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There, there, get it all out.

My best guess is that despite the NYTimes and the entire Democratic party being in denial about this, voters really HATE Obamacare.  It’s the cheap airlines special of healthcare where you have no idea what the guy sitting next to you paid for the same seat but you’re pretty sure he got a better deal than you did. Oh sure, there are always going to be a few people who scored the deal of a lifetime, but that only means that the rest of the poor slobs in economy subsidized their ticket. Meanwhile, business class is enjoying extra legroom because their employers used CliqBook to negotiate better deals. And first class doesn’t know or care about the people in steerage.

Then there is the problem of being forced to buy a ticket in economy where there is zero legroom and you could swear the airline shrank your personal space by another 25%, and there are no snacks but some grumbling flight attendant who just lost her pension is walking up and down the aisle with pony bottles of water that sell for 5 times what you would pay on Air France. Then you realize that this flight is 14 hours long and you have to pee but YOU had to buy the cheapest seat you could find so you’re crammed in to the window seat and have to climb over other people to get out.  And there’s Paul Krugman sitting in a business class upgrade saying you’re ungrateful if you complain about your seat because the morbidly obese passenger whose excess girth is spilling over your armrest is finally able to afford his insulin.

Did I mention that you have to pay full price tickets for a long time before you can use your frequent flyer miles?  In fact, you may never get a chance to use them

I take back that extended metaphor because some of us are not on that plane.  Noooo, we’re the ones whose careers were ended by the financial catastrophe and haven’t been able to afford a ticket and can’t get a subsidy because we make too little money.  So, we’re stuck there on the tarmac, paying a penalty for being deadbeats, except we’re not deadbeats.  We’re just invisible to the Krugman types and the nation’s elderly who just can’t understand what horrible thing we must have done if we can’t find new jobs.  Maybe the new Republicans will implement training programs for us where we will learn how to take responsibility for coming to work sober and on time every day and where we can learn useful skills like how to use a computer and the inter toobz,  Oh, yes, sign me up for that!  I LOVE mandatory pointless patronizing lectures that will not improve my life a jot.  It’s what I live for.

Didn’t the Democrats promise they were going to fix Obamacare if only they could just pass it first? They swore up and down that they were going to revisit it and correct all the flaws as soon as they could. And how did that go?

It’s not that the country doesn’t want or need better healthcare. It’s just that when Democrats had two whole years to create something better they had Obama in charge all ready to lock us into a plan that only the extravagantly expensive health care/insurance industry wanted.

And don’t even get me started on the crappy economy. I am having a very hard time believing that the economy is picking up.  Now I have to worry about a bunch of nut job Republicans waving some shiny Grand Bargain object in front of Obama, who’s got the political skills of a second grader being shaken down by the class bullies that want his lunch money.  Make that OUR lunch money.

It could have been different.  Of course, Democrats will blame Bill Clinton.  It’s what they always do.  They never learn that this is just what the psychopaths who run the country want.  They need Bill Clinton to be the enemy to keep the party’s attention off of what they are doing.  There must be a scapegoat.

Well, I have a new governor and my congressman retained his seat, not that it will do much good seeing as here in Pittsburgh, we’re a tiny dot of blue in a sea of red.  It’s sort of like being the good guys surrounded by zombies infected by a virus transmitted through their cable boxes.  The closer you are to urban areas where diversity confers some protection, the less likely you are to be infected.  Too bad about that whole gerrymandering thing.


We deserve better than this.

Update: Ah, yes, Howard Dean, that brilliant strategist who was in charge in 2008 when the DNC changed the rules to allow a candidate who wasn’t even on the ballot in Michigan to win votes there anyway, *including* votes that were legitimately won by a different candidate. Delegate reassignment surgery was a novelty introduced during the Dean era. Then, the campaign consultants and money (from the financial industry) moved out of DC to Chicago.

Thank you, Atrios.  You can go back to bed now.

38 Responses

  1. What if the Democratic Party had become the party of BIG SWEEPING ideas and in 2009 had passed not only, expanded Medicare for Everyone but also Free Universal Photo IDs issued through the newly revised Post Office Bank where anyone could open a free checking account or get low interest loans. And (in this dream) they flooded the country with the resources to fix all the bridges, revive NASA, and something or other to fix the pharmaceutical problem putting our STEM workers back to work. And While we’re at it grants to public colleges and universities with the stipulation that tuition would be free.

    There are A LOT of big ideas out there but, when the Democrats had the power to pass a few of them, they did nothing. Nothing at all.

    Now my Facebook feed is full of weird Internet Memes about how they were hamstrung by Nay-saying Republicans. And American’s are stupid.

    Well, in Kansas, the Dems forced a Democratic Senate candidate off the ballot in favor of a bizarre Independent who refused to say how he would caucus. THEN they went to court to insure that they wouldn’t have to put up a candidate against the Independent. What a loser strategy!!

    I’m just ranting. I’m sorry. There really isn’t anything for me to say.

    • Yes, yes, yes. I have the same dream. In mine, part of the infrastructure investment was switching the country over to clean and sustainable energy.

      But, yeah, since the Big O was obviously the Greatest Whatevah Evah, it’s the voters’ fault. He threw them under the bus and they didn’t have the least little bit of get up and go to pick themselves up and vote for him! I mean, what’s up with that?

    • The Democrats’ mission was to prevent those ideas from being considered, let alone applied, for the next few decades. One of the purposes of Obamacare (among others) was to poison the subject of health-care to the point where no thought will be spared to it for at least 20 more years.

      Any R voters who thought they were voting for “repeal Obamacare” will be the butt of the last laugh. The Rs have no intention of repealing it. They never did. They never will. It is a step on the way to Heritage Care. If they add the Presidency to their power collection in two years, they will purify Obamacare to its purified Heritage inner essence. They will of course retain the Forced individual Mandate which the Roberts Court worked so hard to protect after the Obamacrats worked so hard to get it passed and signed.

  2. Very nice rant. Hit all the high points of mine as well.

  3. Depressing. A quote from the Daily Beast: “…While there is a lot of truth to the notion that midterm voter turnout is a challenging for a liberal coalition comprised of the country’s most “unlikely” voters, the real story is this. Candidates from Arkansas to Kentucky, from Iowa to Georgia, lacked message discipline and skipped one opportunity after another to effectively target voters with any notable precision. For all of the bellyaching, tooth gnashing, and public wailing, Democrats have no one to blame but themselves. Their collective failings come down to message discipline, candidate selection, and voter targeting…”

  4. I’d vote for that platform! Katiebird for Congress. You should run.

  5. My brother is paying for TWO insurance premiums, because the first insurance offered from his job, is a high deductible low paying one that businesses have to offer. Sure its better than nothing, except when you get sick. In one of those good/bad news situations, he has diabetes since he was a kid, and one of those medicines has more or less killed his liver. So, the good news was they found out his liver is shot before it killed him, the bad news is that after paying for several MRI’s, CAT Scans, he still hasn’t met his 5K deductible, loving that Obamacare! His second insurance premium hasn’t even paid anything yet because his first insurance isn’t paying for what they should be paying. So, before he even is on the transplant list at age 40, he is medically and financially bankrupt. He is sick, and still hanging on his job by the skin of his teeth, and was told he probably wouldn’t get Social Security Disability until after the transplant and only for one year because of his age. Now, he is understanding what I was bitching about ObamaCare, and wanting Medicare for all. Don’t even get me started on what kind of hoops you have to jump through to even qualify for Disability, now, it really turned my stomach reading that. It’s your money, but you will never get to use it because it’s already spent for wars, and tax cuts for the wealthy.

    • That’s awful and I’m sorry.
      Obama saw a kluged together, ad hoc, three tiered, bureaucratic nightmare of a health system and created his own version of a kluged together, ad hoc, three tiered, bureaucratic nightmare of a health system.
      Now, if you can’t afford it, you pay a penalty.
      That’s progress!

      • Now, if you can’t afford it, you pay a penalty.That’s progress!

        The beauty part of that for them is they get money even while providing no services! Perfect!…it’s a win/win ! ( snark)

    • because it’s already spent for wars, and tax cuts for the wealthy.

      yup…gotta love that “shared sacrifice”

      O care was crafted by the insurance industry expressly to squeeze out your last drop in a Kafkaesque dance ( for laughs) , then leave you on the curb. If you can’t pay you don’t matter and here’s your fine
      for not paying

  6. We had such opportunities after Bush/Cheney.
    Now they’re all gone; all wasted.
    All because the Democratic Party Powers That Be had to lift Obama up on to their shoulders and carry him over the finish line.

  7. That’s your best guess? I’d say, you’re spot on!

  8. They need Bill Clinton to be the enemy to keep the party’s attention off of what they are doing. There must be a scapegoat.

    Indeed. The Dems also do not dare challenge their pay masters, the powers that be, so the Clintons get the fangs for being a thorn in the paymaster’s side. How dare they! It’s been that way since they were on the national stage. I never see Dems so mad as when they attack the Clintons or scold their base,

    I realized one of the reasons Corbert ‘s number were so bad…what has been blacked out in our media has been the devastation caused by wild west “fracnking ” for gas in the PA Red areas In many places the land has been ruined… So the Red area gave him a heap less votes than it would have .

    I saw this program on a Russian news show I came upon … I had to keep reminding myself I wasn’t watching PBS..it would have been on there years ago. No more. Perhaps Frontline will be allowed to show something like in a few years .

  9. […] ObamaCare is like a crappy long haul flight [Riverdaughter]. States benefitting most from ObamaCare elected Republicans [New York Times]. Which totally makes […]

  10. This Texan is not a happy camper today. 20 years of gubernatorial idiocy, ineptitude and complete disconnect continues. FFS! Stop the insanity!!!!

  11. You may not care — and this is admittedly commenting on a part of your post that’s not really germane to the topic — but as a fat acceptance advocate it’s painful to read stuff like “And there’s Paul Krugman sitting in a business class upgrade saying you’re ungrateful if you complain about your seat because the morbidly obese passenger whose excess girth is spilling over your armrest is finally able to afford his insulin.”

    I usually don’t bother to respond to stuff like this, but given your value system, I thought you might be open to reconsidering your POV. In a nutshell, fat acceptance believes fat is a variation not an aberration and that medicalizing a person’s body size by classifying it as “obese” is discriminatory, among other things.

    Moreover, lots of people with loud voices, long limbs, and the like can also infringe upon one’s space in an airplane. But only the fat person will be asked to pay extra. No one in coach has enough room. The problem isn’t bodies. It’s that the airline has crammed too many seats in order to make more money.

    Also, being fat does not cause Type 2 diabetes. And thin people get it, too.

    With respect I say that your use of hurtful stereotypes of fat people seems to contradict many of the values you hold dear.

    Thank you for reading this, and I hope you take my response into consideration.

    • I’m sorry if I have offended anyone. I certainly meant no disrespect.
      My point is that we’re all crammed into the same fuselage whether we need more room or not. I’m sure it’s not pleasant for the large person in the middle seat either.
      We all need to be treated with more dignity than we’re getting.
      And there are certainly other pre-existing conditions that are just as serious. Including any of them in this rant is going to be seen as offensive to someone. Tight seats on a plane just made my mind go there.

  12. Well, all I have to say is the usual suspects are out now dinging Hillary. I’m ready to bite nails. They are wanting Warren. Their arguments for Warren are the EXACT same arguments they gave for Obama. It’s not that I don’t like Warren but she has been in the senate for two years like Obama, she doesn’t have any policy initiatives that I know of and she comes from MA the state where there is a large graveyard of Dem presidential candidates. They are saying that this loss is the reason why we shouldn’t vote for Hillary in the primaries should she run. They are clueless. Dems did better in elections with Clinton than they have with Obama. I said you guys leave me cold. You are making the same arguments you made for Obama. Go away. You have completely discredited yourself with Obama. You thought he was the real deal and he was so progressive blah, blah, blah. He can’t lead himself out of the bathroom it looks like and I said are you surprised he has done nothing for the party??? Those of us here were talking about it years ago. They are just now making all the complaints about Obama that we made years ago–Obama not running as a Democrat. Obama running as a party of one Obama for America. Obama caring only about himself when his butt is on the line but could care less about anybody else in the party. Please go away Obama. You have let the freaking crazy people take over the senate, people that think the UN is going to come any day and put people in tents, that cows are going to vote. End of rant. Thanks for your ears.

  13. Meanwhile, Driftglass and his sycophants wail that it’s all the fault of us DFHs who wouldn’t clap loudly enough for Tinkerdonkey. 🙄


  14. Go make a cup of hot Sleepytime extra tea with valerian. That stuff should be regulated by the FDA. It promotes a sound, restful sleep with lots of dreams. You will wake up refreshed, if a little bit stupid for a couple of hours. Sort of like your non-political neighbors. You know, the ones who never seem to worry about s^*(.
    Highly recommended.

  15. I hate Charlie Rose and most of his guests, especially those two clowns who wrote “Game Change.”

    • I’m okay with Rose. Halperin, OTOH, is, was and always will be a complete and utter hack IMO.

  16. […] I’d argue that’s because ObamaCare is, like everything else neoliberal, crapified. Via The Confluence: […]

  17. Dave Lindorff wouldn’t clap for Tinkerdonkey, either.


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