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      From Twitter: Journalists and other Twitterati go to work. I think this first one is my favorite: Trump, when told of special counsel's appointment, cursed and said, "This is the end of my presidency," according to Mueller report https://t.co/jNzHGDHned pic.twitter.com/xnfo8DOA62— The Washington Post (@washingtonpost) April 18, 2019 Um, folks. […]
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Meta: Reflections on Race and Gender

If you haven’t read this post by Digby at Hullabaloo on the media gearing up to use the 2008 election campaign tactics as a way to crush women politicians in 2016, go read it now. I’ll wait.

In this one post, Digby comes so close to seeing the political landscape the way we did back in 2008. What she writes makes perfect sense but at the last moment, the thought-stopping conditioning springs into action and she calls anyone who draws the obvious conclusions racists.

I don’t have time to clear this up for her but I will say that we called the phenomenon that she is describing as “Penis Years” back in 2008. That is, no woman, no matter how much experience she has, regardless of her accomplishments, is as qualified as a man who simply wants the job. The presence of a penis adds eight to ten years of authority to his CV over any female that gets uppity enough to get in his way. This is hardly relegated to politics. It’s rampant in the private sector as well.

As for the racism aspect of all this, that’s in the mind of the beholder and that was the whole point of the 2008 campaign exercises. There are some Democrats who saw two potential interest group constituencies and through clever messaging, made sure that sexism was combined with the desire to finish the Civil Rights movement. It’s called marketing.

I think we can all agree after six long, painful years that Obama was not ready to be president, that his candidacy was rushed by some self-interested financial industry donors and that he has been the most conservative Democratic president of our lifetimes. He got the nomination using Penis Years reasoning and his campaign was ruthless in describing anyone who opposed him as a racist. The fact that some political scientists are making a bungling mess of pointing out this reality doesn’t make it less true. The legacy of the 2008 “Bros vs Hos” campaign is going to haunt the first woman nominee no matter who she is. We will be lead to wonder whether another inexperienced, less than competent in a time of economic crisis president is going to be shoved down our throats to satisfy some politically correct teachable moment.

You can pretend this is not true but when both Amanda Marcotte and Digby start writing posts about Penis Years in the lead up to 2016, they are actually acknowledging this fact.

I guess they are racists now.


16 Responses

  1. The USA Today article was breathtakingly stupid.

  2. Where is everybody?
    RD, you write brilliantly about economics and medicine and all our allies are out in full force.
    Write about the sexism that makes the world go round and…Crickets.

  3. I was reading Digby starting before 2008. I never heard of The Confluence. Digby never blogrolled it. She never even mentioned it in a post. Nor did any commenters there ever refer to it. Did she/they merely not know about it? Or were she/they placing the Cone of Silence over it, in hopes none of us her readers would ever find out about it? And indeed I did not find out about it until far too late.

    • Digby’s Great Comment Purge seems to be a taboo subject among bloggers…

      • I wonder why she closed comments. I rarely visit her site these days.

        • They found out that she was a woman.

        • She closed comments shortly after she brought that David Atkins spoonie-poo creature onto her blog. Both those moves were designed to silence and delete counter-Obama dissidence among the commenters. Before she closed comments completely, she and Atkins started something called “ghosting” whereby the commenter is allowed to see the comment “as-if-printed” on herm’s own screen, but the comment is not really printed. Also , DigBatkins began erasing comments after the fact and hoped no one would notice.

          Vast Left noticed and My Eye Cue over at the Qrawdad Whole extensively noted the censorship. (I have re-spelled the names to avoid triggering moderation. Zah-Rah Pei- Lin! See how that works?

  4. Glad to see you all; I’m looking for my other fantasy boyfriend. Mr. Mike.
    Brian Williams is fired? That’s the long game to trash Hillary.
    Jesus Christ, how stupid do they think we are?
    Never mind.

  5. Wall Street and Lockheed Martin went after Brian Williams to set up Hillary.
    “He had to quit because he dis-remembered what happened to his chopper.” “Well, Hillary, is even worse-she put it in a book.”
    Come to think about it, maybe ultra rich, Limbaugh and NASCAR loving Williams might be the mastermind.

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