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You’re so cute when your angry

James Buchanan

Gail Collins has an editorial in the NYTimes this morning about how those of us who see the Obama years as a colossal failure are wrong.  Apparently, there was some poll commissioned that revealed that many people think Obama is the worst president since WWII.  I personally don’t think this is true.  No, I think he might rank right up there with Buchanan. So, that predates the Civil War.  And the reason I think this is because under Obama, the plutocrats have gained so much ground that we average working people will have to replay the entire twentieth century to gain it back.

I’m getting pretty tired of hearing from serious and semi-serious people (I’m looking at you Paul Krugman), that those of us who desperately wanted a true Democrat in 2008 are now closet Republicans and racists because we aren’t sufficiently supportive of Obama’s many subtle “achievements”.  I guess you just have to be a poor schlub to really

Warren Harding, he’s so dreamy

understand what has been lost.  It does not help their cause when they tell us we have no right to be angry at the positively shitty job Obama has done since he was elected.  He’s made stupid excuses for his fecklessness ever since he took office and his chorus line has been saying “It’s not his fauuuuult.  He inherited all this crap from the Bushies!” since before the inauguration.  If he didn’t think he could handle the job, he shouldn’t have run.  He should have stepped aside for more qualified candidates.

The NYTimes also has a short article on internal and instrumental motivations.  It turns out that internal motivations, like liking what you are doing, having an interest in it and striving to be the best, are more important to success than instrumental motivations like fame, fortune and promotions.  In Obama, we see a perfect example of internal versus instrumental motivations.  He may have gotten the fame and renown, but as a president interested in using politics to govern well and carry out his vision, he sucks.

Please stop trying to tell us he’s not that bad.  He is.  The fact that we are even debating whether his legacy is in the same league as Warren Harding is telling and if the ACA gets cemented in place, there will be many future generations who will curse his name for hooking them up like cash cows to the insurance industry.

Thank god it will all be over by 2016 and we can look at the smoking ruins and start to rebuild.

21 Responses

  1. You need “you’re” in the title.

  2. If he didn’t think he could handle the job, he shouldn’t have run. He should have stepped aside for more qualified candidates

    Yeah but, as you and I know, that’s not what narcissists do.

    • Actually, he has handled the job very well according to the secret agenda he was actually installed to serve. The Forced Mandate is law, the Bush Tax Cuts are permanent, the CheneyBush outrages against constitutional governance have been routinize and normalized, the FIRE sector operators have been immunized and impunitized, etc.

      The measure of his success will be seen by the amount of money he is given after he leaves office.

      • Indeed. Well put. His backers are many times more wealthy than they were 8 years ago…how can anyone say he’s not a roaring success? lol

  3. To compare the incompetence of Obama to the incompetence of Bush leaves no room for comparison. Bush was light years worse than Obama, as was Raygun. With that said, however, Obama’s presidency has been, at best, below average. My standard is a rhetorical one: “What would Bill Clinton (or just about any competent Democratic politician) have done with control of both the House and Senate?” Well, for one thing, please excuse my, er, French here, but he would not have roamed Washington looking for Republican asses to kiss. Harry Truman would have started locking the Bush criminals away.

    • I agree with you, because I don’t think Obama’s incompetent. I think handing the government to fat cats is what he was put in place to do. And he does it very well.

      Is he the biggest disaster since Harding? Ayup. But that’s not entirely his own personal accomplishment. He’s had the sort of help from Democrats the Republicans could only dream of.

      • I agree with your assessment. “Incompetence” is the best all-round cover that secret agenda malice ever had.

  4. Agree with everything you said with the possible exception of your optimism that we will be allowed to start rebuilding in 2016. It’s just as possible that the plutocrats will use the years following Obama to solidify their hold on all their gains. It is occasionally fun to tweak the conservatives that surround me by referring to Obama as the best Republican in the history if their party.

  5. “He may have gotten the fame and renown, but as a president interested in using politics to govern well and carry out his vision, he sucks.”

    He has a vision?

    • Yes, he has a vision. National Health Care forbidden forever. Social Security privatized ( not yet achieved). Immunity and impunity for FIRE sector criminals the new normal. Serial drone murder the new acceptable. The Bush Tax Cuts made permanent in order to put America on the sort of bankruptcy path which will eventually force the privatization of the National Parks, National Wildlife Refuges, National Forests, Interstate Highways, every book in the Library of Congress,
      every paining in the National Gallery, and every block of marble in the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. Plan Yeltsin for America.
      And the same class which has given the Clintons over a hundred million dollars so far after Clinton left office will give Obama close to a billion dollars over the next twenty years for a job well done and an agenda well carried out and achieved. Maybe Obama won’t be invited to any nice parties and maybe his daughters won’t get to marry Wall Street Bond Sharks. So maybe his narcissistic feelings might get hurt. But maybe a billion dollars is enought to drown a narcissist’s every sorrow. Lucky us, we will get to find out.

      • Oh, and if Krugman even reads this post and these comments, he’ll just keep laughing all the way to the bank, the same as he always does and always has.

      • Yes, but the Malefactors of Great Wealth really did try to take Bill Clinton down-to destroy him, his family and many of his friends.
        RIP, Richard Mellon Scaife, and by RIP, I mean rot in hell.

        • They won’t try taking Obama down however. He is their most useful collaborator so far.

      • You forgot:

        – Institutionalizing a national security surveillance state (which some of us saw coming when he flipped on telecom immunity), and

        – Getting rid of all that silly due process nonsense so malcontents can be executed without the inconvenience of a trial (along with their children, apparently)

        It’s like Ezra Klein (http://www.mrctv.org/public/checker.aspx?v=hd6UkU6UaG) says:

        [T]he Constitution is not a clear document. Written 100 [sic] years ago, when America had 13 states and very different problems, it rarely speaks directly to the questions we ask it.

        Fortunately, President Obama ™ is here to spare us all further confusion from that “100 year old” document.

      • Actually, that vision is the vision of his employers, the faction of the Malefactors Of Great Wealth which uses the Dinocratic wing of the Property Party as its primary vehicle, as distinct from the other faction of the MOGW, which uses the Reptilian wing of the Property Party as its primary vehicle.

        Obummer implements that vision in order to achieve his vision, which is merely to collect those big fat paydays RUR mentioned.

  6. Scares me that some here feel that Obama’s reign is better than “fill in the blank.”
    Top 5 Reasons Obama Sucks The Most
    1. Gave more power/money to Insurance companies (and few if anyone called him on tremendous difference between insurance and health care)
    2. Upped racial tension easy 10 fold
    3. Weakened US internationally easy 10 fold
    4. Lied continually from 1st day of campaign to right this minute not once truly being called to answer for it and public does not care due to big lie (only racists question black president) thus making ignorant and lazy voters even more ignorant and lazy and easier to control.
    5. Game changer in sense because now politicians know that we will accept anything. Bad people fear nothing at this point (look at benghazi or hillary saying she is poor).

    Obama represents the worst of everything. List is endless. This is not about saving face as a democrat or republican but as a sensible human.

  7. So, that would be RIH, Richard Mellon Scaife.

  8. Core beliefs (Seasonally Adjusted)

    ASSOCIATED PRESS December 4, 2013
    Obama says income inequality is defining challenge for U.S

    WASHINGTON POST July 5, 2014
    Obama backs off concerns about income inequality

    ‘The pivot is striking for a president who identified inequality as one of his top concerns after his re-election, calling it “a fundamental threat to the American Dream, our way of life and what we stand for around the globe.”‘

  9. Congrats hugely on Brooke. Given this effing era. How you managed I have no idea but — a testament to your strength, RD. Not kidding. I read backwards & saw.

  10. ps: post kitchen pix? Inspiring, really.

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