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We’re Royals and other updates

Just for the record, we’re Royals fans for this World Series in honor of Katiebird who lives in Kansas.

Oh, and there’s a confirmed case of Ebola in NYC.  This time it’s a doctor who just returned from West Africa and *should* have been keeping himself off of public transportation.  Alas, he took a train from Manhattan to Brooklyn to go bowling the night before his temperature soared to 103º.  Way to go, Dr. Spencer.  You’re giving Texas a run for its money.

Let’s see if Belleview Hospital and the dirty effing hippies who run NYC do a better job of containment.  I’m going to bet that Manhattan takes it in stride.  I mean, it’s not like two planes smashing into the tallest buildings around.

Still no reason to panic.

Cue the Lorde tune:

19 Responses

  1. As usual, “Keep Calm And Carry On”.

    Unless you’re a wingnut, in which case the motto is: “Soil Your Knickers And Blame That Damn Kenyan In The White House!” 😛

  2. The AM Hate Radio hosts have a new shiny object to chase so there hasn’t been much about the new Ebola case in NYC.

    Seems the Seattle Seahawks traded WR Percy Harvin o the NY Jets for a gum wrapper and a bent skate key. Reason being turmoil in the locker room and management wanted him gone. Think Terrel Owens and Donavon McFlabb er McNabb.

    AM Hate Radio comes into this because there are rumors that Harvin didn’t get along with his QB Russel Wilson because he (Wilson) wasn’t Black enough. Blimpy was spewing about this on my way to work and some guy named Joe Pags was bleating about it on my way home.

    I’m sure they’ll blame Obama somehow.

    • Dammit, I wish I could like the guy, but between the 2008 primary shenanigans and his dismal performance for the working class in office, fuhgeddabowdit. 😦

      I simply don’t hate him, as the wingnuts do.

    • You know, they were much more effective when they blamed Obama for things he’s actually done (or not done, as the case may be).
      How can you listen to that crap? I mean, thanks for taking one for the team and all but I think I’d have to hurt someone if I had to listen to that.

      • Somebody said keep your friends close … etc, blah…

        My 25 minute commute to and from work is my listening time though I tune them out when they take callers as I can’t do stupid. Sometimes their insane rhetoric get too much and I hit the AM/FM switch after a minute or so.

        About Obama, the AM Hate Radio/Fox criticisms border on the ludicrous because there isn’t much left as he is a closet republican who they’d be praising if there were an R after his name.

  3. Let’s go, Royals!

  4. It’s discouraging that someone with the best of intentions went to help with the Ebola epidemic but didn’t have the common sense to isolate himself upon his return.

    It’s an almost perfect illustration of opposing views. Restricting travel would have kept Dr. Spencer from volunteering. Free travel let him come back with the virus.

    But it’s not really the free travel that let him come back with the virus. It’s his optimism and thoughtlessness. And that’s always going to happen. Who in the world (unless hit full on with projectile vomit or something) would think that they got the lucky dose? Human nature is mostly optimistic and most of us would think we were just fine.

    If even an experienced doctor could hop on a plane and gad-about Manhattan, then pretty much anyone could.That’s why isolation and quarantine plans have to be initiated and mandatory. And Humane (NOT jail-like)

    (I’m still not that much afraid of an epidemic here. But, this is also an illustration for how Ebola could spread through Africa — and it’s not fair to them that we aren’t putting some thought to stopping it)

    • Yes, and it’s funny that when the nurses contracted Ebola from treating patients using less than adequate gear supplied by their superiors, they were cursed with headlines like, “Nurse no stranger to Ebola” because they’d had one unit on the subject in nursing school. And “they should have known not to travel,” even though they were in contact with the CDC and were given permission to do so.

      But this guy, who is literally no stranger to Ebola gets treated like a victim…is it his genitalia? is it his status? I don’t know. All I know is that he should have known, wherein the nurses weren’t nearly as educated when they contracted the virus.

      • The first thing you learn in the medical biz is that it’s never the doctor’s fault. The second thing you learn is it is always the nurse’s fault.

    • Optimism and thoughtlessness, and, maybe narcissism?

    • Several East African countries have been flights into their country which land in one of the affected countries or originate there. They are hoping that preventing Sierra Leonian/ Guinean/ Liberian travelers from touching East Africa that they can also prevent this particular Ebola from touching East Africa this particular time. Perhaps its a comparative experiment.

  5. Is it his genitalia?

  6. The official w/the NYC health peeps said on the odious “morning joe” that his temp was actually 100.3. Apparently the 103 was in error. Still, what part of his anatomy was he thinking with?!?

    • He felt confident that some little virus would tremble in fear before the might of his Superior Medical Knowledge.

  7. a) with all due respect to katiebird and other kc homers, it has come to my attention that the kc royals (aka walmarts) are owned by a former ceo of walmart, which may explain why they are one of the most underpaid teams in major league baseball. i am wondering if they are supplementing their salaries with food stamps. on the other hand, they are a pretty engaging team to watch. go packers!

    b) the 2 stooges christie & cuomo seem to be rooting for ebola concentration camps.

    • We like to think it’s Mr. K’s team.

    • the 2 stooges christie & cuomo seem to be rooting for ebola concentration camps.

      They can’t help dreaming of sugar plum Halliburton contracts for such camps dancing in their heads ..bless their little hearts.

      Let’s not forget Slug Christie took a million of the relief money for Sandy to make an ad about NJ and his family. That’s a way bigger sleaze factor than Bridgegate

      Slug Christie is big, but not big enough of a criminal for the job at 1600…he’ll be like Agnew to Jeb’s Nixon

  8. This time it’s a doctor who just returned from West Africa and *should* have been keeping himself off of public transportation. Alas, he took a train from Manhattan to Brooklyn to go bowling the night before his temperature soared to 103º. Way to go, Dr. Spencer.

    At this point it is simply inexcusable and unexplainable that a doctor coming from West Africa was not tested SOMEWHERE along the way before being back in public here.( particularly a huge city) He was not there on an oil company deal. He was there treating Ebola patients …But you or I would be stopped, felt down at least , if we try to bring in a plant , or an over sized bottle of mouth wash from over seas anywhere .

    Jesus he should have tested himself if nothing else…this is a license losing offense for Dr. Spencer. imo.

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