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      Celebrity story! My friend Chrissy and I went to the Electric Factory to see Neil Young and Crazy Horse, and we got invited backstage. We were too naive to know why; we thought they were being nice because we were fans. So we’re standing there in the dressing room while everyone was getting high, and […]
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      Article 50, which starts a 2 year negotiating period, has been triggered. In principle, this is irrevocable, in practice, perhaps not so, but it’s hard to see May changing her mind. The EU negotiators primary goal will be to make sure that Britain is worse off after leaving than before. It’s not that this has […]
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Not sure I would have used the word “army”

It sounds too much like they’re going to go all ISIS on us.



8 Responses

  1. What that article tells me is that the GOP is going to nominate a far right candidate if this guy has his way. Again, the GOP has taken an off year election and is going to put it on sterorids.

    • The Republicans will allow themselves a genuine primary contest and will abide by actual delegate results. It is part of what makes them a legitimate political party as against the Democratic Party, which after its 2008 convention performance is no longer legitimate in retrospect. it would take an insurgent conquest and a stalinist purge to disinfect the Dparty, decontaminate, and remediate the lingering pollution. Then it might become a legitimate political party again. Otherwise, not.

      On the Rparty side, the toughest Darwinian with the sharpest axe and best knowledge of how to use it who will prevail. My intuitive feeling right now is that Gov Walker of Wisconsin will run very well. He has much cred on the rightwing side for his beating down the public union personnel and their supporters, and then for leading Wisconsin into right-to-work status.

      • Oh for Haruhi’s sake, RUR, would you please quit using the word “Stalinist”, even in lower-case? For that matter, the words “conquest”, “disinfect”, and “decontaminate” give me the creeping fantods, too. “Conquest” is too warlike, and the latter two sound too much like H!tler talking about J3ws.

        Your combative vocabulary worries me, dude. Whatever this world has done to you, no vengeance is worth your soul.

        • “Stalinist” was what the MSM called it when Lieberman lost the Connecticut primary. Anyway, neither party primary is legitimate, as the Republican primary process is purely advisory.

          Couple this to the official and tacit bans on third parties, and the U.S. has no democratic electoral process to speak of.

          • Are you sure about the R process? I thought the R nomination was achieved by a genuine winning of the votes and counting of the delegates. If an R candidate reached the R convention with a first-ballot winload of delegates then the convention is theater. But did the Rs ever engineer their convention in subversive defiance of their candidates’s delegate-earnings the way the Ds did in 2008?

      • Maybe. You never can be too sure about the GOP. They also might want a nut job to be nominated so that they can lose and maybe modenize. Who knows.

        • But if the R process is non-rigged, then the nutjobs will try their hardest to earn a first-ballot winload of delegates. And how can the R establishment be sure that if a nutjob wins the nomination, he/she will then lose the election?

          I think Gov. Walker of Wisconsin could be a real winner and plausible next President if he wins the R nomination. I don’t think its a good thing, but I think it is plausible.

          • I would have thought maybe until he caved this week about an aide and the entire GOP is unloading on him. So while the R process might be unrigged technically I’m starting to have my doubts it is open. The circular firing squad is going to be taking out quite a few of their candidates.

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