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No idea what she was thinking

So, the new story is that Hillary Clinton used a personal email account to send messages when she was Secretary of State. She should have used her .gov email for archival purposes. Or maybe there’s another super secret State email system that we’re not privy to.

I have no idea what she was thinking but I very much doubt that she used a personal email account for four years and the president didn’t know about it. We might see him do the “I’m shocked, SHOCKED that anyone would violate official records protocol around here!” act but I would be tempted to not believe him.

One thing I do know for sure. A woman who has been investigated to death as Hillary Clinton has been would know better than to use an unofficial email system without some kind of official permission. Otherwise, it’s just feeding fuel to the Bengazidads and agent-provacateurs-posing-as-knit-your-own-sandals-type-peacenik-lefties.

Wouldn’t you know it, the top comments on the NYTimes piece are full of the word “entitled”. That must be a focus group tested word that is known to drive Democrats completely over the edge. Amiright? What would Jane Caro say about the fact that the most accomplished woman in the world still has to battle with the “you’re not worthy because you feel entitled” crowd on her own side? I suspect that her response would start with the word “F^&*”.

And how do we know about the unofficial email address? The State Department has been giving copies of email to the committee investigating the Benghazi…thing. They’ve given 300 emails so far. Wow, one might almost suspect that Hillary’s email could be used as a fishing expedition to find all kinds of things that the Republicans didn’t like, not that that’s a good reason to violate official protocol or anything.

Anyway, it’s not my job to defend Hillary. That’s her job and she usually does it very well. But let’s just say that this scoop doesn’t seem all that chewy and delicious yet. It’s not like her to leave a hole this wide to drive a campaign ending truck through. She tends to be more prepared than that.

6 Responses

  1. The regulations the story insinuates she broke were signed into law two years AFTER she stepped down as Sec. of State.


    • Yep, I saw that. Butcha know, that’s never stopped them from lying about her before or making a mountain out of a molehill.
      That being said, I wish she didn’t feel she had to guard her email to this extent. It would have been better archived.

  2. Interesting, about her not abiding by regulations passed *after* her emails. I hadn’t heard that rather relevant point before.

    My first thought on hearing about the Repubs agony over the damage to the Republic from these non-missing emails was how calm they were around the time of the Shrub about government emails that weren’t merely in private accounts. Tens of thousands of them also conveniently vanished when they were needed in investigations of Cheney and god-knows-what-all-else that I don’t even remember anymore. They were never found, there were apparently zero backups, and everybody just quietly forgot about investigating the criminality for lack of evidence.

    • I remember that too. IIRC, the emails in question were on a GOP server and were therefore private. I didn’t approve of that then and I don’t approve of it now. But in any case, no laws were broken and if Hillary did it to prevent another search of her underwear drawer, well, that makes more sense to me than what scooter Libby and dick Cheney were doing.
      Those who are looking for trouble in Hilary’s inbox could twist an invitation to lunch at a sushi restaurant as something nefarious.
      Still, I gotta believe she’s got an agreement in writing from the big O that this was allowable. She’d have to be crazy not to get a sign off.

    • It’s so good to see you,quixote.

  3. The up side to this is I no longer have to try to explain to younger friends the unexplainable ; that is, the press insanity of the Clinton years …they will see it for themselves .

    Hill will be allowed the nomination this time and horse collared with the Cluster F that is 8 years of Obama. Then she will ” lose” to Jeb .

    All possible GOP rivals to Jeb are being picked off; Perry ,
    Romney, and now Patraus ….these aren’t the Fred Thompson /clown car level GOP candidates, these guys pass for the serious ones… The field is being cleared for the Bush 4 Juggernaut instillation imo

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