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The Employment Index: Wish me luck

This week’s version of the index will be brief.  I have an interview this morning and I need to jump in the shower.  The job is in a different area of research than I’m used to but I passed the preliminary placement exam so there’s that. Just in case, I looked up some material on YouTube. I bought a new suit, that I will probably never wear again, and got an investment haircut.  Got my berry smoothie ready.  Everything copacetic.

Now all I need is a little bit of luck to go with the preparation.

This is ze time on ze Confluence vhen ve dahnse.

15 Responses

  1. Wishing you the best of luck! My thoughts are with you.

    • How’s your tooth, sweetie?

      • Oh, Sue! It’s so weird — I spent last weekend trying to figure out how many root canals and crowns I could afford and hoping my jaw wasn’t crumbling away…..

        And when I got to the Dentist, he said my teeth and jaw/gums, etc looked great (he took x-rays also) and it was probably a sinus infection.

        Which was confirmed by my doctor about an hour later. So, antibiotics & decongestants and I still feel woozy from the drugs. But, a tiny fraction of the expense (even with all the co-pays)

        What a relief.

        I AM really woozy though.

  2. All the good luck in the world, RD.

  3. Good luck, you amply deserve it.

  4. Good Luck!

  5. My thoughts with you, wish the best!
    Go get them, tiger RD…


  7. Late to the party, but good luck!

  8. Hope it went well for you.

    When I look around and see all the younger people not quite smart enough to go for a degree my heat breaks. When I was their age you could make a comfortable life for yourself in the manufacturing sector and put enough aside to go to school if you wanted to do better.

    Thanks to the Willards of Wall Street and “fair Trade” treaties those days are long gone … until China nationalizes all the foreign owned factories. Then we’ll all have good jobs fighting in the military to take them back.

  9. Good luck to RD and Katie.

  10. Geez, RD, we’ve all been on the edge of our seats the entire weekend! How did it go??????

    • Oh, sorry. I have to wait. There are a couple other candidates. It may take another three weeks. I know, it is nerve wracking. I’m trying not to think about it.

  11. I missed this post. Indeed good luck and the wait stinks!

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