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Political Realities for people on the left who have missed out on the hardship opportunities of the Obama years



You know who you are. Ok, it’s anybody writing on Digby’s blog.

Oh, you didn’t know that Hillary’s voting record while she was in the Senate was more liberal than Obama’s? That was your fault that you didn’t bother to look it up in 2008.

And by the way, I’m not afraid to say “liberal”. It’s not a dirty word. It’s how we ran the country for 60 years after the Great Depression.

Speaking of Depressions, if you managed to not lose your job during the past 7 years, then please defer to those of us who have who know what true hardship is. You have no idea. And that goes doubly if you haven’t had a sick family member or have been turned down for those so-called generous ACA subsidies because you made too little income. Yeah, wrap your head around that one, oh, you precious people who are sniffing at your pitiful presidential choices.

Only people who have been spoiled by fortune would turn up their noses to be represented on the world stage by a politician with more accomplishments than all of the other presidential candidates from either party for the last 4 election cycles combined.

As for corporations, I have actually worked for corporations. Corporations are ways of getting things done. If I had a choice to work for a corporate lab again doing structural biology, I’d jump on it. Drug discovery works really, really well in a corporate setting because every function is under one roof.

The problem is not the model. The problem is the financialization of corporations. The Wall Street managers trade corporations like baseball cards, seeking only short term gain and destroying perfectly good working models.

To continue to rail on corporations is simplistic and assumes the same level of simple thinking in one’s audience. I’m not going to do that. Say what it is you are really thinking and I will show you where you are wrong. Don’t shove Americans into this rinky-dink small business model that the Republicans glorify when it doesn’t work for every industry.

In fact. don’t go on about anything you don’t really know. Stop talking to just your own little email list.

As for Wayne LaPierre’s comment about Obama and Hillary and demographic groups, you should have seen that one coming. In 2008, the left had a choice: it could go for the guy who came out of nowhere, played up his first African-American president credentials, and took the money his big financial CORPORATIONS donors were giving the party (what utter hypocrites you are) OR you could have chosen the best possible candidate you had in front of you who just happened to be a woman. You went with door number one. Obama did a lot of unhelpful things that his big financial CORPORATION donors paid for him to do in the past seven years and now everyone thinks he is a liberal. Go figure.

It should come as no surprise that the people who were really hurt by this sucky economy are going to think that the Democrats are going try to slip a cookie cutter of Obama past them in the guise of the first woman president. It’s going to be all uphill but Democrats left this door wiiiiide open by stupidly cheering every teeny little scrap of a piss poor policy Obama left his fingerprints on in the past seven years. And he’s had it easy compared to the Clintons. Where were the special investigations of the Obama years? Oh, that’s right.

There were none.

Sure, some ignorant bigots on the right said ignorant bigoted things about his skin color but he is, after all, the most powerful person in the world. Surely, he is big enough to put his racist critics in their places. After all, no one on the left is going to cut Hillary a break for being a woman, as history has shown from their shameful behavior in 2008.

Look, you people of small, parochial political thoughts, here is your reality. Hillary Clinton is not your enemy. She is the strongest politician in the country. Elizabeth Warren is not your savior. She is a less than first term senator who will need the financial backing of people who you do not like in order to become president. One of these people has been learning for the past 22 years how to deal with Republicans; the other will be at the mercy of whoever buys the Oval Office for her.

It’s your choice. You can get behind the best candidate we’ve got who can take on the right wing juggernaut or you can whine about how you can’t get who you really want right now.

But for gawd’s sakes, stop acting like overprivileged moody teenagers. You threw a tantrum, got what you think you wanted last time and it didn’t work out. The rest of the country has no patience for you anymore.

13 Responses

  1. Perfect.

  2. Obama voted?

  3. Yep.

    We need Warren in the Senate.

  4. Word

  5. No one will be allowed to become Preznit who will not commit to murdering as many brown people as necessary to entrench and expand the global dominion of Capital.

    There is no more USA. There is only a gigantic anime-style robotic warsuit, painted to resemble Uncle Sam, piloted by Capital.

    Although the white and blue are largely gone, and the red? It’s not paint. It is the blood of innocents.

  6. Women are murdered every single day in this country by men who thought they had the right to dispose of the property they’d bought using the wages women are not allowed to earn.

    Thousands this year, last year, the year before that…for nothing at all. The police don’t have to lift a finger, they just stand aside and let “domestic violence” take over, and the courts refuse to prosecute or convict or sentence for longer than a little slap on the wrist.

    There are no national protests over this, there’s no international outrage. Nothing but little tsk-tsk articles that change nothing. The majority of people on this earth believe women were born to serve men and be defined by the sexual use men make of them and be killed by men when they refuse and that’s just the way it is.

    Maybe Hillary will be the first to care enough to actually change this. We’ll see.

    • I wonder what happens to domestic violence rates in countries where women do become chief executives?

  7. Yep, I have no tolerance for the whiners either. Honestly they’re starting to make Warren insufferable which is totally not her fault.

    • Thanks for reminding us what a great politician we have in Elizabeth warren. I hope she uses her time wisely, makes a lot of friends and gains experience before she runs.

      • Yes. I love Elizabeth Warren, and I think she’s the real deal. And exactly because of that, I think she plans to stay in the senate and bring about real change. I also think she knows that the bandwagon for her is full of over-privileged idiots.

  8. Absolutely; and thank you for being brave enough to say it. I have had to wait eight years for this. Hillary probably was, and still is, the best Democratic candidate in at least 50 years. And the fact that she was rooked out of the nomination through illegal caucus practices, which were cheered on by a bunch of self-righteous people who wanted anybody but Hillary, will always be painful to contemplate. But now we have another chance to get it right. Maybe we will actually take it. Hillary needs massive and enthusiastic support, not endless carping and cavilling from the usual suspects.The future of this planet is literally at stake.

  9. No candidate perfect. Grownups realize this. So, to those who are not going to vote for Hillary because she isn’t “pure enough” in their progressive eyes….she’s been around this fight from the beginning! Who went to China as First Lady and detailed the abuse of women??
    Who started micro-banks in underdeveloped countries?
    And that is just off the top of my head…

    I consider myself a progressive. And that means not having another Republican get into that White House and crucify blacks, women, and gays.
    Having marched on D.C. for women’s rights and to seem them crippled is really pissing me off…we are in dire need of a woman to restore the dialogue about issues that affect women and their families…and that includes men, too!

    Hillary has been a crapped on wife, a mother, a brilliant lawyer, and activist, a Senator, and Sec. of State. She has seen the world, the villages, not just the presidential palaces. She has a daughter and now a grandaughter. Don’t you think she wants a better world for them and for all children??

    People better grow up and realize that to put a Republican in the WH and with a GOP Congress will screw us for decades, esp. with regard to the Supreme FART!

    Wake up people…I donated without hesitation last night and will be working on the campaign…at 64, this is a bookend in my life…I started
    seeing progress in the 60-70’s, have seen it snatched away…and it’s time to take progress back!

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