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Give Democrats a piece of your mind

The mid-term election is only weeks away and despite the lack of recovery for the vast majority of us, life is about to get a whole lot harder as the Senate is predicted to fall into the Republicans’ hands.

That leaves us with Barack Obama to guard the door from the lunatics.  In other words, we’re totally screwed.

But why sink into despair?  If you’re disappointed and angry at the way the last six years (and two to go) have turned out, you probably have good reason to be in spite of what Paul Krugman says.  The Democrats are not the Chicago Cubs.  We do not have to feel all sentimental about having a losing team all the time.

So, vent.  Get it all out.  What pisses you off the most about how the Democrats have let us down?  Don’t be afraid to tell it like it is.  Civility is for cotillions.

These student body president types may be perfectly content to ignore you or they may have absolutely no idea why you’re about to allow them to be voted out of office.  Put them on notice in the comments below.

Registered Democrats only please.  If you’re a Republican, Tea Party troublemaker or independent, please sit on your hands.

I’ll go first.  Unemployment is still high for those of us 45-65.  Wages are pathetic.  But the thing that ticks me off the most is how Obamacare 1.) created two classes of American workers, 2.) did nothing to control costs, and 3.) forced the second class Americans without employer based health care into high deductible, tiny network, expensive insurance plans.  Even with the subsidies, which many of us don’t get because we make too *little* money (like that’s supposed to make any damn sense), the plans are unaffordable.  Krugman can go jump in a lake for all I care.  Obamacare is awful.

Ok, your turn.

30 Responses

  1. My husband and I were talking last night about how Obama came into office (don’t get me started about the nomination) with a Democratic House and Senate and near carte blanche to do what it would take to lift this nation off of its knees.
    Start rebuilding our roads, bridges and dams with jobs, jobs, jobs.
    Instead, the golf cleated slacker spends over a year kissing Max Baucus’ wrinkly ass.
    It kills me that we had the Republican Party on the ropes and, now, they’re poised to take over again and, yes, I blame Obama.
    Wonder if we’ll be treated to the elephant parade up Capital Hill, again?

    • Did I miss a real elephant parade up The Hill?

      • Yes, when Newtie took over the gavel.
        I looked at the photo on the front page of the Cleveland Plain Dealer and threw up my Wheaties.
        Only thinking of Hegel (roughly speaking, when something is at its apex, its the beginning of its decline) got me through.

    • Indeed, they had a super majority and spent those two years diddling with themselves as the insurance companies wrote O care. Then the Dem spent their super majority delivering the US people in chains to said insurance companies…that was all they did with those two years

  2. When I think about it, “failure to stand up to Republicans” is at the root of all of the other things. We have to wonder why that is because I’m not so cynical to believe that there aren’t genuine, well meaning politicians out there. I’m sure that there are. But what accounts for their inability to become forceful?
    It’s not just campaign financing. It could be leadership compromising too much. Why are Democrats so afraid??

    • Why are Democrats so afraid??

      You misspelled “corrupt”.

      • Exactly. The Democrats only attempt liberal policy when they know it can’t be passed. And let us not forget that they passed Obamacare — RD’s least favorite issue — with no Republicans on board. And Democrats moved the policy further and further to the right to court imaginary Republicans that they never managed to win. They had enough votes to pass something better, but they made every excuse in the book to move the policy right.

        • Corrupt and collusive, it’s all a show for the rubes. obama didn’t not stand up to repubs, he stood with them, and most of the dems with him.

          • obama didn’t not stand up to repubs, he stood with them, and most of the dems with him.

            thank you

    • I’m not so cynical to believe that there aren’t genuine, well meaning politicians out there. I’m sure that there are. But what accounts for their inability to become forceful?

      Have you not been paying attention? Anyone “forceful” is crushed by the party machine in the primaries, hell the party is even willing to lose a seat (cf Blanche Lincoln) rather than let a populist slip though the net, even in the case of a rather milquetoast populist like Ned Lamont, the party campaigned for an “independent” blue dog against their own candidate rather than let the Lesser People draw blood on them.

  3. You need a button for “all of the above and then some.”

    Have you seen the interview with Tina Brown on MSNBC? Here’s what she has to say about Obama:

    And I think that particularly for women. I don’t think it makes them feel safe. I think they’re feeling unsafe. Economically, they’re feeling unsafe. With regard to ISIS, they’re feeling unsafe. They feel unsafe about Ebola. What they’re feeling unsafe about is the government response to different crises. And I think they’re beginning to feel a bit that Obama’s like that guy in the corner office, you know, who’s too cool for school, calls a meeting, says this has to change, doesn’t put anything in place to make sure it does change, then it goes wrong and he’s blaming everybody. So there’s a slight sense of that.

  4. riverdaughter

    Your “poll” of “failures” is the Obama success poll. You know as well as I that he was anointed and lifted up by the Wall Street/Washington DC Axis of Evil to do exactly what he has succeeded in failing to do. Mission accomplished. Likewise by immediately betraying his hopey voter base he gave the GOP corpse the kiss of life in 2010. Doubtless he will succeed in failing to stop the GOP undead from taking over the Senate in 2 weeks. Then he will be the thinnest of thin reeds standing between total Kochism and the rest of us. Yikes! As the artist still known as Bob Dylan once sang: “There’s no success like failure/And failure’s no success at all.”

    • I have to agree. Obama is one of America’s most successful recent Presidents if you accept the truth of what his real agenda really is.
      The question of “Democrats failing to stand up” might be applied to those self-styled Democratic Progressives who failed to stand up to the active Republican Collaborators leading the Democratic Party.
      Why did Kasich fail to kill Obamacare with his one vote when he had the crucial opportunity to do so? Stockholm Syndrome? Did Obama threaten to assassinate Kucinich’s wife and daughters when Obama took Kucinich for a ride on Obama’s plane? Why?

      • I am tired. When I asked about “Kasich” I obviously meant to mean Kucinich.

      • Remember when that vile and filthy piece of upper class shit named Pelosi said “Impeachment is off the table” ? Scum like that rule and control the Democratic Party and that is a problem.

        And the Silicon Yuppie latte’ liberals of San Francisco deliberately rewarded Pelosi ON PURPOSE for “Impeachment is off the table” by returning her to Congress with 60% of her district’s vote. So some of the registered voters in this-here Party are part of the problem too.

      • Kucinich. would never kill O care.or anything else the powers that be wanted. Remember in 08, he was so furious when Hillary won New Hampshire , he demanded a recount ! He called it a “mystery that needs to be solved! He got way more junkyard dog over that than he
        ever did for anything else I’ve ever seen…he was bought a long time ago

        • Really? Kucinich did that? I did not know that. Well that shrinks down Kucinich a little bit in hindsight.

          • goggle : Kucinich + Hillary + New Hampshire…he not only said it, he payed for a recount…

    • But, but Krugman thinks he’s Rushmore worthy.

  5. Independents, sit on your hands?

    How many Democrats re-registered as Independent in states that require party affiliation in the wake of the 2008 primary?

    I don’t know how many states register voters by party affiliation or if the parties keep track of it but one way to send a message the the elites would be a massive loss of registered Democrats.

    I mean 2008 primaries demonstrated the contempt of blue collar union workers the Democratic Party has when they anointed Obama instead of allow a floor vote at the convention.

    • Forgot: So there is no value in being able to participate in the Democratic primary elections if our votes are stolen or ignored.

    • Well, as a former Democratic county vice-chair and state executive committee member, I can assure you that both parties track affiliation quite closely.

    • I’m no longer invested in the Democratic Party. If ideals like fairness mean nothing to them why should I be? I’m done with the LOTE voting pattern. I’d rather futilely vote for a third party then continue to give my vote to a party whose only offering is we’re not those other guys(but we’re totally on board with the endless wars, cutting safety nets, and everything else they propose. We’ll even hand them women on a platter so we don’t get called names or accused of supporting the slutty sluts who dare to believe they should get to decide what happens to their bodies.)

  6. Listening to AM Hate Radio tonite I was informed there were no new Ebola infections because the guy was talking about Monica Lewinski.

    • LOL…Monica Lewinski! What’s next? New Kids on the Block? Was Paula Jones not available? That a serious sign folks think Hill is running …well Hill can say ” you know , the 90’s weren’t as bad as I thought! I wish we had those jobs and peace again ” lol

    • the guy was talking about Monica Lewinski.

      in other words the blast fax with the new script sent out

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