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Happy Thanksgiving!

Katiebird says I can come to her house. It’s only 13.1 hours away from mine. If I leave now, I’ll be there for round two! Ummm, maybe next year. Today, I’m going to my aunt’s house. She made a pumpkin cheese cake. Yum. (Note to self: bring Lactaid)

About a week ago, the New York Times wrote a post about state dishes for Thanksgiving. But they got it all wrong when it came to Pennsylvania. The NYT says we eat glazed bacon on T-day. For the record, I have never eaten glazed bacon on T-day. I have never been to anyone’s house where glazed bacon was served on T-day. I have no idea where the NYT got its information but clearly, they did not talk to anyone from Pennsylvania.

The Upshot got a little closer this morning. It did a google search of recipes and supposedly, Pennsylvanians like potato filling. Ok, I have an issue with the word “filling”. No one I know calls it filling. It’s stuffing. But the potato thing sounds closer to the truth.

But here is the definitive answer for Pennsylvania: Baked Corn Casserole made with Cope’s dried corn. It’s a Pennsylvania Dutch country thing and it’s absolutely delicious. It’s a cross between a soufflé and a corn custard in actuality. When done right, it’s like pot de corn, rich but not too heavy with just a little sweetness from the toasted dried corn.

The Upshot says that Kansans prefer their corn with cream cheese. (Note to self: pack Lactaid for trip to Kansas).

Anyway, whatever you’re having, I hope it is delicious. Share your recipes in the comments below and let me know if they are a local specialty.

And say hello to your neighbors, like our local specialty, Mr. Rogers, used to do.


17 Responses

  1. The NYT gets it wrong, no surprise there. From her op-ed columns trashing Al Gore and both Clintons, I’d say Maureen Dowd talks to leprechauns.

    We called it filling, mom was from Philadelphia and dad from upper Dauphin County. Must be a regional thing.

    Anyway no matter what you eat or serve enjoy the day.

    • For got to add that I worked at Cope’s Corn one summer drying corn. One of the benefits was being able to grab an ear off the steaming conveyor for lunch.

      • OMG, that sounds so good. Was it as delicious as it sounds? I can only imagine freshly picked, steamed corn with salt and butter.

        • Salt only, no place to store butter. The steamer conveyor vented to the air so the area around the plant smelled of cooking corn during processing. I imagine it drove the citizens of Rheems, PA nuts and contributed to their obesity.

  2. Corn with cream cheese? In Kansas?? I don’t think so. My mom always put cream cheese on celery sticks as a Thanksgiving treat but, that was a California thing.

    How would you even GET cream cheese on corn…..

    Happy Thanksgiving to Confucians wherever you are!! I love you all!!

    • That’s so weird. The Upshot results look more accurate than the Dining section’s survey.
      I think this is a casserole made with cream cheese, corn, milk and butter. Have you never had that? I can’t imagine anyone, even people from Kansas, painstakingly spreading cream cheese on each niblet of corn.
      Next year, I’m having dinner here. I love to go to other people’s houses but I never have any leftovers.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, all.
    There’s just two of us, so we’re roasting a turkey breast with stuffing (dressing) baked in a casserole dish.
    They’ll be plenty left for great sandwiches, tomorrow.
    I make “Tony Murphy” turkey sandwiches: slices of turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce on white-or potato- bread that’s been slathered with mayonnaise.
    Tony was my grandpa.

  4. The Upshot says that we Buckeyes eat dirt pudding.
    What the heck is that?
    I didn’t grow up in Ohio, but I’ve lived here for twenty six years and I never heard of such a thing.

    • Isn’t that like crumbled oreos, chocolate pudding and whipped cream?

      • The missus adds gummy worms as a garnish to her’s. The children are grown but still expect it as a birthday treat.

  5. Hey, Riverdaughter, I just read that the Serial podcast is getting a second season.

  6. For all you Serial fans, read this post about how Jay’s testimony against Adnan was tainted.
    The writer still thinks Jay was involved. It’s possible. But if Jay was really involved, he may have done the whole thing on his own. That’s also possible. For all we know, the call to Nisha was something that happened when Hae was struggling with Jay. I think we really need to fix Hae’s time of death. Where is the autopsy report?

  7. My husband and I wound up our lovely Thanksgiving by watching the best holiday movie ever made–Adams’ Family Values.
    Debbie Jellinsky, forever.

    • I don’t think I’ve ever seen that one. I’ll watch out for it.

      We also had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner, just Mr. KB & me…. Then we watched a recorded episode of Amazing Race. While he practiced guitar and I’m seaming my sweater.

  8. I make the Jiffy Corn Special. It’s a yummy spoon bread and can be made ahead. Plus, it’s so easy that one of the kids can make it and get all the credit.

    1 can whole kernel yellow corn (14 or 15 oz.), undrained
    1 can cream style yellow corn (14 or 15 oz.)
    1 carton sour cream (8 oz.)
    2 eggs, beaten
    1 box Jiffy corn muffin mix

    Mix everything together and pour into large, lightly greased round casserole dish (2 to 2.5 quart) .

    Bake at 350°F for 55 – 60 minutes.

    It came out extra good this year. It may have been that lucky double-yolked egg.

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