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New Reasons to Hate Obamacare

Ok, so I read somewhere that the reason why there has to be a hefty co-pay of 20% or more for services is because apparently, some of us who pay for our own insurance or have no insurance or are poor have NO idea what medical care actually costs.  I’m not sure how the plan administrators determined this.  Did they send out a survey?  I didn’t get one.  And since I’ve actually, you know, been paying for my COBRA and self-insurance for 2 years now, I think I have a pretty good idea of how expensive just the premiums are.  The premiums alone make me not want to incur any additional costs.

But I digress.  Because, the fact is that with Obamacare, we’re going to be locked into a geographical area with a narrow network of doctors and hospitals and it doesn’t really matter if we are aware of how much things costs.  Whatever that network says our costs of care are going to be is what they’re going to be.  We, the ungrateful recipients of Obamacare, will not have an opportunity to shop around like some people with employer sponsored health care.  We will be locked into whatever they determine the price is going to be.  In fact, unless HHS isn’t watching these plan administrators like a hawk, it just might turn out that the exchange plans are the most expensive plans available.  You’re locked into a plan network, it controls the fees and there’s no shopping around.  All that’s left is the creepy voice saying, “Where else are you going to go, sucker?”

So, it looks like we will be lectured to about the cost of the services, and by the way, if you need to use your insurance, it’s generally not the best time to become a comparative shopper.  But we will also be lectured to for not being able to reduce our 20-40% copay.  Indeed, there is this implicit assumption that if we weren’t so careless or stupid, we wouldn’t be in this fix where we need to be lectured.

So, yeah, more loathing.

I’m getting the sense that when the Democrats passed this bill they didn’t expect that there would still be ongoing layoffs and long term unemployment among older, middle class, well educated people.

Well, there is and we’re not amused.  Can we dispense with the faux moralism of this teachable moment about costs and admit up front that the hefty co-pays are another way for insurance companies to extract more money from us while locking us into a situation we can do nothing about?  You can stop talking down to us now.


11 Responses

  1. Politicians pretty much run their campaigns under the premise that we are stupid. And that would be a pretty fair assumption for the country as a whole given that “we” send ’em all back to Washington every year. The joke is on us.. And look who “we” elected to the White House. OMFG. They must snicker all the time..

    The other contingent they weren’t counting on is small business owners. We have been out here on this individual market for years. All of the BS stories they keep telling about the plans, etc.? We. know. better. We’re a small group, but our businesses have had to survive in a market of lions who would just as soon eat us. We aren’t pansies. When they try and lie, we tell them so.

    But we’re a small group. So the politicians and hacks in the state offices tell lies about our plans, and most of their idiot believers believe them. The idea is to “modify” the facts, put doubt in the minds of the clueless majority. The idea is to shoot us down. To them, we’re a political foe. Somehow Obama forgot he had the bully pulpit when he could have passed a public option, but for trashing people on the individual market as a bunch of clueless marks? He has suddenly found his national voice.

    But sorry, Washington. Another thing you forgot about us. We vote. And our little 5% group can turn the tide against them.


    • In this age of unaccountable, easily hacked, computerized voting machines, how do we KNOW “we” send the same politicians back to Washington (or the state capitals) every year? 👿

      • Afterthought–maybe that’s what T had in mind by putting “we” in quotation marks.

      • I need to have a tad of faith in the system or else I would go insane. My philosophy is if the whole system, including polls were totally in the tank, at some point a whistleblower would spill the truth (maybe from his/her bunker in Russia, but still).

        And maybe they will at some point, but until they do….

  2. Supposedly young people, if they know they are healthy, could forgo the insurance and pay the penaltax instead. They might want to examine in detail what the premiums really are, and the co-pays, and the deductible. If all that adds up to more money than likely cash medical expenses and the penaltax, it might make more personal bussiness sense to pay the penaltax and save the rest of the premium, co-pay, and deductible money for actual cash medical expenses. The risk might be small for the first few years, especially if such young people live a very boring, safe, and careful life.

    And if enough did so for their own personal bussiness reasons over the next two years, it might crash the system.

    Expensively sick young people might of course see whether they would get more from the insurance by buying it than by boycotting it. If enough millions of people did that, the system might crash or the system’s government might take the velvet glove off its mailed fist and raise the penaltax to the combined total of all premiums, co-pays, and deductibles for a bronze Obamaplan not purchased. That might stir civil unrest.

  3. Nice points by all. One possibility is that the system is deliberately rigged by the insurers to provide the worst legal coverage in the same way that insurance companies don’t cover dental.

  4. 😛

    • Sigh. The cartoon you’re linking to is another commentary perpetuating the lie that the cancelled plans were junk. The new plans are much more inferior in what they pay out per dollar spent. Truly.

      Every single plan that didn’t meet the ridiculous soup to nuts standard of this law had to be cancelled. Now we have plans that cover everything under the sun but cover it all horrifyingly badly.

      Robert Laszewski explains. Of course, there were some bad plans. However the bulk of the plans were good plans.


      I’m just going to keep bringing forth the truth every time I see the lie.

      It is a travesty that this myth is perpetuated over and over again. It is a LIE. LIE. LIE. People who had the previous plans know. But unfortunately, the media is doing its best to shout us down.

      It is cruel, heartless, wrong, immoral, horrendous, disgusting.

  5. Democrats went out and found a group able to pay them more money than working stiffs.

    • The Dinocrats embraced the “Democratic Leadership Council” strategy (the DLC being the people who advocated abandoning the working class in favor of Wall Street) for the same reason the Reptilians embraced the “Southern Strategy” a generation earlier: They were so tired of losing they were willing to sell their souls to win. 👿

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