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For the record: If the Government defaults, Republicans are to blame

Our word is good and has been for more than 150 years.  There is absolutely no reason to default.  And Republicans have been so good at getting just about everything they want from the normal legislative process and incredibly weak Democratic president, that they have no reason to complain about spending.  Sequester?  They got it.  Slashing food stamps and taking the food out of the mouth of babes?  No problem.

So, they don’t like “entitlements”, which is just a code word for Social Security and Medicare.  Why not just keep on doing what they’re doing?  Eventually, the Democrats will get tired and let the babies have their way and they’ll put one more tiresome difference between the parties to bed.  Corey Booker will be joining the Senate in the fall, why can’t Republicans just wait for more pragmatic financier toe lickers hand picked by Obama’s DNC to come onboard?

But no, they can not wait.  The best defense is a good offense or something like that.  Why not just go at the problem whole hog and cause a lot of innocent people to lose money and demand that something be done, preferably in a hurry and without much thought of the consequences?  That’s what we’re looking at.

It’s because Republicans like it this way.


26 Responses

  1. It’s because Republicans like it this way.

    Especially the one in the White House, who has been pushing for “entitlement reform” since he walked in the door.

  2. I despair.

  3. Anybody else feeling hopeless about the state of our country today?

  4. Yesterday, I was talking to my history buff brother in law, and we agreed that this is the worst American congress since before the Civil War when Preston Brooks raised his cane and beat Charles Sumner to a bloody pulp.

    • Humm… could we pass out free canes and see if they would knock some sense into each other…

      • If they weren’t located in DC, we could just issue them all dueling pistols and speed up the process.

    • Maybe because it’s the same gene pool that’s producing the problems?

  5. It’s only fair to point out that “not being able to borrow more money” is hardly the same thing as “defaulting on the payments on existing debt”, although the latter might well be an eventual consequence of the former.

  6. Count me in the despair column. This should not be happening.

  7. I have decided that Ted Cruz was a DNC plant….LOL, kidding…maybe.

  8. What wonderful leadership the Three Stooges show in the face of republican opposition. Reading elsewhere, Cruz can jam the Senate on procedure causing a delay of any bill that might pass past the deadline causing us to go into default. Isn’t grand that when Harry Reid (D-Grocery Boxer) had a chance to change Senate rules he chickened out?

    • He wants to kill that insurance co giveaway law! Who knows? In the face of what the law means, maybe he’s a hero.

    • Funny, but the last time someone wanted to implement the “nuclear option”, it was (Republican) Majority Leader Bill Frist who was trying to limit the Democrats’ ability to debate (and hold up Bush II’s judicial nominees). The first guy to suggest it was some dude named “Nixon” back when he was VP in 1957.

      It’s a tool for the majority to suppress minority opinions by limiting debate. It’s extremely convenient when you’re the majority, but nobody holds the majority forever. You might want to be careful what you wish for, Mr. Mike.

      • Except you know that when this new crop of republicans get the majortiy in 2015 they’ll institute those rules anyway.

        • They’re so fragmented they couldn’t pass the mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving dinner. Not gonna happen.

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