a textbook example of neoliberal right-wingers ReThugz + DLC Dems, intentionally making a Govt service an atrociously crappy experience, then crying “See, BigGov sux!” Dumbing down the level of IRS Customer Service to say a mobile phone company Customer No-Service?!

    I would not be surprised if there ends up being a cohort of say 3% who were suffered such ACA tax abuse/headaches, & this angry cohort could swing a close 2016 Pres election from Hellary the DINO Republican to Jeb!/Walker The Re-pub-Lie-Con Classic TM by voting for the R Team, or not voting. You read it here first! Hopefully, my Nostradamus’ing is off on this issue!

    • For me, there weren’t any benefits to ACA plans. It turns out, even with the subsidy I would have spent as much as I do for my retirement plan. And my retirement plan except for the expense is pretty good.

    • I filed an exemption to the mandate (cancelled plan). I received my exemption number in a week and a half and it’s good until 2017. This was the only piece of good news that I’ve ever had from the so called Affordable Care Act. Not sure what I’m going to do in 2017….maybe just hurry up and croak, since I can’t afford the insurance.

  26. I notice our hostess mentioned exploitive profit mining. 👿

    Here’s a site opposed to one example of that: https://savethelink.org/

  27. Reblogged this on Advice You Didn't Seek: and commented:
    Good positions:

  28. Off topic but something riverdaughter can do that I can’t. Apparently your representative , Mike Doyle D-14th district Pittsburgh, doesn’t want to hear from those outside even though he sits on committees that affect us all.


    Ask him why he and fellow Democrats on the Communications and Technology sub committee won’t push for the return of the Fairness Doctrine. After all the air waves belong to us, not the AM Hate Radio broadcasters. Remember what they did to Al Gore and what they will do to Hillary if they can get away with it.

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