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Seth’s Sleepless Night

Seth Andrews at The Thinking Atheist recently returned from Australia to his hometown in Oklahoma. This is just after Mike Pence signed the RFRA bill in Indiana. Welcome home, Seth!

Seth went to a birthday party where all his relatives are “Christian” and they wasted no time talking about “The Signs”. Jet Lag and The Signs. Sounds like the name of an alternative jazz-rock fusion group. Nope, what came out instead was a perfect, well, rant would undercut the seriousness of the monologue. Let’s just call it a monologue.

Here it is. It’s called Coexist?

Unlike Seth, I am willing to coexist with the religious. I’m not an atheist but I have strong sympathies in that direction. So, I have no problems with liberal Christian denominations. But I consider myself an enemy of fundamentalism of any kind and this country has given Christian fundamentalists way too much attention and deference.

Yesterday, I met a man from Syria while I was at work. He was frantic. I think he needed someone to talk to. He said he was employed by the Saudi Royal family. I got the impression that it was his job to manage the families properties. But recently, he was kicked out of the kingdom- because he was a Christian. Not a good move. His wife is a dentist. They had to leave. They were able to get out of the middle east. Some of his friends are refugees in Sweden or other places in Europe. HE, he regrets to say, ended up in the United States. He thought that when he got here that because this is a Christian country, there would be some help for him. Not so. He has a job washing dishes. His wife can’t practice. He has an autistic son. He doesn’t know where to go for help.

His friends landed in countries that have a real safety net and health care. He has nothing.

Thank you, Fox News!

20 Responses

  1. I still don’t get how it’s a FOX News thing…. We bounce around with various network and cable news stations on throughout the day and they all have their share of crackpot nut jobs.

    And they all seem to tow the line on the latest push

    • Fox leaned heavily uber right from its inception. Then it mocked and harassed the so-called main stream media until reporters were afraid they would be tagged “liberal”.
      It’s awful out here for the second class citizen. I can’t imagine how bad it is for a Syrian refugee.

      • I know that’s true. But, I have clear memories of NPR accepting Regan’s goofy ideas long before 24 hour news was invented (much less FOX) …. FOX gave it a name but, it’s been going on since Walter Cronkite was pushed out of his chair at CBS.

        The deck is stacked, ARE there reporters anymore? All I see are news readers with whoever did the original reporting hidden in the depths. There is no accountability anymore. It’s all “Breaking News” (unsubstantiated) or UPDATE (still unsubstantiated but burnished)

  2. When people who were born here are ready to leave, we have a real problem.

    • My husband and I would go to France or a Scandinavian country in a heartbeat, if they’d have us.
      I’m pretty sure they know the floodgates would open if they started accepting American expats.
      This is a hellacious country to grow old in.

      • Sweet Sue,

        Even Canada. Even given how rightwards *they’ve* lurched.

        Too bad the age limit gets us before we come to terms with how badly we’ve been betrayed.

        • It’s true and Cameron is doing his best to finish Thatcher’s work and ruin England.

        • Even Canada. Even given how rightwards *they’ve* lurched.

          We didn’t lurch. We were pushed.

  3. “The Social Costs Of Capitalism Are Destroying Earth’s Ability To Support Life”, by Paul Craig Roberts.

    Yes, THAT Paul Craig Roberts, the former Reagan Administration official. He’s come a looooong way.

    Holy Haruhi, I hope he’s mistaken. 😮


    • Thanks for the link, Monster.
      How does that Maurice Chevalier song go?
      “I’m glad I’m not young, anymore.”

    • I read the Roberts article. I suspect this is the microbiologist Roberts wrote about.
      Here is a webpost with some referrences to Huber and glyphosate issues.

      Of course Fair Deal and New Deal era capitalism were capitalism with some government regulation to restrict the endless “chargeoff” of “externalities”. It was the Reagan Administration specifically which de-regulated as much as possible to let bussiness externalize externalize externalize. I wonder how actively involved Roberts was in the drive to create the unrestricted license to externalize. Perhaps a restoration of regulation would be enough to domesticate capitalism and render it safe for life on earth.

      Meanwhile, there is little America can do about its own carbon skydumping in a Free Trade world. America’s total withdrawal from every Free Trade group, agreement, and treaty would set America free to re-onshore our production-in-exile, run it more carbon-efficiently than how it is run in its current places of foreign captivity, and rigidly exclude trade from any jurisdiction with lower carbon efficiency than our own. As long as we live in a Free Trade world by Free Trade rules, any unilateral effort to address American carbon skydumping within America is just unilateral disarmament which would see the offshoring of what little thingmaking yet remains in this country, and its relocation to countries which skydump more carbon per unit of production than what we were skydumping per same unit of production back when we were producing it.

      We know that DemParty traitors in California like Pelosi supported Free Trade. Let California burn in the global warming heat death which is part of the price of Free Trade. If California doesn’t like the hot drought, let California lead a national movement to restore Protectionism and abolish Free Trade. Then it might be possible for America to re-internalize the carbon cost of everything America uses by making or doing that thing here.

  4. Salon has a very interesting piece up detailing Barney Frank’s revelations about the financial crisis, Henry Paulson and president-elect Barak Obama.
    I recommend it highly.

  5. RD, did you catch “The Emperor of All Maladies” on PBS last night?
    So interesting even to us non science types.

  6. I recall reading an article about a reverend appearing before an American congregation during the U.S. occupation of Iraq to talk about the ethnic cleansing of Iraqi Christians that was going on at the time.

    He was expecting them to want to do something about the plight of their fellow Christians, but he found that he mostly got icy glares.

    • ‘Cause ‘Murica!

    • Probablly because this audience did not want to face the fact that the invasion-occupation of Iraq set off the rise of Islamista terrorists in Iraq and it was America’s own Islamista step-children who were ethnic-cleansing the Christians of Iraq. This reverend didn’t realize it but he was rubbing his audiences’ noses in their own fecal pus of support for the invasion of Iraq.

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