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    William on What’s in a Team Na…
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Damn you, Ken Burns

You’ve created another maddeningly addicting documentary, this one on The Roosevelts.  I’m going to be tied to this computer for every spare moment until the final minutes of the whole fourteen hours.  I have rooms to paint and lawns to mow.

How did you get George Will to talk in favor of government regulation?  Did you torture him first?  Was it a trick of clever editing?

Highly recommended.  Check your local PBS station for scheduling or watch it online at pbs.org.

8 Responses

  1. I love FDR and Eleanor; Teddy, not so much.
    As his daughter said “he wanted to be the bride at every wedding and the corpse at every funeral.”
    He comes off as a bully, to use one of his favorite words.
    My family is still mad at him for closing the saloons on Sundays!

  2. LOL! I am watching the video with the descriptive narrative for episode 3. That’s where a young male voice interjects periodically with descriptions of what is being shown on the screen when there is a break in the general narrative. So, there will be a pause in Peter Coyote’s narrative and this totally out of place voice will chime in with stuff like, “A bearskin lies on the floor next to a desk. Soldiers run across a field.” This is delivered in a flat, unemotional tone. It’s hilarious.

  3. It will be nice to see a functioning government who gives a damn…
    even if it was 70 years ago

    White House threatens to cut off Obamacare subsidies to 360,000


    • What is worse? The cutting off of the subsidies or the tacit acknowledgement that without the subsidies, the premiums are too damn high?

      • Subsidies of course was one of the inducements for this bucket load.
        They don’t need them now, it’s in place. In the article it states the web site is still fowled up and often can’t verify people’s income. So it’s up to the peon to prove their income within two weeks.. .try hacking one’s way though to them in 2 weeks…

        All I know as we go along , wiggle room for employers/ business for this impossible phony system is constantly being added to and for us, the wiggle room is progressively being take out .

        This is the problem when you have multi-millionaires ( at least) who have fabulous tax payer provided health care themselves making these choices ( one can hardly say they made the decisions as the insurance companies made all of them ) …to the multi-millionaires congress critters the premiums do not seem high at all and it puts more in their pocket as I imagine many have stock in the industrial heath care complex . Pay up or die ..any fuss and Mr. Swat will be stopping by to learn you.

  4. PA politics

    One would not know it by the news but we are mere weeks away from mid term elections . I imagine it doesn’t make the news as it’s not thought it will make a difference. Justin Bieiber’s scripted decline is of more import

    However here in PA there’s a governors race on. The Dem, Tom Wolf,
    is doing very well over Gov Corbett. Corbett is a social budget slashing then giving the money to billionaires in tax breaks kind of guy

    Right now the polls say

    Wolf 59, Corbett 35


    During the primaries the Dem clown car was sent in in order to take pot shots and trash Wolf as best they could. That didn’t work.

    I thinking the White House will advocate Mr. O comes to PA during the campaign in order to help sink Wolf …but with those numbers even that might not do the trick .

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