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    pm317 on Rise #MarchForOurLives
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    pm317 on Rise #MarchForOurLives
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Stuff about Ted Cruz

You can never tell if someone who really shouldn’t be president for reasons that should be obvious will rocket to the top of the charts. Take Ted Cruz (Please!).

A little bit of background. He’s from Texas and he’s a Republican. Gosh, I’m really sorry about stereotyping but those are two strikes against him right there. He went to Princeton and Harvard. Alan Dershowitz says he’s brilliant. (Hey, my academic advisor said I was brilliant too and told me I should go to law school. Then I majored in Chemistry and found out that it would take me 23 years before I would ever feel brilliant again.) OooOOoooo! He’s an O’Reilly type: a guy who should know better who is making his fortune by pandering to bitter, mean spirited, judgmental senior women who think he’s so dreamy because he’s “godly” and “macho”. Quick, someone find out if Ted Cruz has ever reported from a “combat zone” in Argentina.

Politically, think George W. Bush but this time with brains to actually carry out the most regressive, callous policies the uber right can dream up.

Here’s some additional information from a site called isidewith.com. (By the way, I haven’t taken any survey for this site so I have no idea how they scored my answers with Ted Cruz’s political issues. I’m not sure who gave the answers for me but I feel strongly about some of the issues where I’m shown to be “meh”. Interesting.)

Looking at these answers from Cruz, let me just say that I am skeptical about some of them. For example, Cruz doesn’t really give an answer on whether he believes in evolution. A good Christian fundamentalist does not equivocate about evolution. He shouldn’t be on the fence about it. Of course, he did go to Princeton, home of a major Presbyterian seminary. Princeton is pretty non-fundamentalist. No one at Princeton would take Ted Cruz seriously about anything if he said he didn’t believe in evolution. Trust me on this. I used to live in the area. So, either he’s lying to his peers who offered to help his career or he’s going to be lying to the public. Someone should pin him down on this.

He also doesn’t believe in national parks. Huh. I guess he would be Ok will putting up some tacky MacMansion in Yosemite or a neon covered resort and casino on the south rim of the Grand Canyon.

Ahhh, here’s a good one: he is against Net Neutrality. So, in essence, he is ok with the idea that the cable companies can restrict what you see or can download. He is fine with some group of rich people making some sites speedier to download and some not so speedy. Or just being unavailable. Or curtailing your ability to speak your mind on Facebook or the comments section of your favorite news site or blog. Yep, Ted Cruz would be Ok letting the cable companies do that.

He’s against government funds for research. The private sector should be doing research. That’s right, research investigators, get used to beans, threadbare clothing and a lifetime of poverty. For some strange reason, both the left and the right would like for you to save them out of the goodness of your own hearts, caloric intake and shelter requirements be damned. Go figure.

So, that’s a little taste of Ted. He sounds like another clone of the conservative movement. The minute you try to compromise with someone like him, he’ll move further right. And then right again. He’ll keep moving right until we reinstitute slavery, rescind suffrage for women and eliminate social security because it’s a commie plot.

The problem with someone like Cruz is that there are too many people out there who simply will not believe that people like him are serious about eliminating social security. They think it is so sacred and embedded in American culture that people like Cruz would not dare touch it. And that’s true – as long as he doesn’t get elected and/or doesn’t get elected with a Republican majority in Congress.

So, see that he doesn’t.


11 Responses

  1. He will also do away with Medicare, Medicaid, Public Transit, Public Exucation, Public Parks including local, state and national. Any type of welfare, Child Labor Laws, Workers Compensation, etcetera.

    After all, his contributors are not “the Public”. They have their own private schools, security, limos, backyard swimming pools & tennis courts. Why should they be forced to provide any services to those with whom they do not play golf.

    As for his approach to women, see Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale”.

  2. Letting poor old folks die from hunger or lack of medical care is “godly” now, eh?

    Which god? Mammon? 👿

    Haruhi damn it, the one time in my history I could be called any kind of right-winger was a Libertarian fling–although I have never joined any political party. That happened during part of my agnostic phase.

    It has always seemed clear to me that if the welfare state had existed in the time of Jesus Christ, He would have supported it. As I read and interpret Scripture and doctrine for myself–my right as a Protestant–there is no conflict between private charity and the welfare state; it’s not “either-or”, it’s “both-and”.

    However, as RD has pointed out before, the authoritarian kind of Christians want the welfare state replaced by church charity so they can control the allegedly sinful behaviors of the poor. (How about controlling the sinful behaviors of the rich?)

    If God were the authoritarian quasi-dictator my right-wing brethren and sisthren 😉 think S/He is, then why would S/He work through sinful, temptable human authorities? Why not just go ahead and send Jesus back, Who at least is sinless? If one must have a despot, He would at least be genuinely benevolent. To me, the fact that God has refrained from doing that indicates that God is a small-d democrat, perhaps influenced by something like Star Trek‘s Prime Directive. S/He hopes we can evolve into a benign society on our own.

    Sorry if I’ve rambled on, but the “Christian” Right gets my goat. I think there was a Religious Right during Jesus’s earthly life–they were called “scribes and Pharisees”, and on that first “Good” Friday, they could be found in Pilate’s courtyard, shouting “Crucify Him!” 👿

  3. Just to be superficial,that is one truly unattractive man..

  4. Cruz looks like a less attractive Pat Buchanan.

  5. He is like every proposed GOP candidate-scary.

    • It seems to be part of the plan. The GOP nominates hideous gargoyles and the DemParty nominates NeoLiberal DLC-monkey Free-Trade Treasonists . . . . and then dares us to vote against them, if we dare. And do we dare letting the GOP hideous gargoyle into office? Generally not.

      I hope Senator Webb runs this nomination season so we can get a break from NeoLiberal DLC Traitors for Free Trade on the DemParty side.

      • *dons freshly folded, outrageously stylish chapeau de Reynolds Wrap*

        If Senator Webb is the good guy RUR thinks he is, I hope he’s also a smart guy–smart enough to stay off light airplanes which might crash “accidentally”. I also hope his security people are smart enough to protect him from “lone nuts”.

        I don’t put any evil thing past our masters which is not actually forbidden by the laws of physics.

        • I suspect Webb understands all this. And he must have problems, to be sure . . . as everyone does. But I believe he would be very against the “Free Trade Agreements” and strongly for upholding any good agreement reached with Iran, moving Israel towards a reasonable accomodation to a Free Palestine, etc.

          But that’s what campaigns are for. If he decides to run he can lay out exactly what he wants to do and to see, and why.

        • I suspect Webb understands all this. And he must have problems, to be sure . . . as everyone does. But I believe he would be very against the “Free Trade Agreements” and strongly for upholding any good agreement reached with Iran, moving Israel towards a reasonable accomodation with a Free Palestine, etc.

          But that’s what campaigns are for. If he decides to run he can lay out exactly what he wants to do and see, and why.

      • Oh, and if Webb is the Wall Street-unfavorite good guy RUR thinks he is, and Hillary is not the Wall Street-unfavorite good gal RD thinks she is, and they end up being the two main contenders for the Dinocratic nomination–then the Dinocratic establishment will repeat the same strategy of smearing the supporters of the Wall Street unfavorite, only with “$3xi$m” substituted for “r@c!$m”.

        • The Dinocrats are welcome to try. If it came to Clinton vs. Webb, neither would back down. It would be a Darwinian contest and the toughest would emerge nominated.

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