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Wait for it…

So, Kathleen Sebelius is now taking the fall for the disastrous roll out of the ACA.  I think the website sign up debacle is only the tip of the iceberg.  We haven’t heard the consternation over the cheap, flimsy coverage maps yet but that’s coming.

But I’m a little surprised that all of this is dumped on Sebelius, who, after all, didn’t actually write this piece of legislation that was furiously lobbied by the health care industry, obstructed by Republicans and signed with gusto by Obama and his party.  By the way, it was that party that decided that protecting the president from criticism and pushing this “signature accomplishment” through as the equivalent of political dick waving was more important than, you know, getting the uninsured quality health insurance.  I think we have the Joan Walshes of the world to thank for guilting the left into sacrificing themselves and their own best interests in order to create a criticism free zone around the president.  Consider it political Poopourri.

Anyway, where was I?  Oh, yeah.  Sebelius.  Asking for her resignation might look bad, especially because 1.) She’s a woman and the Obama administration is notoriously Bro country and 2.) if Obama had been paying attention in the past five years, he would have been aware that there are a lot more formerly middle class people without insurance who have a history of expecting better performance from their benefits managers.  We’re not just talking the generational poor anymore.  We’re talking about the people who used to be called “creative class”.  Yeah, remember that meme?  Memories.

But nevermind all that.  Whether she’s fired or not, those of us who have seen the modern corporate hive mind at work up close and personal (and decided that they would NOT be voting for Obama because of it) know that it’s completely unnecessary to fire Sebelius.  Nooooo.  The most logical thing to do is to hire a bunch of consultants to study the Department of Health and Human Services and…


Yep, restructuring, baby.  You know it’s coming.  Complete with a whole new set of acronyms that would make the Navy green with envy.   Political jockeying, kissassing, more meetings and power point presentations than you can eat and a whole lot of hapless underlings who will sit around in vamp mode waiting to be told who they report to and what the heck they’ll be doing.

Let’s get this reorg started!

12 Responses

  1. Some thoughts:

    Has Obama ever accepted responsibility for anything that matters?

    This Health Care Reform dog and pony show was to distract the public from the fact Democrats were doing nothing of substance to rein in Wall Street greed.

    If Nancy Pelosi had a broom instead of a big giant gavel she could have rode it over to the Senate.

    The above may be sexist but at this point I don’t care because we have been boned big time.

    • Haven’t you heard, Mr.Mike?
      According to Val Jarrett, Obama’s been bored his entire life because no one else has his extraordinary brilliance and abilities.
      Too damn bad, he gets to be bored on our dime; for eight years!

  2. I worked for the Federal government from 1974-1976 as a low level, and I mean low level, employee. Kind of a junior accountant. Two things I remember that indicate this has accelerated but was present even then: Somebody had a sign in their cubicle that said, Nothing can get done because we are always re-organizing. I t was a quote from a Roman historian. The second thing was that once Gerald Ford became President the word slowly seeped out that Michigan was immune from Federal auditors. Put on a show but the middle levels of the bureaucracy would snarl it in red tape and delay or kill it. One poor guy spent months on auditing and was eventually told to change the report from the active to the passive voice.

    Ironically, I remember Gilligan, Sebellius’ father from my time with the Feds. He was the Democratic Governor of Ohio and was done in by Ohio’s being the test state for the MMIS (Model Medicaid Information System). The system didn’t work, nobody got paid and providers (especially in rural areas) backed out in droves. It’s deja vu all over again.

    Yes, Gilligan lost for re-election.

    • The Douglas Adams Golgafrinchian solution sounds positively prophetic. What else will we do with them? They serve no useful purpose other than to rearrange the landscape every couple of years. Can the economy survive if we ship them off to a remote planetary colony?

      • At least according to Wikipedia, the Hitchhiker definition of the people shipped off didn’t include financial manipulators although it did include management consultants. Looters of the environment also were not specified. Maybe the list should be modified?

        Mark Twain once wrote acidicly that he is useless above ground, maybe he ought to be under it inspiring the cabbages. Then he can he also wrote in The Gilded Age that the U.S. had the most government money could buy. Prophetic old guy, huh?

      • Would that they all pass on from disease caught from an unsanitized phone.

  3. Makes 100% sense to pin the blame on an un-elected person. It’s strange though that even the Repubs aren’t going after elected Dems, like Baucus. It just shows how they all protect each other.

    • Maybe Republicans want to go after an un-elected person and blame the bureaucracy. Holding elected people liable would theoretically give voters explicit permission to blame their congressman or Senator. That mudslinging is saved for closer to election day.

      FWIW Baucus was far better at keeping Republicans on his committee informed than Democrats.

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