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I am blogger, hear me roar

I have the powerrrr!!

That’s why I was laid off, drive a beat up 2nd hand car with 110,000 miles on it and pay for my own health insurance.  My master plan to take over the world by posting unfiltered observations on an obscure outpost in the Oort belt of the blogosphere is working brilliantly.

Extreme too.  Some of my friends are vegans.  I take the bus to work.  And I want the Social Security I worked for since I was 17.

OOoooooo, scary.


17 Responses

  1. Something made me watch nearly his whole speech. It was one of the worst ever. I totally resent that he is convinced he’s interesting. He’s not just a liar. He’s boring. At least Bush was never that.

    And I heard E. Warren put out an email today saying there were going to be “hard choices to make about taxes and spending” so F* her too.

    • I got the email Here’s the part before the hard choices:

      According to the S&P index, the government shutdown had delivered a powerful blow to the U.S. economy. By their estimates, $24 billion has been flushed down the drain for a completely unnecessary political stunt.

      $24 billion dollars. How many children could have been back in Head Start classes? How many seniors could have had a hot lunch through Meals on Wheels? How many scientists could have gotten their research funded? How many bridges could have been repaired and trains upgraded?

      The Republicans keep saying, “Leave the sequester in place and cut all those budgets.” They keep trying to cut funding for the things that would help us build a future. But they are ready to flush away $24 billion on a political stunt.

      Doesn’t sound like she wants to snatch granny’s bowl of soup out of her hands

    • You didn’t think Bush was boring? Well, i guess the way he mangled the language was kind of interesting.

  2. No cuts to anything domestic !

    • Agreed Reagan overspent and the US still only spent $300 billion per year. Bush I and Clinton kept Defense spending at or below that level. Since then Bush II and Obama have pushed the number up to more than double (at one point listed at $700 billion).

      Let’s actually bring the boys and girls home from Iraq and Afghanistan and cut out the mercenaries there. Cut a bunch of bases in the South, too.

      Do that and have a little growth (hint, hint) and the budget gets balanced in a few years painlessly.

      Cut domestic spending and the country continues to shrink except at the top.

  3. Off topic but that was a really good video. I knew i liked Katy Perry, now I know why.

  4. I heard bits of that speech on radio. Since he finds the bloggers and the professional activists (probably the left wing ones) irritating, lets hope they can cause him even more pain. He is probably not as paranoid as Nixon, but he may be even more sensitive; and enough of the right kind of personal pain may cause him to do a Nixon FlipOut live on CSPAN.

    It would probably be worth telling our Democratic Officeholders that if any alterations or adjustments WHATsoEVer are permitted against SS/Medicare; that we will not vote for any federal level Democratic officeseeker ever again until those adjustments, no matter how tiny or few, are rescinded.

    Social Security (that’s us FICA payers) is one of the General Budget Government’s CREditors. The GB Gov has been borrowing OUR money our of OUR PREpaid trust fund and they all are conspiring about how to refuse to honor those bonds and pay it back. Whenever someone accuses Social Security of causing the debt and deficit, we should remind them that the debt and the deficit is STEALING FROM Social Security. Social Security is LENding our trust fund FICA tax money TO the government, NOT borrowing anything FROM the government.

    • Also, there is another blog upon which I read about the Million Bikers
      coming to Washington and a comment-suggestion that the same Million or even more should find a stealthy way to organize an even bigger Demonstration for when Mr. President is supposed to lay a wreath for the Unknown Soldier (if I remember correctly what I read).
      If they all planned it by landmail ( to make surveillance a little harder)
      and quietly filtered into position safely before the ceremony; they could keep Mr. President and his photo-op dignitaries blocked from entry.
      That could also help push Obama into a Nixon FlipOut.

  5. OT but Hillary had them lined up around the street today for her appearance for Terry Mac.

  6. I still wish I had known about The Confluence from well before the 2008 election. Of COURSE Digby never blogrolled it. As heavily read as Digby was, it is a shame no-one ever came over to Hullabaloo to recommend it. It might have helped me, or I might have been beneath help at the time regardless. I will never know.

    If elected President, would Senator Clinton even be able to fix any of what Obama has so carefully and maliciously broken? If she were even permitted to try, would she even be able to get any of the damage lessened, or the ongoing rot slowed down?

    Obama and the Catfood Democrats have not yet achieved their Grand Ripoff. Senator Clinton still has time to make national speeches with wide MSM exposure against the Grand Ripoff. If she does so, and if she can rally enough other officeholders through public pressure to deny Obama his dearest goal remaining, then I would be likely to vote for her in the primary. (I wouldn’t expect former President Clinton to campaign against the Grand Ripoff. If he speaks about the matter at all, he will support the Grand Ripoff).

    • I don’t think Hillary is going to be against the grand ripoff…hate to say. A third party is the only hope to get us out of this mess.

      • Since a third party will take decades or maybe generations, and we need to derail the Great Ripoff over the next few weeks, we will need to pressure the officeholders currently in office. I hope Riverdaughter sees fit to write a post about possible pain points and pressure tactics to use against the Catfood Officeholders.

        As Donald Rumsfeld might have said . . . ” You go to war with the Democrats you have, not the Democrats you wish you had or would have preferred to have had at some future point.”

        Then too, since it is Obama and Pelosi who most specifically have attached their names to the Chained CPI, perhaps someone with broad tea party membership connections could advise the Tea Party members that the Chained CPI is specifically what Obama and Pelosi want. Tea people might decide that if Obama and Pelosi are the named bad actors who most want Chained CPI, then maybe all the Tea people should pressure all their Representatives to shut down the government and debt ceiling all over again until Obama-Pelosi’s Chained CPI is stripped out of the budget.

  7. I am with you on Social Security, and if I hear the Republicans or the ‘conservative’ Democrats going after it I will protest their wicked robbery attempt at every turn!

    Yes, speaking up has a price, if people say otherwise they haven’t truly done it. You will make it RD.

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