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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Tiramisu for Breakfast
    riverdaughter on Tiramisu for Breakfast
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    Sweet Sue on Tiramisu for Breakfast
    pm317 on Tiramisu for Breakfast
    Sweet Sue on Tiramisu for Breakfast
    Sweet Sue on Tiramisu for Breakfast
    pm317 on Tiramisu for Breakfast
    pm317 on Tiramisu for Breakfast
    Sweet Sue on Tiramisu for Breakfast
    Sweet Sue on Tiramisu for Breakfast
    Sweet Sue on Tiramisu for Breakfast
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Good Bye 2014 and good riddance

2014 was supposed to be the rebuilding year. Well, it wasn’t. Health issues still plagued us well into the spring. It was scary, expensive and disheartening.

The job front wasn’t much better. I’m still in a part time position that barely keeps the lights on and the internet humming. So, yeah, about the same level of income that Lambert is managing to cobble together. This is not a good turn of events considering that Brook is in her freshman year and I can’t really send her any money. But this is clearly what the economy is demanding. There will be blood. Unfortunately, it will be mine.

The good news is I have met some people who are helping me get my act together and introducing me to potential employers. That has been a very bright spot for the end of the year. So, maybe 2015 will be the rebuilding year.

That is, unless the Congress and Obama crap all over it with even more penny pinching austerity measures meant to drive us to the brink of personal insolvency.

It could happen.

But, hey, the presidential campaign is going to start winding up next year. Katiebird and I think this site needs a major makeover and we’re going to start working on it. Who knows, we might even get to 52000 unique page views per day again.

In the meantime, let’s pour a cup of cheer tonight and, um, I dunno, watch a movie? Do some Wii Ski? I was invited to a big New Year’s Eve party at my cousin’s house with his band of Greek relatives but I have to get up early tomorrow. Maybe next year. But if I were going, this is what I would be drinking:

Rico is tending bar tonight and we’ve got a nice selection of appetizers. Try the seared scallops with creme fraiche and caviar, piggy back dates and stuffed mushrooms.

Tonight, we managed to snag Vince Guaraldi for music. I think he’s about to play Cast Your Fate to the Wind:


Don’t forget to tip your server. And try to keep it civil in here.





18 Responses

  1. I’m actually having a grapefruit, citron vodka and seltzer thingy. It’s light, refreshing and citrusy. Just the perfect thing. Thanks, Rico.

    And some fresh mozzarella and Campari tomatoes.

  2. I’m really looking forward to our facelift!

    • So am I.
      I’ve decided I don’t really like LED light bulbs. They don’t throw enough light and they cast a bluish light. I feel like I’m living in a refrigerator.

  3. 4 minutes and counting….

  4. Happy New Year rd!

  5. 2015 just has to be better than 2014, right? Right?

  6. Mario Cuomo has died. His 1984 Convention speech was the best I’ve ever seen.

  7. Warning: some group is sending phony FedEx “we couldn’t deliver your package” emails. It’s a virus; don’t open them. FedEx doesn’t send any emails with attachments.

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