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    bellecat on Last GoT post, I promise
    Catscatscats on Last GoT post, I promise
    bellecat on Last GoT post, I promise
    William on Last GoT post, I promise
    William on Last GoT post, I promise
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We now begin the chaos portion of our program

Did you see the front page of the NYTimes this morning? It’s looking pretty grim. There’s Ferguson, the resignation of Chuck Hagel accompanied by harsh words about Obama’s national security policy, and the soaring costs of generic drugs. I told you guys that generics were going to start increasing in price a couple of years ago.

Is it just me or does it seem like the whole shebang is unravelling rather quickly these days?

Now, I’m not going to say that all of these problems are due to Obama’s naivete, inexperience and incompetence. But I think it is time we put a mute button on anyone proposing we replace him in 2016 with yet another untested, inexperienced first term senator just because they can’t stand, and have a visceral reaction to, the most logical alternative.


11 Responses

  1. Any serious candidate should have at least one full term of experience as a successful governor of a medium or large state. Both parties have several people who qualify.

    • Yes, but friends don’t let friends vote for Chris Christie. Pharmageddon happened under his watch.

    • I tend to agree, but I’d settle for someone with experience as both a cabinet secretary managing a major governmental department and experience in the Senate ;-). I still think HRC’s biggest mistake was not leaving the Administration two years in to run for Governor of New York. There’s no point in being the only grown-up in the room if the kids aren’t going to pay attention.

      • That would have been great. The Governor idea.

      • Wouldn’t that sort of play into the ‘penis years’ idea? That somehow Hillary has to try her hand and be wildly successful at running as many executive branch offices as possible? Is this a convenient ruse set up by the major donors of the Democratic Party who happen to be a collection of misogynistic assholes?

        • No — not saying she needed it. But, that New York sure could have used her. At least that’s what I was thinking. Also, fewer years of being tainted by Obama’s foreign policy.

  2. Not entirely off-topic, but did you see your fine city featured on 60 Minutes Sunday night as an example of our country’s failing infrastructure?

    • Nope. There’s construction happening all over the place here.

      • Think where we would be by now if Obama put that Wall Street bailout money in infrastructure and never went with Romney-care. But the expanding Medicaid and CHIPS eligibility wouldn’t have lined the pockets of his masters.

  3. I hope most of all for a bitter battle among all the nominee-wannabes and a fight which goes all the way through the floor, like the last fight should have been allowed to go. Let us get a nominee who has been darwinianly tested all the way through an un-aborted nomination and convention process. (Scum like Reid and Pelosi take note . . . )

    Let Clinton run. Let Webb run. Let others run. Let’s see who says what. Let’s see who thinks how. (Though if the Party “nominates” a piece of neo-liberal trash dirt garbage like Cory Booker or some other Obama-protege’ , I will not vote for that under any circumstances).

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