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Hubris and Stampede

Making this short because I’m going to archery practice.  

So, there is a great gnashing of teeth beginning over The Upshot post this morning on Why Democrats Can’t Win the House, blah, blah, blah, woe is us, how dare they point this out for the world to see.  

Yes, the Republicans did blithely gerrymander through the gently (steeply) rolling hills of Pennsylvania, fa-la-la! And they didst separate the wheat from the chaff and packed the Democrats into vanishingly small districts (I’m District 14! Go, Doyle!

BUT, and this is a big but that the progressivey types ignore because, frankly, it’s embarrassing, the Republicans didn’t do that until they had won back the House in 2010.  That was a full two years after Obama and the Democrats had a clear, unobstructed path to do whatever their hearts desired.  And what they desired the most, apparently, was fluffing up the guy who campaigned in Pennsylvania and Appalachia as if the voters there didn’t matter a whit!  Nay, he even called them gun toting, churchie types who knit bitterly, or something to that effect.  That’s probably why Pennsylvania and Appalachia did not vote for him during the primaries.  

Yes, I was there.  I was at the Hillary campaign office in Harrisburg on three occasions during primary season and did much phone banking.  Most of the Democrats I spoke to had nothing against Obama.  They just didn’t think he was ready to be president.  Which just goes to show you how intelligent the commonwealth of Pennsylvania is.  But that didn’t stop Obama from treating this section of the country as if it was his enemy.  So, now, they hate his guts with a white hot passion.  And they’re none too trusting of the morons who forced him upon them.  If I were a Democrat in Pennsylvania, I wouldn’t be calling Obama my best buddy and pal and talking up all of his “accomplishments”.  

It was the hubris of the Netroots Nation type activists, skillfully played by the Wall Street backers of Obama that got us all into this mess.  I can remember the first YearlyKos where some nerdy Nate Cohn type stood up and declared writing off the south and the Clinton coalition as a pretty snazzy idea.  Who needs the south? It’s full of idiots and knuckle draggers and they all have déclassé gun racks on the back of their trucks.  {{sniff}}  No, they did not see that population as one that was the most likely to fall into a black pit of poverty once the Great Recession hit.  

Who were the stupid ones?  

So the country put its trust in Obama in 2008, hoping desperately for a true Democrat to set things right and arrest the bankers and save their jobs and houses and children’s future, all the while not knowing that he was the bankers’ secret weapon.  When he failed to make any progress and the economy fell into an abyss, the Democrats stayed home in 2010 and the Republicans were motivated to go to the polls, taking with them the population that Democrats had abandoned in 2008.  If Democrats had been smart and were really concerned about gerrymandering after the 2010 census, you’d think they would have been more careful about guarding their legacy.  

But not to fear.  There is a lot of pent up frustration about the state of the country.  I predict that there will be a stampede for Hillary Clinton in 2016, whether the progressive male contingent likes it or not and whether or not Hillary has been forced to sell her soul to the guys in the smoke filled rooms.  

If I were the progressive male contingent (and you know who you are, screaming “neoliberal”, whatever that actually means to you, at everything you don’t like), I would stand back.  Because the less resistance you offer, the less money she will have to get from the people you SHOULD have been watching out for back in 2008 when you got us into this mess.  

Your turn has come and gone.  You had your chance.  You blew it.  Shut up and sit down and, for god’s sakes, quit whining.  


6 Responses

  1. Making this short because I’m going to archery practice.

    Well, at least someone will be ready for The Hunger Games.

  2. From my perspective as a former state/county Democratic Party officer, the big problem was the ’08 campaign itself. In previous election cycles, the DNC had always been interested in “the combined campaign” – there was always some level of national party support for state-level races. People who were doing GOTV were doing GOTV for everyone on the ticket.

    This just wasn’t true in 2008.

    It was, as the overstock.com commercial used say, “all about the ‘O’.” The national campaign, in fact, sucked resources from state and local races. This started well before the convention (in contravention of party bylaws, which forbid the party from taking sides in its own nomination process). I warned that we were going to get hammered after the census if we didn’t pay attention to the state legislative races, but none of the wunderkinder (did I do that right? German isn’t one of my languages.) wanted to hear about it.

    They’re hearing about it now, though, aren’t they?

  3. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. You did it to me again. Peacefully watching The Leftovers, catching up on blogs, then Confluence, then bp explodes again. I’ll never get over the O campaigns and the snotty fluffers who boosted him, and I will slide down a fifty foot razor blade into a vat of alcohol and crawl over broken grass dragging two oxen to vote for Hillary Clinton.

    You are right. Again.

  4. The dems lost the house bc they didn’t/haven’t done anything positive for ordinary people. I’ve been a registered dem for decades and I’m done with them. Of course I get tin cup emails from this and that candidate, always emphasizing their exemplary ability to “work on both sides of the aisle” as if bipartisanship passing shitty legislation were a virtue rather than an extended exercise in backstabbing.

    As for the obama campaign sucking resources away from the states, well, he was never for anything or anybody but himself, so it made perfect sense. After the election, the people who worked for Organizing were cut off and told to wait for orders, which never came, of course, bc the campaign was done with them. I’m assuming the half-hearted effort to gin up the Organizing crowd, again, in 2012 fell on pretty barren ground; but the repugnant repub candidates did in their own cause, so the lack of 2008 style enthusiasm didn’t impede obama’s reelection. More’s the pity.

  5. Hilary is the only one left who even remembers what a real democratic government looks like… and that’s why she will be stopped again But really things are in such a Neo-Con Dick Cheney hell hole mess right now and getting worse by the day, I can see even super patriot Hilary saying ” …er no thanks ” .

    If however she does runs and the Dem party of Chicago will allow Hilary to realized her won nomination this time it will be so the upper crust can enjoy seeing her “lose” to Jeb in a fixed ” election”

    Of course I hope I’m wrong about that . However we will have our unending wars for oil and world domination aboard and unending social budget cuts at home to pay for the wars whoever gets in . That is going forward , that is not going to be stopped…at least in 2016 .

    The most serious sign Jeb will be installed is Rick Perry getting a mug shot…that is, his being cleared from the path by being given a scandal . I don’t know what he’s supposedly guilty of and it doesn’t matter. Actual crimes at no longer the criteria for indictments. If they were someone on Wall St. might have been arrested for 2007-08 instead of given bonuses and permanent Bush tax cuts … No, when someone like Perry is arrested, something else is going on and a message is sent.

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