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Campbell Brown is married to Dan Senor

You know, Dan Senor, Fox News flying monkey contributor and the former Bushie who was spokesman for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq that was responsible for keeping track of the planeloads full of money we sent over there?  Yeah, whatever happened to that money?  Remember when Henry Waxman said:

The numbers are so large that it doesn’t seem possible that they’re true. Who in their right mind would send 363 tonnes of cash into a war zone?

Maybe we should try to find it before we yank tenure away from teachers, eh, Campbell?

Just sayin’.

*$12 billion dollars would pay for a lot of high quality teachers.


7 Responses

  1. I couldn’t stand her on CNN and I can’t stand her, now.
    During the Gore v. Bush horror, Brown’s preference couldn’t have been more obvious. She might as well have worn a ten gallon hat on air.

  2. Dan Señor is repulsive. Seems as if her being married to him is a fitting punishment. And vice versa. Both are smug corrupt creeps. Imagine having to defend the CPA. Makes Sisyphus’s job seem like a piece of cake.

  3. Just noticed my auto correct put Spanish connotation to Senor’s name. Mea culpa to the Spanish.

  4. RD, I’m very interested in your take on the super secret serum being given to the two health workers in Atlanta.
    Does this let a cat out of the bag?
    I think Monster got it wrong; the one percent will not be dying from some plague.

    • I’d heard of two possible treatments. 1.) the experimental vaccine for Ebola that shows protection for mice was given to the second aid worker. 2.) a serum derived from the plasma of a boy who had survived Ebola was given to the first doctor.
      The serum should contain immune system components to attack the virus. The vaccine may be useful in the same way that the smallpox vaccine was useful in that pieces of viral protein should trigger an immune response. They could both be potentially useful ways of acquiring immunity. It remains to be seen whether the mouse vaccine has the right viral protein segments to be effective or whether a shot of antibodies and killer T cells is enough in the case if the serum.
      In any case, our best treatment for preventing it’s spread is quarantine.

  5. There’s a envelope sitting on the side board we have at the door as a catch all. It’s from the DNC and I’m guessing that since Wall Street and the insurance lobby have gotten what they wanted from Obama the money has dried up. Only question in my mind is do I risk a paper cut by tearing it up or just throw it in the dumpster.

    The O-scolds tell us to be satisfied with half a loaf don’t let the perfect be the enema of the good or like that. My reply is half a loaf? Wwe got the crust.

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