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      Stumbled across this lovely chart the other day. The core fact most people, including the folks in the “best every world” Panglossian movement (like Pinker) don’t seem to understand, is that even if they were right (questionable), the prosperity we have is based on burning down our house. “Sure is hot! Hottest it’s every been!” […]
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Serial: Ok, I’m listening now

There’s a point in episode 5 when Sarah Koenig and Dana Chivvas are in the car retracing the route that Jay and Adnan took that fateful afternoon when Sarah makes some point to Dana and Dana says, “oh look, there’s a shrimp sale at the Crab Crib”. Sarah says, “Sometimes I don’t think Dana is listening to me.”

I thought I had the whole mystery figured out the other day and, for all I know, my hypothesis might still be the correct one. But something was lurking in the back of my mind and I couldn’t quite remember what it was. So I went back and listened to episode 4 on Inconsistencies and noticed a big fact that I had missed. This one is about the location of Hae’s car.

According to the map of the crime scene area in Baltimore put together by some equally obsessed fan, Hae’s car was parked at some point at the park and ride lot at the terminal end of I-70 and adjacent to the Gwynnes Falls Trail into Leakin Park where her body was found.  That’s what makes me think this is the work of a serial killer who intercepted her somewhere between the high school and her cousin’s daycare, then drove her to the park and ride, forced her out of the car and into the woods and then killed her not far from the Gwynns Falls Trail in Leakin Park.

But according to episode 4, Jay told the cops in his first interview that Hae’s car was located behind an old bunch of row houses on Edmondson Avenue. That puts the final location of her car at the other end of Leakin Park. I’m not sure how to interpret this yet. It could put Jay right back into the picture, if we are to give his story any credence at all. He knows the location of the car and he is heavily involved in getting rid of the body. Jay admits that he never saw Adnan kill Hae though. So, as far as we know, and provided he’s telling at least the partial truth, he’s the only true physical link to the crime.

So, where was the ultimate location of Hae’s car? Edmondson Avenue or the I-70 park and ride?


9 Responses

  1. The location of Hae’s car on that map has been driving me nuts. I never noticed them mentioning any other location than the Park & Ride for it.

    I’ve been wanting to go back and re-listen to the episodes but, we’ve barely been home for the last week (nothing big or fun — just one thing after another) and I don’t think I’ve had time to listen for more than 5 minutes at a stretch.

    I must have chosen the absolute worst time to throw myself into a podcast. The day I got all caught up was the day they announced a 2 week break!

    • LOL! Now that you are addicted, they make you wait a week.
      Yeah, the car location is very strange. I do think that something is going on with the narrative that the police are trying to construct. The car can’t be in both locations.The impression you get as the story progresses is that the car is in the park and ride. But if it’s in the Edmondson location, that puts the focus on the first story that Jay told and that’s not the one that gets told at trial.

      • So, how do they get the facts on that after all this time. No one remembers what car is where in parking lots — even the very day they’re parked. So how to figure it out almost 15 years later?

        • There was some other sentence I remember hearing vaguely as I was listening to an episode that sounded like something a skillful politician would say. On first hearing, it makes the listener think Jay provided something valuable. On second hearing, it makes the listener think he admits to nothing. I’ll see if I can find it again.
          It’s buried in a police report and it was written by one of the detectives.

  2. I’m thinking that Koenig and the others spent at least 6 months researching this story (and I’m guessing a couple others as back-up) before they were REALLY committed to it as the focus of Serial.

    And (I think) that the dynamics of a Serial tale is that it does reach a natural conclusion.

    This isn’t an arbitrary assignment from a teacher asking someone to follow the facts and see where it goes. They chose THIS story.

    And I think that this became a full length serial (and not just an interesting 1 hour recap of a tragic murder of a high school student) is because it ends with a bang.

    How do they get to that bang? Maybe the parking lot issue isn’t important as telling evidence. But, is important (to a good lawyer – in getting a new trial or an overturned conviction) as evidence of the deep inconsistencies in Jay’s story? …. But, for Serial – and Koenig’s tale, I don’t see how she can make anything more out of it.

    • Remember how confident the innocence project team when they said they didn’t think Adnan was guilty of killing Hae? They’ve read over this timeline, looked at all the evidence and probably reread Jay’s interviews. I’m betting they have eliminated Adnan as a suspect now. They have probably found an instance of the fingerpost that leads away from Adnan but that still relies on a missing piece of information to solve the crime.
      Maybe that will be the natural outcome of this investigation. They can say pretty conclusively who it wasn’t. They might not be able to say who it was.

  3. You know what would be helpful? It would be very helpful to see the coroner’s report on Hae’s body to see what was in her stomach/digestive tract when she died.

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